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  1. *done* TD-14831 Requesting Deployment

    Congratulations, well deserved!
  2. GilFran007 quest for 501st approval

    Throw those other pouches,a backpack and some dirt on it will ya!! Basic should be a walk in the park, and roughly modeling it after a specific trooper will only benefit you in the end. Good luck!
  3. Pre-Approval Subsection?

    I think that's a splendid idea and exactly what the armorer program was created for.
  4. SOLO - Mimban Trooper CRL Development

    LOL !!!
  5. I'm really liking what I have seen so far!! Once you have made the proposed changes you'll be good to go Good luck with getting deployed!
  6. Back in town

    It's been ages since I saw you popping up here bro'!!! Good to see you here Scott!!
  7. TD build for my wife - Anovos conversion

    @birthdaydino So much awesomeness! Congrats with your approval Aimee!! Your hubby has done an excellent job
  8. Tapatalk problem ?

    Thanks for solving this issue Damon!
  9. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Welcome to all new troops!
  10. I'm liking the idea...a lot!! Walking around with an arrested Jawa is also always great fun....that is if there's a jawa present at the troop.
  11. TD 1636 Requesting Deployment

    You really need to look for an alternative pouch bro' as the french pouch is definitely not canon. Luckily there are a lot of good alternatives that are correct and they can be found here in the for sale section. Or go hunting on ebay for a couple of the spanish pouches Good luck
  12. The only thing that is a definite no for me are the french pouches you have. They aren't seen on screen and not canon. I would suggest that you replace them for the big spanish pouch or a leather MP-40 pouch... Not trying to ruin the party here Good luck with your deployment trooper!!
  13. TD 10678 Skull Garrison

    For what I could see, looking good!!
  14. Reeses or other goodies left aside...I'd love to have one of those!! But I'm not liking the trooper....I'm only in it for the dewback
  15. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Welcome to the MEPD MYCull!