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  1. Blaster 8266

    Photo Sharing

    Hi all, Since photobucket screwed everyone and is now charging to share photos, can someone tell me what the best way is to post photos in project and sale threads? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, TD8266
  2. Blaster 8266

    HappyTrooper's DLT-19 Build (w/ templates)

    Very nice work sir. Great job.
  3. Blaster 8266

    Fullers earth or grout

    I used a combo of grout and fullers. The grout if done correctly gives a built on sandy texture for those really dirty spots. Used mixes of grout powder and fullers on other areas. It really depends on your preference.
  4. Hi Anthony,


    I would like to order 2 small spanish pouches and one MP40 leather pouch.

    Can you shoot me the Price incl. shipping to Germany and your pp please?


    Big Hughs and Cheers,


    1. Blaster 8266

      Blaster 8266

      Hi, total is 121.00 USD is the mp-40 for a shoulder ? if it is I can put cross straps instead of hip straps. Let me know My pp is abailey8266@yahoo.com thanks

  5. Blaster 8266

    December pouch orders

    PM replied too.
  6. Hi, all I want to let everyone know that because of the family and I going out of town for the last 2 weeks of December, if you want any pouches this month all orders need to be in by December 12th. They will all be shipped by the 19th. I will be back in January to continue orders. Time for a family trip. Hope everyone has a great Holiday season.
  7. Everyone who has contacted me I have sent pms to. Most fixes will be shipping out Tuesday if anyone else has a problem then please let me know. I will add the side straps to any I have missed. Again sorry for this issue.
  8. Glad to hear it. I will be doing this until all pouches are fixed. I want my brothers and sisters to know I have your back. This group means the world to me and many people have been there when I needed help. I will not fail you.
  9. I always want to make sure my brothers have the best. Thank you all for being so awesome.
  10. Hi all. It has come to my attention that I may have made an error on some canvas pouches. I will offer no excuses as it was my fault and should have been caught by me. I do a lot of pouches and I am not sure how I missed this but I did. On the canvas pouches the side strap with ring is missing on some. In the picture the top canvas which is my older pouch has the strap where my new long strap versions do not. I need you to please contact me via a pm or email (abailey8266@yahoo.com) if you have a wrong pouch so I can make sure it is fixed. You can ship the pouch back to me and I will then repay your shipping and fix the pouch and send back at no cost to you. I am very sorry this happened as I pride myself on my work and customer service. Please let me know so we can get this fixed asap. Thanks
  11. Yes I screw them through the cable then bondo the screw. When painted really dont see them.
  12. Very small screws. Very easy to use. will never dent like copper can. Its all what ever your preference is.
  13. Tv cable is the best thing to use.
  14. Blaster 8266

    ELECTION Q&A 2015

  15. Blaster 8266

    RS props "move along" helmet Xmas raffle

    That is a very cool Thing to do. I am in. So very cool.