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  1. TK6237


    I know some local TDs did just that; first hairspray, dry pigments and Fuller's earth, then clear coat. I haven't seen the result myself yet, but according to them, their suits ended up being somewhat shiny afterwards. But I guess you could work it over with some really, really fine grit sandpaper (like P1200-1500), to dull it down? I've been using only hairspray and pigments for the last three-four years, and on both my TD and TS costume. The weathering has held up well so far, but I don't think I've ever trooped in anything heavier than a light drizzle.
  2. I've got a Laws TS. It's a beautiful kit, and one of the most accurate sets of TS armor available. However, Laws has a very, very long waiting list at the moment, somewhere around 6-12 months...There are other options though, like MonCal or the Bobamaker (BM) TS armor. The BM is still a work in progress, with some armor parts yet to be formed, but judging from what I've seen so far, it's going to look fantastic once it's ready. Also, BM is in the UK, meaning you could probably save a few bucks on shipping as well. For more in-depth discussions on all aspects of the TS and TS Commander costumes, I suggest you join us over at Blizzard Force, commonly known as the coolest detachment in the 501st. Here's a few snaps of my TS, taken at Hoth during the 30th anniversary celebration of ESB back in 2010. http://i583.photobuc...cs/IMG_9844.jpg http://i583.photobuc...cs/IMG_9843.jpg http://i583.photobuc...cs/IMG_9842.jpg http://i583.photobuc...cs/IMG_9841.jpg http://i583.photobuc...cs/IMG_9839.jpg
  3. Some of the MP44 pouches seem to have been fitted with a strap, like these ones: ...If they used this strap to secure the pouch to the sandtrooper's belt, that might explain why it's hanging at an angle, away from the TD's body: ...And, if this is the case, judging by the angle, it's the version with the small tool pouch and the strap on the right we're after (that is, the version on the left in the top picture). But I'm just guessing here, naturally.
  4. TK6237

    Redoing my TD

    Thanks for the tip! I actually do have a can of plastic weld here somewhere...But unfortunately, I´m fresh out of ABS scraps. Will other types of plastic do? Like, say, zip-ties? Or am I better off cutting up another white, styrene wash bucket? Also, I found some more photos, taken with a decent camera. The photographer is Garrison mate and fellow sandtrooper, TD-7350. The troop was for "Norway´s Got Talent", the same type of talent show known from the UK and the US. Our job was to set the mood for a kid that did a style of dance called "popping". Here´s his performance (we make our entrance around the 01:10 mark) on YOUTUBE. The pictures taken by TD-7350 can be found HERE. I´ve got the T-21, TD-7350 is swinging the DLT-19.
  5. TK6237

    Redoing my TD

    Thanks again for your comments! Makes me real happy I decided to roll up my sleeves, wipe all the old weathering off and start fresh. Only thing I would perhaps do differently next time (and there probably will be a next time, now that I've thought of this...), is to give the suit a coat of really, really thinned down acrylic black paint; just enough to dull the shine of the plastic, and make sure there are no really white spots. And then start with the pigments and the hairspray, once the paint had dried. Yeah, I glued thin strips of ABS plastic (using scraps I had lying around) to the inside of the return edges with copious amounts of E6000. The chest, back and ab plate, along with the area around the groin and the top of the thighs are the spots with the most cracks on my armor. Fair guess to say those are the parts rubbing and scraping up against each other when I walk. Also, the ammo pack on the right thigh has broken off in half, twice, and the belt looks like it's just about ready to break as well. I'm thinking of reinforcing these areas with fabric tape (the type you use for sports injuries) soaked in super glue or E6000. It's a tip I picked up from someone, but I've never tried it myself, so I'm gonna do a test on some plastic scraps first. I'll let you know how out goes!
  6. Depends on what you mean by "ABS adhesive". If it's E6000, you can remove it with a Stanley knife and a bit of patience. If you used ABS welder however, like it might sound that you have...That's gonna be a bit more tricky. See, ABS welder isn't actually a glue, per se. It's a liquid that reacts chemically with the plastic, melting it ever so slightly, thereby fusing the two parts together. Meaning, you can't usually pry the two parts away from each other afterwards, without causing some damage. So what kind of adhesive did you use?
  7. You're talking about decals, right? Try filling a small bowl or glass with lukewarm water and just a drop of dishwashing soap (like Zalo). Stir with your finger to make it start foaming, and then apply about a finger tip worth of foam to the spot where you want to place the decal. Now, when you put the decal down, it'll "float" on top the bubbles, making it easier to get the placement just right. When you have the decal where you want it, gently rub the decal with something like a credit card to push the foam out from underneath the decal, and wipe it off with a paper towel.
  8. TK6237

