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  1. https://www.flickr.com/photos/ciscotiger/shares/bM3nuK https://www.flickr.com/photos/ciscotiger/shares/X1jjhA I bent mine as much as you did, and it's too much. The radio is facing downward too much in my opinion. So I would correct it back a little.
  2. So many trooping events and so little time...

    1. Ciscotiger


      Thx LFL and Uncle George for making Star Wars and really made this world a happier place! Especially the paycheck for play Star Wars!

  3. Yea, old age does that to you. I take two advils after all troops. You may also try adding a chest strap to your shoulder harnesses. It'll relieve some pressure to the back.
  4. I used to have the actual photos before I modified it. I had to bend, cut center bar, added 1" aluminium strips, and shorten the top side poles. I can't download pics in this new forum, but if you check out my build.(search under 3390 deployment, on pg 4 or 5) You get the look.
  5. Looks great! Fantastic job in the new look!
  6. Very nice build, like the window.
  7. Trooper1 is the "Armani" of pauldrons. The leather is top notch, is thicker than eBay sellers, comfort is much better, and appearance is better. I will say that the eBay ones are less comfortable, harder foam and leather/vynl, doesn't sit as well, but if you are on a budget
  8. Definitely, I support the troops! The men and women that protects this country from its enemies, THANK YOU, you are the pride of this nation.
  9. Thx for the tutorial, Terry! I will be redoing my weathering and will try out your technique.
  10. Nice...I watched my 49ners pluck the Eagles feathers on TV, but you can never beat being at the game. Thx for the pics, I'm so jealous, those cheerleaders are hot
  11. Great job guys in all the effort & energy you put into this forum. It is outstanding encouragement that makes us strive harder and look better than ever. Our garrison has sparked a new TD interest and it's this forum, its members, were the catalyst. Sundowner- "Cruorem Fraternitas Spiritus"
  12. Pretty entertaining, he put some time into that project.
  13. TDs hands down! LOL Love how the biker scouts are saying they're sharp shooters when they got beaten up by Ewoks
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