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  1. I seriously want one...and I don't care what the neighbours will say!
  2. tk2230


    Holy Crap....How did I miss that post? That's super awesome....I want one. J
  3. There should be a section in the forms covering the famous Sandtrooper mounts. Maybe a spot where people can post images of home made Dewbacks or equipment. For example, who sells the best dewback prods; can't seem to find any good ones on ebay anymore?
  4. That looks cool, I like it! Thanks for posting
  5. Thanks again Charlie! You have been a lot of help to me. J
  6. Does anyone know if you are supposed to leave the cover on the sto and go containder when you attach it to the top right of the Sandtrooper backpack? J
  7. No problem Tony. Very nice armor Craig! J
  8. In that case you may want to contact your local 501st Garrison. It looks like yours would be The Central California Garrison. Ask if someone would be available to help you: http://www.centralcaliforniagarrison.com/ Jango 5204 is a member and as stated has his armor for sale. Deployed status means high a quality/accuracy Sandtrooper costume.
  9. Krenn, TD armor shouldn't cost you anything near $5000! Possibly somewhere around the $2000.00 range with all the accessorys if you do the labour. Watch out for a ton of rip off artists and scammers selling innacurate parts; talk to the admins on here for reccomendations. If your not handy you may want to purchase but be aware of the basic costs. Rough costs (use google or e-bay for simple things like the neck seal): TE2 armor: $750-$800 Big gun: $350 or less Neck seal/guard: $20 or less Charlie back pack (Built): $350 Ammo pouches: $50.00 Black Body glove (rennanace dace wear): $75 Stormtrooper (caboots): $70 Elastic Straps/velcroe: $50 or less Black rubber search gloves: $20 or way less Dirt: Buy some strong hold hairspray and sprinkle some powered dirt on the armor (google, fullers earth) All this equals around $1785.00 + tax or shipping costs for some items and with you doing the labour. Be carefull of e-bay it has tons of innacurate overpriced or recasted items.
  10. Hi shane. Good luck on your TD conversion. There is lots of info in the various form sections. J
  11. tk2230


    Here is a link to a cool game in the HALO uni: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8zdkXtb9Yw I have a military science fiction group on Facebook, mainly dealing with power armor and military science fiction, thing of the future etc. Any and all are welcome to join and contribute: http://www.facebook.com/groups.php?ref=sb#...gid=17573549448
  12. I bought two pouches from a guy in Aberystwyth, United Kingdom and I am very pleased (you really only need the four pouch for your shoulder but he sells them togeather) although you have to dye them black. The dye cost me $2.00 at Wallmart: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...e=STRK:MEWNX:IT good hunting. J
  13. Here are a few pictures of my Sandtrooper WIP's. The sandtrooper is on a PVC pipe mannequin I built. I used fullers earth and hairspray for the dirt. The helmet is a TE with upgraded mic tips. Died my new ammo pouches black. Just waiting for my upgrade parts from Charlie and my back pack should look a lot more accurate. Finished my Crashman T-21 with a Xavier orange plasma disc in the barrel. Couldn't resist throwing in my Airborne WIP... Jason
  14. Your armor and backpack look right out of the movie, well done!
  15. Cool, thanks for the help and ideas guys, i'll check it out.
  16. Hello everyone, I need two more parts to finish making my back pack more accurate. I have attached a picture of the Sandtrooper back pack with two red highlights. I need both parts that are in the red highlights. I will pay anyone with paypal that can offer them shipped to Nova Scotia, Canada. Any help will be greatly appriciated. Jason
  17. Rolf, are you cutting the buckle sticking off the side of the pouch or was that part in the movie?
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