    Fan art

    Whoa, that is awesome! I agree with Knokkel, that would make a fantastic photo background for the TDs of NG!
  9. TK6237

    Redoing my TD

    Couple of more pictures, taken with a decent camera this time. Indoor, artificial lighting: Outdoors, partly cloudy: ...I´m fairly happy with it, although I think I will darken some areas, or give it a top coat of Fuller´s earth to further dull the shine of the plastic. Also, I need to get rid of the CABoots.
  10. TK6237

    Redoing my TD

    Thanks again for the comments! @DarthChridan: I´ll probably troop with the HIPS TM until it´s beyond repair, which hopefully, considering the repairs and the mods I´ve done to it to strengthen it, will be at least a few more years. I am however, thinking about getting a second, brand new ABS TM to build a TK. We´ve got a few of those in the Garrison, and they look stunning! @Sandman Tigui: Thanks, I´m getting there! Still need to finish that backpack...
  11. TK6237

    Redoing my TD

    @DarthChridan: Thanks man! The armor is one of the older HIPS TMs, built by Rolf/TD-252, modified by me. Being HIPS, it has received quite a few cracks, which is one of the reasons I can´t use the TM helmet, sadly. The "stalk" on one of the ears is nearly broken off, and there´s a huge split down one of the tubes, in addition to a few minor cracks all over. However, the suit is a beautiful bony white, which works great for a TD, and the weathering helps the whiter AP helmet blend nicely with the suit.
  12. Very strange... He did post some very specific details, though: ...And: ...But he never did try and sell anyone anything, at least not openly on the 501st forums. Maybe some of the UKG guys here could try and contact him through the UKG message board, or something?
  13. TK6237

    Redoing my TD

    So, I finished my weathering (for now, anyways) and got some pictures taken by a friend of mine with a decent camera. I´m still waiting on the pics, but in the meantime, I found this, taken at the May 17th Norwegian Constitution Day parade by a bystander: Found some moving pictures from the parade as well, , , and even a TV spot, HERE. And here´s a closeup of the helmet I shot with my mobile cam (sorry about the red tint, stupid camera light): ...More (and better) pics to follow. Yeah, next on the list is switching for a better shoulder pouch. I´ll be working on my canvas 3+1 this weekend.
  14. TK6237

    Redoing my TD

    @DarthChridan: I usually just seal it with a couple of coats of hairspray. It stays on there pretty good; I haven´t tested it in a solid rainstorm yet, but I have been out in a light drizzle without any damage to the weathering. I had to scrub pretty hard to clean off my previous weathering attempt, which was done using the exact same materials as I´m using now. I´ve also weathered a TS this way, which I trooped in for the better part of a day around the snowy wastes of Hoth (or Finse, as we call it). I spent quite a lot of time running around in the snow, but all the weathering is still there. I believe "misting" is the word you´re looking for. If you would want to make dead sure that the weathering stayed on there, misting the suit with some clear coat would probably work really well. I would, however, test it on a weathered piece of plastic first, just to make sure. I use dry pigments from Mig Productions. The hairspray is called Clynol Ultra Strong, but I think any liquid hairspray will do, as long as it´s sticky enough. I fill a tea plate or a small bowl with about a spoonful or two of hairspray, and then add just a tiny, tiny, tiny pinch of pigment(s). I mix it up with the hairspray, and when I think it has the right color, soak up a small amount with the sponge, and start dabbing the sponge on the armor piece. The important part is to keep dabbing at it until the hairspray starts to dry up and gets sticky; this is how you get a sand-like texture. When the hairspray is all dried up, I wet the sponge again and start with the next area. I only do about 1/2 a bicep or a shoulder bell, or say 1/4 of a thigh in one pass. Once the entire part is covered in hairspray and pigment mix, I let it dry for 15-20 minutes before I hit it with the damp cloth. ...And thanks again for all your comments, much appreciated!
  15. TK6237

    Redoing my TD

    Thanks for the comments! @DarthChridan: Yeah, the hairspray will make the armor slightly glossy right away, but the gloss will wear off quickly. Also, this is a TM HIPS suit, so it´s really not as shiny as it might appear in these pictures. The one spot on the chest is from direct midday sunlight. The things I really like about this weathering method, is that it´s quick, reasonably clean, and economic on the pigments. Also, it´s a lot easier to control both color and opacity by adjusting the amount of pigment VS hairspray before adding it to the suit, and in addition to that, you can mix different pigments to get just the right color. Working on the thighs and shins now!
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