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  1. Skutch, in the next mp3 you should add some sandtrooper conversation (the two troopers investigating Kenobi's handy work maybe) from the cantina with the band playing in the back ground. Fans will be able to pick up on it quick.


  2. That looks really good berkal!

    Apologies for the late reply and for the poor quality of the images - I took them on my iPhone. I also took these before I weathered the belt. This is done now and will be submitting my armour for approval and deployment very soon. I just have the heavy blaster to finish now.

  3. I was hoping you would make more Sandtrooper ones Skutch....lol.....but yes I really dig it.

    Thanks again,


    Since people are digging this so much, maybe I'll make another file specifically for TK's, since this one sort of revolves around Tatooine.

    Thanks for the encouragement. For the empire,


  4. Here is a build up demo: http://web.mac.com/mikeharrison/mh_backpac...ions/page1.html

    The link doesn't explain how to attach the "completed pump" you are referring to but I will explain how I did mine. Buy four round head wood screws at least about half the size of your baby finger and some washers. You will need to seperate the lower tray and position the pump where you want it. Sitting the pack awkwardly on my knee, I then guesstimated where the pump was from the back and drilled small pin holes with a pin vice through the tray and into the pump. I then screwed the wood screws in from the back using the washers, into the pump. I attached the four screws two in the top, two in the bottom, completing one hole at a time (attaching screw) then pin drilling the next one etc.


    I have been looking around for pics of a Charlie built pack, the topics that I have seen the pics have been removed. Is there anyone who has pics of Charlies pack build? I am stumped. After the colmplete assembly of the Cistern siphon,HB stackers,twinkie lid, scoop and funnel, I am not sure how to attach it to the blue box. :blink:

  5. Most of us know the length of the PVC pipe used in ANH but not the width or the correct coupler attachment. This company: http://www.oasisngv.com/couplings in New Zealand will sell you one or two of the couplers but I am not sure what is the correct size to order? Could this attachment pass cannon scrutiny? You have to e-mail Andrew Cutfield andrew@oasisengineering.co.nz and tell him your currency and the exact product with size (cut and paste the picture). Maybe we can get someone here to do a mold of the piece if someone can figure out the correct size? It looks like they have 3/8, 3/4 & 1 1/2 available. I think maybe the dewback pole was 3/4'' or 1'' thick? Looks like they don't offer 1'', but how did the coupler fit on to the end of the pole? ? Maybe it was a 1 1/2'' coupler slid over a 1'' pole? Kent building supplies has grey 10 foot electrical PVC pipe in these sizes. Any thoughts from the prop maker pro's on how to approach this?


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