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  1. Great resource link, thanks for posting!
  2. It looks awesome Greedo! I have one of your shorter clone blasters, you do great work! J
  3. Skutch, in the next mp3 you should add some sandtrooper conversation (the two troopers investigating Kenobi's handy work maybe) from the cantina with the band playing in the back ground. Fans will be able to pick up on it quick. J
  4. Congrats on your deployment, your Sandy looks great!
  5. tk2230

    My TD progress

    That looks really good berkal!
  6. I would like to extend another congrats to 9945's deployment and excellent costume. The MPED is expanding into quite a large unit
  7. Congrats on your official deployment 6602. Your Sandtrooper looks like you put a lot of time into it! J
  8. Looks good! The trigger is really cool. Are you adding a sling?
  9. Very nice Sandy 9914. The weathering looks cool. Looks like a sand storm got the better of you Congrats on your deployment! J
  10. I was hoping you would make more Sandtrooper ones Skutch....lol.....but yes I really dig it. Thanks again, J
  11. Very professional looking websight. J
  12. Here is a build up demo: http://web.mac.com/mikeharrison/mh_backpac...ions/page1.html The link doesn't explain how to attach the "completed pump" you are referring to but I will explain how I did mine. Buy four round head wood screws at least about half the size of your baby finger and some washers. You will need to seperate the lower tray and position the pump where you want it. Sitting the pack awkwardly on my knee, I then guesstimated where the pump was from the back and drilled small pin holes with a pin vice through the tray and into the pump. I then screwed the wood screws in from the back using the washers, into the pump. I attached the four screws two in the top, two in the bottom, completing one hole at a time (attaching screw) then pin drilling the next one etc. J
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