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  1. Now this is a WIP thread!! It's good to see that you've documented every step of the build process so far
  2. Armor

    Hey jontxlawdog, Your best option is indeed to drop this question on the Spec Ops boards. And I have taken the liberty to move your topic to the "Off topic" section of the boards as this was posted in the wrong section
  3. Almost ready for a come back :)

    Looks like this thread is turning into one of those party threads we had in the past here
  4. TD-19916 Requesting Deployment

    What Hausi said But you're definitely on the right track here! Good luck with getting deployed bro'
  5. Happy 4th of July

    Hope you had a great day brother!
  6. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    After looking at your other costumes for a 2nd time I know that you will do a great job!
  7. Happy 4th of July

    All troops that celebrate this day, have a good one and stay safe!
  8. Forum Replying issues

    If you have posted more than 5 replies/ posts you should be able to post in the sections you are having problems with.
  9. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Hey Edward, thanks for the introduction! It looks like you've already been the busy trooper with all those costumes Good luck with your build and enjoy the MEPD
  10. Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Done and congrats with your 501st approval Bro!
  11. Merch Runs- MEPD still waiting?

    Well, we will do some new merch runs but we will keep an eye on what happens on Legion level. Better safe than sorry..
  12. NEW Police Officer Deployed Card Background

    Excellent work as always Luis!!
  13. "done" TD-21147

    That's a good looking armor! Hope to see you deployed soon after you've adressed the pointers that are given
  14. Almost ready for a come back :)

    Must do some drinks soon too!!
  15. Happy but not happy with my weathering...

    I really need to say that you did an excellent job with the weathering. I know it can be a pain in the b*tt but the results you have showed here are really good. As Urs already mentioned, should be approvable for #2 as well and I couldn't agree more. So, great job and you can be proud of what you have achieved!