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  1. Almost ready for a come back :)

    Many thanks bro……. almost ready to drink some nice and good cold Cantina beer together
  2. Almost ready for a come back :)

    Just laying down in the hot Eisley sun...am i getting tanned already dudes ?
  3. Almost ready for a come back :)

    Some updated pics...i have done some fine tune weathering over the basic weathering
  4. Almost ready for a come back :)

    Hahaha…….i bet your in this game bro ?
  5. Almost ready for a come back :)

    oh yeaaaa Bro
  6. Almost ready for a come back :)

  7. *DONE* TD-11829 Requesting Deployment

  8. Almost ready for a come back :)

    Many thanks buddy
  9. Move Along Helmet

    Thanks for the reply and info...sounds all clear to me . Very cool project...i am sure it will turn out great
  10. Move Along Helmet

    Awesome… gonna follow this one..instead of a screw are you gonna use a pop rivet ? ( ears )
  11. Updated DB backpack

    Well...not even thought of that ...but indeed it's Dirtyboy-pack … but still nice to know that Davin Felth ( didn't he killed according SW legends Capt. Terrik at Doc 94 ? ) have no tape on his pack
  12. Updated DB backpack

    Hi, no it will not be used as a Dewback pack though many thanks for your information and direction !
  13. Updated DB backpack

    Hi all, few years ago i bought myself a ready to wear Dirtyboy pack..though after these years some updates needed. I like to share some pics of my DB pack with some before and after pics updated this pack as much as possible Though i am aware it's still not the best and or accurated pack i hope it's still good enough before i can buy meself a new one ? Still need to do some weathering also. Before pics : Here are some total pack pics after the update : Many thanks for watching and please gimme some feedback
  14. Almost ready for a come back :)

  15. Happy but not happy with my weathering...

    Love your weathering you did a great job for sure !! You can wear that armor with proud brother