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  1. Hey there brother!! How are you RoCKo, my old friend. Yeah, its good to see new faces here, but man I love seeing old timers... It's been a while. Time flies indeed. I am old now, demanding job and an 8yo daughter! I remember when I announced here she was coming. I am no longer able to log in for several hours everyday as I used to, and I feel that what was once a TD encyclopedia inside my head is now outdated. Feels like Encarta in the times of Wiki. LOL! Anyway, I am a Sandtrooper... in and out of the forum or armor! thats for sure. Glad you stopped by and said Hi! Was wondering why from almost a couple hundred visits to this thread, I only had one reply! (Thx as well Steve!!) Anyway, happy to be here every once in a while! Saludos
  2. I think I have a few. Not that good. Most of what I have comes from an old file of the VHI Special Edition Special Program. And some other stuff I collected. I sill have to upload it! Work has been crazy. Hope manage to do it this week. Saludos
  3. THX Steve! Feels like coming back home, even if just for a quick visit! Saludos
  4. Don't worry bro. I'll try to get a file set up for you with all my files. Give me a day or two and I will post the link probably here. Saludos
  5. Hey Brother, how are you? So the time of the SE TD has finally come? I did some deep research on the SE TD a few years ago when we tried to build the first CRL. I don't remember if the pictures I gathered ended up somewhere over the board, but I think I might still got them in my backup drive. Just send me a PM or even better, a mail, if you would like me to send you those files. Some are the classic references, but some are (or were) very oscure materials... let me know. Saludos.
  6. Hey everyone... How are you doing? It's been a while, or more than a while, since I logged in for the last time. Just came back to pay a visit to the old MEPD and Im glad to see that everything seems to be up and running as usual. I don't think I will be able to come back for good and be as active as I used to, but hope to be able to log in more often than these past years, is that right? Years? Anyway... just wanted to say hello and see who was still here. Old faces... and new faces. Saludos! Juan.
  7. I know it's a bit late but -had not logged in a long while-, thanks for your concerns Darren. As Tigui said, it was a mess here around Sept 19 laste year. It was a huge earthquake and many ppl was killed. Close ppl were trapped or lost their homes. Even I got some damage in my appartment. But fortunately it were just minor things. The city pretty much stopped still for a few days and things were very slow and difficult for a few weeks. But a year from it, we are almost ready back as usual. Thx for your thoughts. Saludos.
  8. Hey brother! Great to see you over here. Good luck with your approval! Saludos.
  9. AWESOME! Great work! Great community! And a question here, for the WTF's raffle, should I contact Walt via facebook or is there a better way to enter? Saludos.
  10. Hey Paul! I remember that chat we had a few years ago, when I said doing a Centurion TK was way more work than a TD. You told me all the extra work we put on the TD but know we just ignore cause we are used to it. You were right. And Well.. I would say, ANH TDs are still more difficult to build than most of the Legion characters... they are not easier to build than the SE TD. Less gear, less "specific" details different from a TK. So, its partially out of the box (as out of the box as any TK... and they are not really). But as I said somewhere else, I dont thing there no SE Sandtroopers because of available resources, found parts, kits, or references... there is not one single SE TD cause, well, so far no one has wanted to do one. Not enough anyway. Don't mean we should not have them, and anyone who wants one should be able to do it. But so far... Not much love for it. LOL! So, yes! I hope to see the first SE TD soon!! We need to see it, as a group we owe it to ourselves! I have been thinking in the back of my mind about building a McQuarry Sandtrooper sometime in the next 5 years. Hope to see a SE TD before that! HEHEHE! Saludos my friend.
  11. Sounds interesting. We have ANH TDs sans-packs, but only for Level 3. So, this is a window for a wider view... meaning, for ages the entry level CRLs have been based more on what the Legion believes should be each character, and less on how (and why) it actually appears on screen. At least, for the basic most popular characters. So, if we are shooting to include all kinds of stormtroopers with their own CRL from level 1... not only based on kind of armor or gear, but also weathering, this is something cool, interesting and exciting. Meaning that,weathered Endor Troopers should have a different CRL than regular ROTJ troopers... right? And, based on the deployment assumption, such deployed endor troopers should be part of the MEPD, not the FISD... Am I right??? I don't think I am for this, or against it... just saying that we are setting a different standard with this propositions... What do all you guys think? @Daetrin @dutchy What are your thoughts? Saludos
  12. Woody, you have claimed Lee is Chris brother. I think after Lee's post it's fair to admit they are not siblings. If you could please clarify that in your original post, it would be appreciated. About your request to thoroughly discuss this before removing other statements, I would ask you just to really start taking Lee's post in consideration while we have Chris postings. Lee, I think you have a valid case and posture. But as far as I understand, we do need to read Chris declarations and really start a discussion here to clear all what needs to be clear. I don't want to point fingers at all and won't take sides here. I'm really sorry if you are being signaled unfairly, but to help clarify this even more, could you go ahead and post pictures of your packs? I really don't think you should need to defend yourself to prove you are clear of anything. And I am sorry to ask you this. But hope you can help us here calarify all this as much as possible. To be honest, key declarations here will come from Chris but I don't think you should need them to keep your image clean. Facts shall speak the truth. Facts is what I asked woody and Chris. And, sorry about this but we don't have a choice, text and post by themselves are not enough to be consider facts. Facts we expect come from woody and Chris. But something backing up your facts Lee, would be very useful too. Again, I and the whole CS are trying our best to solve this within the detachment. Please let me know if I can do anything to help. And... also consider that the CS, even if will always keep it friendly and impartial, will act accordingly and make the decision that we might need to take. Whatever they might be. No doubt of it. I need to say too that Chris is aware of this post and issue, we are all expecting him to hopefully post soon and provide info, proof and answers. We will always look for the best interest of this community and its members. Saludos. Juan.
  13. GRAN FotografĂ­a hermano!!! Felicidades! Abrazo. Saludos.
  14. Got that boss. Hope someone raises their hand soon. Saludos.
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