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  1. Forum skin/ banner

    All, Our site has been updated but sadly there are/ were some minor problems that needed to be adressed. Sadly the old banner didn't work anymore after this update but we are currently looking into getting it back or design a complete new one.
  2. When you emulate an on screen trooper, everything must be as can be seen in the movie. So an unmodified sterling would be the way to go. The pack looks like the alley check but all black seed trays, but due to the lighting of filters some colours may look different. In high res/ HD screen caps the seedtrays seems to be changed, the blue/ grey one on top and the black one on the bottom.
  3. Request deleted

    Let's get you reviewed asap trooper!!
  4. This is really almost like you stepped out of the game!
  5. Now that's what I'm talking about!! Looking great there bro!
  6. Site Maintenance to be performed: January 17th, 2018 @ 8PM ET

    Thanks for the heads up Damon!!
  7. Magmatroopers of the MEPD! I think it would be nice to drop a picture of yourself here in full gear! It doesn't matter if you're not approved ( yet), show your swag here! Looking forward to some great pictures
  8. Battlefront II Heavy Trooper

    As long as the armor has gaskets or a folded lip I'm game for that!
  9. Elections 2018

    Troops, It's almost that time of the year again( never thought I would say that) and I would like to make sure that everybody who is or thinks is eligible to vote is on the MEPD roster. Please do check your profile on the 501st forum( membership DB) if your affiliated with the MEPD. If so it should look like this: If not, apply for approval so I can get you sorted out. Thanks for your time!
  10. Yosh's Build

    *grabs more popcorn* I really, reaaaaaaally can't wait to see you all geared up!
  11. Battlefront II Heavy Trooper

    But seriously, I think that it won't take long untill we see someone popping up who will do one.
  12. I also know that these scenes were shot at Elstree as the docking bay area itself has been used for several other scenes as well. Which makes it all too easy to say that the E11 is not a bapty and an unmodified sterling. Packwise...#3 is the way to go
  13. Battlefront II Heavy Trooper

    My guess is that as soon someone has an armor and straps on one of Crookknight's packs we have a winner! Considering the gameplay, you do see that the boots and shins dirty up really quick on certain maps. Can't wait to see a completed armor!
  14. Troops, I have been pointed out to this discussion on the FISD by it's Detachment Leader. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/42081-the-official-2017-what-is-a-heavy-weapons-trooper-thread/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-591388 I personally would like to have this specific trooper added to the MEPD as there are lots of similarities with the Special Edition Sandtrooper, SE TD. Plus the fact that we already have the BattlefrontMagmatrooper. So, I would like to use this topic to discuss the armor.