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    Iconoclasta_88 sit.rep.

    I know it's a bit late but -had not logged in a long while-, thanks for your concerns Darren. As Tigui said, it was a mess here around Sept 19 laste year. It was a huge earthquake and many ppl was killed. Close ppl were trapped or lost their homes. Even I got some damage in my appartment. But fortunately it were just minor things. The city pretty much stopped still for a few days and things were very slow and difficult for a few weeks. But a year from it, we are almost ready back as usual. Thx for your thoughts. Saludos.
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    *in progress* TD 10678 Skull Garrison

    Hey brother! Great to see you over here. Good luck with your approval! Saludos.
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    August / September 2017 Newsletter

    AWESOME! Great work! Great community! And a question here, for the WTF's raffle, should I contact Walt via facebook or is there a better way to enter? Saludos.
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    Special Edition TD CRL discussion topic

    Hey Paul! I remember that chat we had a few years ago, when I said doing a Centurion TK was way more work than a TD. You told me all the extra work we put on the TD but know we just ignore cause we are used to it. You were right. And Well.. I would say, ANH TDs are still more difficult to build than most of the Legion characters... they are not easier to build than the SE TD. Less gear, less "specific" details different from a TK. So, its partially out of the box (as out of the box as any TK... and they are not really). But as I said somewhere else, I dont thing there no SE Sandtroopers because of available resources, found parts, kits, or references... there is not one single SE TD cause, well, so far no one has wanted to do one. Not enough anyway. Don't mean we should not have them, and anyone who wants one should be able to do it. But so far... Not much love for it. LOL! So, yes! I hope to see the first SE TD soon!! We need to see it, as a group we owe it to ourselves! I have been thinking in the back of my mind about building a McQuarry Sandtrooper sometime in the next 5 years. Hope to see a SE TD before that! HEHEHE! Saludos my friend.
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    R1 Deployed Trooper will be MEPD - so the CRL...

    Sounds interesting. We have ANH TDs sans-packs, but only for Level 3. So, this is a window for a wider view... meaning, for ages the entry level CRLs have been based more on what the Legion believes should be each character, and less on how (and why) it actually appears on screen. At least, for the basic most popular characters. So, if we are shooting to include all kinds of stormtroopers with their own CRL from level 1... not only based on kind of armor or gear, but also weathering, this is something cool, interesting and exciting. Meaning that,weathered Endor Troopers should have a different CRL than regular ROTJ troopers... right? And, based on the deployment assumption, such deployed endor troopers should be part of the MEPD, not the FISD... Am I right??? I don't think I am for this, or against it... just saying that we are setting a different standard with this propositions... What do all you guys think? @Daetrin @dutchy What are your thoughts? Saludos
  6. Woody, you have claimed Lee is Chris brother. I think after Lee's post it's fair to admit they are not siblings. If you could please clarify that in your original post, it would be appreciated. About your request to thoroughly discuss this before removing other statements, I would ask you just to really start taking Lee's post in consideration while we have Chris postings. Lee, I think you have a valid case and posture. But as far as I understand, we do need to read Chris declarations and really start a discussion here to clear all what needs to be clear. I don't want to point fingers at all and won't take sides here. I'm really sorry if you are being signaled unfairly, but to help clarify this even more, could you go ahead and post pictures of your packs? I really don't think you should need to defend yourself to prove you are clear of anything. And I am sorry to ask you this. But hope you can help us here calarify all this as much as possible. To be honest, key declarations here will come from Chris but I don't think you should need them to keep your image clean. Facts shall speak the truth. Facts is what I asked woody and Chris. And, sorry about this but we don't have a choice, text and post by themselves are not enough to be consider facts. Facts we expect come from woody and Chris. But something backing up your facts Lee, would be very useful too. Again, I and the whole CS are trying our best to solve this within the detachment. Please let me know if I can do anything to help. And... also consider that the CS, even if will always keep it friendly and impartial, will act accordingly and make the decision that we might need to take. Whatever they might be. No doubt of it. I need to say too that Chris is aware of this post and issue, we are all expecting him to hopefully post soon and provide info, proof and answers. We will always look for the best interest of this community and its members. Saludos. Juan.
  7. Hey Everybody! So... a new cycle has started for the MEPD under a new DL and a new energy is flowing among the detachment. This sounds to me like a great opportunity to start working again in my delayed projects awaiting on the work bench. I will be building, upgrading and finishing various projects, including new weathering and adding my real hegnstler counter to my E11, finishing building my ANOVOS armor, finishing my TK replica armor, building my Gino and TM buckets, and... upgrading my T21 BFG! For that, I will be adding the ribbing engraving to the barrel using nylon thread, adding greeblies, upgrading some details, adding blue wire and finishing the weathering and ageing. So... this is where I started: This was a commission to a local artist/sculptor/prop builder... From there, I added the slings and into my first troop with it. But I was never really happy with it. The size, shape and diameter of the barrel, specially at the end, was not what I expected. So I modified it to make it more similar in shape to a real gun. I also added some parts inside the barrel and on other places... Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of the mods or the process. Then, I also added weathered it and added the elastic plastic cord, and proceded to make further upgrades. Now, I finally started the process to fully finish it. This is when I first took some parts off it: And this is how it is going atm. I do have one doubt, and if anyone has any idea, it will be more than welcome: How do you guys attached the greeblies over the nylon thread so that the screws do not cut it and ruin the whole work? Will try to work on this, even if slowly, to finish it soon. Progress will be shared and pictures posted. Saludos.
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    With My Girl

