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  1. trooper1

    Racing shirt?

    Yes all i will do another run around May 1 just watch the boards. will work on pricing soon.
  2. trooper1

    Surprise wedding build

    Great news
  3. trooper1

    Surprise wedding build

    Yeah Dave, as for separating the Butt from the back. It is necessary. Easy to do as well.
  4. trooper1

    Out of helmet head cover/hat

    Agree, the template is the idea. Then just attaching the official patches. I agree we need one so called official brand to use. If we order in bulk we may get cheaper?
  5. trooper1

    Out of helmet head cover/hat

    What I would do if we did an order run. I would sew the patches on at an exact location for everyone. N/C This way they would all be uniform. Then additions could be added by the individual... or we could just have a noted location to have certain insignia placed?? And people could sew there own. gordon would have to do another run of patches though. Lol
  6. trooper1

    Out of helmet head cover/hat

    I like them all too but would lean toward the coyote.
  7. trooper1

    Out of helmet head cover/hat

    Agree like the solid color.
  8. trooper1

    LCO Reporting In

    Welcome sir! Thanks for coming and joining us. Appreciate your time.
  9. trooper1

    MEPD - suggestions for improvements about the forum

    Sorry brother that's an IT question. Lol I can't help. I do know they are working on some things.
  10. trooper1

    Out of helmet head cover/hat

    Interesting? I may have to order the download to see. The only issue is figuring size. And material
  11. trooper1

    Out of helmet head cover/hat

    Yeah too big. On the hat though?? Hmm pattern would be interesting if one could be attained. Yes
  12. trooper1

    Out of helmet head cover/hat

    Lol disregard we posted at same time. Lol Can we get them in the tan?
  13. trooper1

    Out of helmet head cover/hat

    That is awesome! Now the question is where can we get them, and are they made in sizes.