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  1. Powering RomFx

    Hey this is a question for anyone else who uses RomFX. Wondering what you power yours with. i used to use 8 AA batteries but ran out of room in helmet after adding UKswrath fans in helmet. Using a 9 volt and 2 AAs now but don't work as well. Ideas?
  2. Screw positions

    Same as what Jason said, but emphasizing simulated. Just a recommendation for long life and long troops use elastic, snaps, Velcro, and nylon for true closures. my armor is over 10 years old and going strong. Don't want breakouts on plastic so my simulated bracket screws are just that. Simulated. Can't wait to see your progress.
  3. HappyTrooper's Mission Journal

    Yes, awesome troops indeed. Same here, we are pretty close and will have to troop together some day for sure. Sandie for life!
  4. Armor Harness/belt and boots question

    Comfort for long trips is important. First question can you sew or have access too. If so I create a belt from webbing material 2" and close with velcro in back. Then I mark with a silver marker center of thighs on belt front. then instead of using nylon I use elastic for the down drops that connect to thigh parts.. Why? To allow the thighs to flex when walking. Measure the elastic, cut, heat ends to keep from unravel in future, then sew to belt at marked locations. once sewed I sew a square of leather to the end and punch hole through for a female snap. I attach to thigh with strategically placed male snap placed on a plastic tab then glued to thigh. done will last and wear comfortably for many years.
  5. Looking to achieve PO certification

    Agree with Jason, Looks awesome and after those changes looks good to go. Cant wait to see the final pics.
  6. Congrats! Nicely done.
  7. Hello from PA, Tk to TD

    Awesome news! You'll be a proud Sandy I'm sure. Can't wait to see the pictures.
  8. TD-6022 YVH's first patch done !

    Awesome! Great patch indeed
  9. Found my build !

    Yes stick with TKboots if you want long term wear without having to repaint. SWAT approval is one time, but trooping is forever! Lol made a funny!
  10. Lookin good! That's the ticket! Lol suck it up! Lol have a safe week, you'll hopefully be there when you return
  11. TD-18969 (DarthStevius) Tour of Duty

    Yes indeed! Some great troops. Nicely done
  12. Shoulder strap and shoulderbell help!

    If you need help send me a PM I can explain more. Have made over 10 suits for other troops this way. Works outstanding.
  13. Shoulder strap and shoulderbell help!

    Do you use suspenders for your cod and lower back? If so a trick! Put the shoulder bell snaps on the straps for the cod and lower back. it will make the suit more wearable and comfortable. And will work perfectly. But! If you want to build for looks then put it all together like the movie suit, and if for long troops and years of service then suspenders. Years of trial and error figured this out.
  14. Newbie from the UK

    Welcome aboard sir. Happy to have you aboard.