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    I am a coach for a Mixed Martial Arts group in Texas called TABMOC where we work on the sport of MMA as well as the Self-Defense aspect spanning from weapon work with sticks and knives, to hand to hand, to combat pistol and rifle tactics, to mental tactics and situational training, to ground fighting with training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
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  1. My apologies for the delay friends, I am in the process of moving and Zac's Mom is still looking through all his bins - here are some of the photos she has taken so far, she will be bringing me the stuff soon once I get moved in to my new place:
  2. Thank you Gentlemen, will get the photos up very soon . . .
  3. Friends, many of you knew Zac on here as a truly Great Trooper and once a Deployment Officer on these forums. I am contacting you to let you know that his Mother has been in touch with me recently to see about finding some closure with some of his personal items since we lost him back on Oct of 2015. I know he had a TM kit that he put together and his Mother is looking to possibly sell his armor and accessories to help a friend of hers who was affected by Covid. She is going through his items to see what all he has but I was wondering if his deployment submission was archived on here so I have some details about his armor. She is currently taking photos and sending them to me and I am going through his posts and seeing if I can match up some of his purchases on here with the photos she's provided so far. If you are willing to help or if you can tell me what the going rate is on a built TM kit, that would be Greatly Appreciated. Take care John Laurel
  4. I used to have access, but I think my Email changed so I think that's why I dropped off the radar John Laurel TD-7012 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=1910&costumeID=2
  5. Beware the man who owns only one Armor suit, for he will know how to make it look freaking Awesome !!! Top Notch Rolf !!!
  6. I totally feel bad for those guys, they are obviously being singled out since the LEO's there can't catch real criminals. But I think I like Dutchy's idea, I think I will paint my AK-47 to resemble the old Kenner Action figure blaster blue and carry that around, it would look harmless at that point Best of luck to the Troops that lost their blasters. - J
  7. That freaking Rocks Bro !!!
  8. While yes, the economy is something we have to face and something that people kept telling me to focus on when I showed my support for McCain, time has shown us that with Dems a couple of things tend to happen that effect me or my family. 1) Second Amendment rights get played with, I have been a responsible gun owner since I was taught how to shoot at the age of 11, Dems and guns tend to not mix, so I will be interested to see what plays out there. The other thing is 2) Dems usually tend to free up money by cutting back our Military = Not Good in my book. While I agree with the majority at times that our Military Forces get involved with some things that should be given some time for resolve to take place, I believe that cutting back our Military, be it pay, personnel, or bases is not a good thing at all, especially in this day and age where terror threats still remain. I also have friends and family in Iraq or that have been to Iraq, and what is not seen in the media is the progress that is being made there, and there is progress being made. I'm afraid that if a time frame is given for our Troops to be removed before the mission is done, that place may turn back in to a hot bed of problems for years to come and all the work that my friends and family have contributed there and I have lost some of them there, will be all for nothing. I hope I am proven wrong and I want to believe that change can happen, but I still have more confidence in someone that has at least been in our military to be the leader of our troops than someone who has led a community. I can only hope for the best from here out . . . - J
  9. Well, my answer to the lil girl was yes, and we gave her a 501st coloring book for her and the nurse that hosted the event gave a huge bag of candy, she shook our hands and went to the other floors for more candy. The little boy in the Alien costume was funny cause of my blaster, I told him it was powered down so then he took the pic with us Definitely good times Take Care Bros !! - J
  10. Thank you Brothers !!! The little girl I was waving to asked me if I had been in battle since I was Dirty and my buddy was a shiney. The little boy in the alien costume said he was scared of me cause I had the bigger gun, always an honor to represent the Dirty Troopers Take Care - J
  11. This was a Two Trooper detail for a quick visit with some of the patients on the Pediatric ward while they got to do some Trick or Treating. My buddy Rich King and I had a really great time, cause these are the events we joined the 501st for, spending some time with kids that don't get to enjoy some of the things other kids do . . . Free Image Hosting by ImageBam.com Take Care - J
  12. Does anyone have a template ? ? ? I saw somewhere where someone made a template but can't find it now, I have ABS to make one but lost the template. Any help would be greatly appreciated. - J
  13. The Man is TOP NOTCH in our Garrison and he will be a Great Asset here my Dirty Brothers and Sisters !!! Congrats Chuck - J
  14. PLUMBER'S GOOP!!!! We go through TUBES of this stuff here in Texas. Pros: - It dries clear - It doesn't melt the plastic to build a bond so it can be taken apart without scarring your armor. - It's waterproof, plumbers use this stuff on ABS pipes so you know it works great for ABS. Con: - I have only one complaint about it and that you REALLY need proper ventilation when using this stuff or you will trip so bad, that you may end up having a conversation with your ceiling fan or if you were to operate a video game after catching wind of this stuff like for example, playing HALO, you may see your opponents streaking vapor trails behind them as you play Multiplayer Capture the Flag . . . Not that any of this has happend to me before Try it out, you can get it at Home Depot or Lowe's in the Adhesive section called Amazing Goop in the Purple Tube. - John
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