    GRAN Fotografía hermano!!! Felicidades! Abrazo. Saludos.
  9. iconoclasta_88

    The Command Staff members

    Got that boss. Hope someone raises their hand soon. Saludos.
  10. iconoclasta_88

    Special Edition TD CRL discussion topic

    Awesome shots! Thx Paul!! Saludos.
  11. iconoclasta_88

    Special Edition TD CRL discussion topic

    No problem!! Saludos
  12. iconoclasta_88

    Special Edition TD CRL discussion topic

    They are screen grabs from a VH1 special about the SE. Don't know when the show actually run on tv. But I found the video o you tube. Apparently and for the date of the files, in 2011. There is only about 1 minute or so on the sandtroopers but enough material to helps us with the CRL Saludos.
  13. iconoclasta_88

    Special Edition TD CRL discussion topic

    This is part of the same file I sent to the CS when we started working on the CRL. But now I realize I should have shared them with the whole community. So, I am posting them now... This are screen grabs I did from a VH1 documentary on SW Special Edition a few years ago. I found it on youtube. Cant remember the name but shouldnt be too difficult to find. It only spends a minute or minute and a half on Sandtroopers, but there are images there I had never seen before.... So... Here they are:
  14. iconoclasta_88

    Special Edition TD CRL discussion topic

    Awesome! I'll post all my backpack backstage references for you... Cause I think that there is a grey canister there too. Maybe the same color as the ANH blueish grey. Don't know... Don't mean that you must change your pack, just wanted to share my references and maybe go deeper into some research to help you and the CRL. Hope that helps! Saludos
  15. iconoclasta_88

    Special Edition TD CRL discussion topic

    @CrookKnight Pack looks really cool Bro! Congrats! Great work. So far, the only mayor difference I can see is that the top "canister" or part of the "mortar tube" (if we can asume that is what it is), should be white, according to my references... Here a a couple LFL archives and behind the scenes shots. Hope they help! @troopermaster THX Paul! This is the kind of expert assessment we need to make this really accurate. So... I was talking to Justus and the Command Staff, and thought that probably TE derived armor, "re-engineered" back into a Tour suit could be closer to SE than full ROTJ. I can see some similar ways of strapping the armor to that in RTOJ armor. No elastic around biceps on shoulder bells. Round trimming of shoulder bells. I think drop boxes are wider in shape than ANH, but maybe they are not. And yes, left thigh has a round top... but then I saw one trimmed trooper with a thigh trimmed and put together differently. Should be just how it was assembled, but I think it shows it is not 100% ROTJ armor or even moulds. Shoulder bells do look ROTJ to me. But then, I dont know Tour armor, just TE derived. So, dont know if the Tour Shoulder bells look like this too. I know TE derived don't. At least, not when trimmed ANH style. Helmet was probably refurbished from ROTJ, or recast from the same molds... and weathered in location (just as with ANH)... And boots, in the mean time while Troopermaster can find the hard drive. I have this, its not a close up but I think it does show quiet clearly they had black soles... What do you all think?? This is very exciting!! Saludos. Juan
  16. iconoclasta_88

    Special Edition TD CRL discussion topic

    Ive seen some reference shots where boots appear to have black soles... I would thought they had used the same, but it appears that they had black sole boots instead of white ROTJ ones. Ill try to post picts when at my computer. Saludos.
  17. iconoclasta_88

    Special Edition TD CRL discussion topic

    One more question... Whats the main difference with a TE/TE2 armor and return of the jedi? Trimming of course, and the helmet... adding the whitebrubber trim, and then? Also, new boots... Can it be made to look like it originally was, Tour/ ROTJ? Saludos.
  18. iconoclasta_88

    Special Edition TD CRL discussion topic

    No need to apollogy boss... your enthusiasm is what has us striving for the nxt big thing here... Lets just keep im mind why we want this done, what was the idea you brought to start up, and we will be fine. Here are two ideas... 1. What if we get a new "developing" status for the CRL to be publish as it is by the Legion Command, so that any trooper willing to build it can follow it. And only after the first build make it official? Cause I think the GML and Legion Command are also interested in seeing this happen, but a little burocratic help would be very helpful. 2. Just throwing ideas here... what about Paul or Mark lending us a ROTJ armor to weather (with washable paint) so we can take pictures of it... it could be a project where the britannia patrol members could collaborate with the makers to finish a SETD if only for the pictures. After all the "hate" I gave to the ROTJ look, and specially the SETD, i have to say that I now find the ROTJ armor very appealing and i teresting... (not so much the SETD). I dont have the money to afford a new set, otherwise I would jump in to tackle it. But maybe there are other troopers that would/could just to be the only person in the world with that particular armor and prop. I mean, even if ugly, done right, this is a great project and a real challenge for all and any armor prop builder... The one and only SE TD armor... if only I have a thousand pounds to spare. What do you think? Saludos.
  19. iconoclasta_88

