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  1. Just wondering

    Agree ! I think it's all about to help eachother and pointing into the '' right '' direction
  2. Just wondering

    Hi all, i was studying this pack and have some questions about it. Please don't shoot me if some of these we're already asked or discovered but i always like to learn more about TD's As you can see on the picture i've highlighted 4 points was wondering about : 1 On the side of his black seedtray i see somekind for me a unknown kind of part ? What is this ? As far i see there's also ducktape around this ? 2 What is this sling for ? Connected to his MG or part of his backpack to carry it ? 3 You can see two iron rings on this picture is this connected to his backpack and / or sling ? 4 Lot of ducktape around his lower seedtray is this also accepted for CRL as i think about the details I hope some can help me out and hope you all don't mind asking you this as i want to learn as much as possible about the Sandies
  3. Just wondering

    Wow...thanks for your reply..think that's indeed the part we're looking for ..many thanks everyone so far for ya help
  4. Just wondering

    Thanks for sharing looks similar indeed..many thanks for helping out so far
  5. Just wondering

    Thanks for your reply
  6. Just wondering

    Many thanks for your reply Always nice to learn and share thoughts with eachother.. Indeed #1 making me think alot about what that is...maybe others can help out with this one also Again many thanks
  7. 2018 Election Results

    We will for sure bro...almost ready for coming back again...
  8. 2018 Election Results

    Congratz bro....!!
  9. *DONE* TD 16103 Requesting Deployment

    Congratz...looking good
  10. BBB has arrived! A little short for a sandtrooper.

    Good luck and hope she can team up very soon
  11. Infos about move along scene

    Still no reason not drinking a beer with me at DB94 bro......but i say '' yup '' to your reply bro
  12. Infos about move along scene

    What can i say ?! Think you just shot another Rebel down Fraulein...
  13. Infos about move along scene

    Just notice this post....ahhh come on Dutchy...you never drink a beer with me at DB94 ...will have a chat with Anthony about this Though if she really was a Sandie then we may ask her come with prove via Facebook...though she does have the Roadblock scene as banner on her Facebook...or maybe she just like dirty troopers https://www.facebook.com/kaye.powermcgowan Grtz DDT
  14. Sonix little brother ;)

    Just like to share...found the little brother of Sonix (well known TD radio ) Bought this on a fleemarket and be honest...the shapes etc. is really coming close to the Sonix Vicxtory 75
  15. Sonix little brother ;)

    hmmm..where's my hammer...
  16. Sonix little brother ;)

    it is indeed..but i like this one as it comes close because of the shapes, material etc..
  17. Sonix little brother ;)

    only costed me €5 and it even still works, so it was just a fun buy...
  18. Latex handguards

    Hi all, i was just wondering..i do own a pair of latex handguards though when looking to ANH again..and again...and again..i notice this version of latex handguard. Is this the standard latex handguard weared by Sandies also ?
  19. Latex handguards

    How can you say something like that ? ... i have armor..well, still need to do some work on it of course.. Gonna shoot some Jawa's soon brother
  20. Latex handguards

    I do the best i can brother..hope to join you '' dirty troopers '' asap !
  21. Latex handguards

    Many thanks for your clear reply ...Always nice to learn something more and know more of the reason why etc..super !!
  22. Latex handguards

    Thanks for your reply CC i have the whole picture here of the trooper wearing this version of handguard..so i wasn't sure that all or some troopers including Sandies wearing these version of handguard ?!
  23. Airborne Trooper's Pack Build

    Awesome work bro , thanks for sharing !
  24. *DONE* TD 81913 Requesting Deployment

    Congratz bro...awesome job
  25. Move Along Project

    wow this is just awesome..