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  1. TK-J

    Your FULL helemt collection

    Not quite the full collection. Missing my Kev's Animated "Waxer" from the first line-up.
  2. TK-J

    About hovi's...

    Just looking at http://www.starwarshelmets.com/ it would seem that the "Move Along" trooper are completely black, whilst the "Stop that Ship" trooper's hovis where white on the inside.
  3. The pouch on the left is a StG44 pouch. It is curved and has the tool pouch in the correct postion. Mp40 pouches had the tool pouch on the lower half, and only on the left pouch. 'Tis true tho, Mp40 pouches were smaller. Another site with canvas '44 and '40 pouches http://www.tridentmilitary.com/German-WW2/...Gear-Boots.html
  4. Those definately look like StG44 mag pouches. A few of the sites I used to buy my WW2 German gear from: www.atthefront.com http://bunkermilitaria.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc www.militarytour.com http://www.surcompany.com/listing11-leathe...vas/canvas.html There are many more. The surcompany site has them relatively cheap and is pretty good to deal with. J
  5. TK-J

    What are you working on.

    I've been throwing this together for the last few weekends... My first costume that I'm not totally encased in white plastic Also have this on the way to play with and an unfinished HDPE TE helmet coming as well.
  6. TK-J

    Sonix Victory 75 Reproductions

    Great looking radios Mike! Count me in when the run starts
  7. TK-J

    New style FX lid

    I was under the impression FX had dropped the idea of redoing their lid because the MR bucket now so cheap and accesible
  8. I suppose you could add whatever you want. I've never really been one for adding bits'n'pieces. I like plain .
  9. TK-J

    What glue do you use for your armor?

    It's very easy. Cut the scrap ABS up with tin snips as small as possible - bigger pieces just take longer to disslove. Drop them into a sealable container - I use an old metal acetone tin (don't use plastic , or glass - for some reason it doesn't keep as well). Cover with just enough acetone, and let it sit for a few days. Keep an eye on it and top up with acetone if it gets too thick. You can use it at just about any consistency, but works best for glueing armour when it is runny but is a solid colour. If it's needed for filling holes or cracks, let it get a little thicker. Keep adding ABS and acetone as you need it.
  10. TK-J

    What glue do you use for your armor?

    For ABS kits I have always used the old ABS shavings in acetone trick. Make it up a week before hand and let it sit. It does work on HIPs but needs to be thicker. Need to work quick as it dries very quickly. Advantage is it is whatever colour your kit is
  11. As I said on TAG Ricard, **** fine kit Be good to gather all TAG's sandies for a photo shoot one day.
  12. Congrats Nathan, good looking kit!
  13. TK-J

    Form question

    I have mentioned it to Greg on our Garrison site (good having THE webmaster in our Garrison ), but thats as far as it's progressed. Only seems to be a problem since all the upgrades.
  14. TK-J

    Form question

    I can't view anyones profile, and I know many others are having the same problem.