    Special Edition TD CRL discussion topic

    I realize I'm late here but I have a few points to say. -why are we adding a new SE TD??? Is it to make it easy for others to just switch from Any configuration to SE and back? Cause it looks to me that this is how things are turning now. Just my appreciation. -There are just a few ROTJ troopers among the legion? Well yes, and there are zero SE TD troopers or members interested in building one. Even today. -should we lower our standard and Legion bench mark to make it a more popular costume? That is not the way of the MEPD. Sorry, but this is true. To me, we are creating this CRL to keep it all together and inclusive with all sorts of sandtroopers. That's the idea. If we need a finished costume to make it live, we'll, then someone should finish it. Just like with any other costume. No one wants too? There is a reason other than the likes of previous CS of the MEPD why we don't have a CRL. And that is cause no trooper has wanted to build one before. I know this. I even wrote a draft of the SE TD CRL a few years ago and even started building a helmet based on a ROTJ bucket. But since no one wanted to build one. And info was not that available. We were not able to finish it and have it approved. That's something we have seen before. Now, please don't take me wrong. I really want this CRL approved and up. But done the right way... and up yo our detachment Fe standards. I am super happy of all the hard work and discussion that has been done to get this CRL up. We should keep it up. If it takes a month or two, or a year, we'll... that's cause as we have witnessed before, it is a very unpopular configuration. Armor is readily available and costs the same as ANH or ESB armor. If there is no demand for this particular character:configuration, it's not due to the makers but to what it represents. Again... I am really excited and actually want to see the CRL up. And want to see this detachment evolve. Just not backwards. Allowing ANH armor would be that. To me there is no point in working so hard to develop a CRL for a SE trooper and actually make a point of it being part of he legion, if we just make it so that its ranks are made up of ANH troopers with alternative gear. Cause actually, weathering is also different. Pauldrons are diferent, weapons are different. It's not another version between the HWT and the TD. It has its own place. Let's give it to it. Once again, I'm all in favor of including it, and beret grateful with all the work done. It somehow feel like the real following and culmination of work done for years... let's do it right. That's my opinion. Sorry if it sounds a bit radical or harsh. I will follow what we all agree as a community and will of course support what we want to do!!! Saludos. Juan
  20. iconoclasta_88

    Recast armor

    Don't worry much! Most armors, and specially the best ones, have no trim lines or nothings. This is one thing that makes this hobby fun! And... as said, no, it wont be a problem for your clearance, deployment or SWAT badge. And anyone elsewhere that says so, is just wrong. Although most of us are against recasting for the most, the 501st has no an official stand or policy against or in favor of it. No worries bro. About it being a recast of an original ANH armor, unless it is an RS Propmasters armor, I can asure you, it was not. No one owns moulds from an ANH armor other than them. And no one in the hobby making armors own a full an ANH original armor. Let us know if you need anything. And post pictures! We love pictures. Saludos.
  21. iconoclasta_88

    *ACTIVATED* TD 84414 Requesting Deployment #47

    One more thing.... about elctricians tape. A few years ago I talked to a gaffer (head electrician in film set) and art directors for film industry, and they agreed that both, plastic electricians tape and gaffer's tape would definetely be present during the shooting of ANH. Gaffer's tape being thread or paper based and non reflective would be more probable to be used for on-set repairs rsther than electricians plastic tape, since it is reflective. They said most tapes used are non reflective to avoid catching any light, shine or reflect on camera. Both start in simlar thin widths... gaffer going wider than electricians. Anyway, we cant prove one thing or the other with references, so as long as it looks the part, it should be accepted. Saludos.
  22. iconoclasta_88

    *ACTIVATED* TD 84414 Requesting Deployment #47

    Hi Jon, I intended to reply to your PM but never got to push send after writing it. The pouch you have is not spanish but french. Some people sell it as spanish by mistake or on purpose but, well, many troopers buy it just to find out it is not approvable. Good news is your pouch is looking awesome already. And i got to pull my original large spanish pouch from the storage today... so i got some new pictures. Hope they help. Let me know if you need any more advice. Saludos
  23. Looking really cool! Good job. Looking forward to your progress... Saludos.
  24. iconoclasta_88

    R1 discussion topic on the FISD

    Seems that, so far and as agreed over the FISD thread, we will keep both pack troopers, and FISD will keep packless troopers, even the one with heavy weathering. That sounds right to me. Of course, that is just forum discussions, we now need Paul and Justus to work the bureaucracy with the LMO and the council, have the characters approved to be part of the 501st and work on the CRLS... Its a long way to go, but this is going in the right direction! Saludos.