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  1. That could be a possibility, but i'd rather keep it as it is at the moment and create completely new merchandise with all the new costumes incorporated in it.
  2. I've already asked my printer what the possibilities are to do them in a lower quality. But re-doing these will probably result in producing over 2000 pcs of them As soon as I've heard back about the options I'll let you all know.
  3. Contact Henselmonster, he makes mighty fine signatures.
  4. I personally am a big fan of all kinds of handouts. The sheriff's dept. badge and sticker are great ideas. Maybe @Gordonator can chime in and inform us on the possibilities. I myself always hand out stickers from the run I did a while back. I could always, if there is enough interest, do another run but these stickers are maybe a bit too pricey for some to be used as a hand out as they cost around 30/ 40 cts a piece.
  5. Ah, and that is connected to the helmet?
  6. Troops, As times of change lie ahead of us, our boards need to get a slight overhaul as well. What's going to change.? Well, as we are welcoming new costumes to our ranks they do need their own section on the boards for specific costume related discussions and so on. -We will start working with "Precincts" to divide all the different costumes. -Our current "what makes a sandtrooper" section will get a name change into "MEPD Precincts". Here's an example for the new layout: MOS EISLEY ANH Sandtrooper - Armor - Field Pack - Blaster - Pouches and Pauldron Our other Precincts will be , Jedha City and Sullust. The expected timeline for all this will be that our webmaster will see what's possible to do on a short term basis. The forum will experience downtime either way as we also have to update the forum software to make sure that those pesky Jawa's can't access our mainframe anymore. Exciting times for the MEPD!!! -dutchy
  7. That's just awesome...exactly what I expected. Let's hope that we hit a 1000 followers witing a couple of weeks
  8. I'm liking what I see here!
  9. Here are my 2 cents.. The black pauldron needs to be in the CRL as well. Needed for basic approval to #3. One other thing that needs to be mentioned is that the hose has a connection/ connector/clip to the helmet at the side to guide it to the backpack. At least that's what it looks like to me. @CrookKnight, @MagmaTrooper please fill me in on this one. All mentioning or referral in the CRL to sandtrooper should be changed into magma trooper except for the referral to the weathering page. Besides that, and some new pictures it's good to go.
  10. You have done your research again. Besides the occasional typo in the CRL it will need the changes as mentioned by Lovemonkey. Making clear that both ROTJ and ANH are allowed for level 1 is one of the most important ones. The thing that also crosses my mind is the prefix, hence this costume will be added to the MEPD this should( logically)be TD. Using TK sounds a bit off to me.
  11. Excellent work as always team! @iconoclasta_88, the raffle is already over I've asked Walt to make a post about what was collected fror charity and who won it.
  12. Deatrin! Thanks for doing all the work so far. The same goes for @CrookKnight and @MagmaTrooper of which I already received some excellent pictures. He provided us with the link in this thread as well. I would say, let's use the ANH armor for basic approval as not many will go for #2 or #3 with this costume, at least that's what I'm guessing. The armor will fit nicely in our ranks for sure. What needs to be done now is to take a coser look at hte CRL, add requirements needed. The pictures might have te be redone as photoshopped ones won't do the trick for the CRL ,but that won't be an issue I guess. Let's get this show on the road troops!!
  13. Welcome to the MEPD troopers!