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  1. hmmm..where's my hammer...
  2. it is indeed..but i like this one as it comes close because of the shapes, material etc..
  3. only costed me €5 and it even still works, so it was just a fun buy...
  4. How can you say something like that ? ... i have armor..well, still need to do some work on it of course.. Gonna shoot some Jawa's soon brother
  5. Just like to share...found the little brother of Sonix (well known TD radio ) Bought this on a fleemarket and be honest...the shapes etc. is really coming close to the Sonix Vicxtory 75
  6. I do the best i can brother..hope to join you '' dirty troopers '' asap !
  7. Many thanks for your clear reply ...Always nice to learn something more and know more of the reason why etc..super !!
  8. Thanks for your reply CC i have the whole picture here of the trooper wearing this version of handguard..so i wasn't sure that all or some troopers including Sandies wearing these version of handguard ?!
  9. Hi all, i was just wondering..i do own a pair of latex handguards though when looking to ANH again..and again...and again..i notice this version of latex handguard. Is this the standard latex handguard weared by Sandies also ?
  10. hey bro!!! Good to see you :D 

    1. Dutch Dirty Trooper

      Dutch Dirty Trooper

      Good to see you too Bro !!

      Soon we gonna drink some at DB94 :td::duim:

      High five !

    2. dutchy
  11. Awesome work bro , thanks for sharing !
  12. Congratz bro...awesome job
  13. wow this is just awesome..
  14. welcome felix
  15. Many thanks scribbler