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  1. Exactly, we need good reference pictures for the CRL.
  2. I've done some vac forming too. But not with professional gear. Homemade frames, a powerful vacuum cleaner and the oven in the kitchen..and then the fun and burnt fingers can commence
  3. I'm really liking what I'm seeing here!!! Excellent work so far
  4. You've done an excellent job as far as I can see. Plus I don't see any points that need attention Getting deployed should be a walk in the park... Good luck and see you in the cantina bro'!
  5. Now that's good news too!! When you have any new pictures please do post them in your topic
  6. Wow....just wow.....!!! I'm speechless..
  7. I'm aiming for the end of this month or mid august to have it live
  8. The CRL for the SE sandtrooper is almost good to go. Keep an eye out for it
  9. Nice reading as always! Good job team!
  10. Oh and did I mention that this is a Command Staff Position
  11. Your kit looks amazing, and that pauldron has definitely seen some action! But your blaster, that's ace...the details are amazing, you can even see the cooling fins in the barrel. All in all a job well done, this should be an easy deployment! Good luck!!
  12. That's a neat looking pack!!
  13. Nothing strange there for me for basic approval!! Great job and a great result The only thing that (still) needs attention is the side gap..but'that already has your attention.
  14. Still no reaction but I have found this....
  15. I like it, nicely done!!