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  1. Barking Dragon

    Trimming MH/SB/Charlie Seed Trays

    Sweet!! Thanks Mike, didn't realise how much I had come to rely on your web site for reference pics and more Looks like I need to sand down my seed trays more and try to get them more in the middle of the red and blue line. dan
  2. Barking Dragon

    Trimming MH/SB/Charlie Seed Trays

    Hi Everyone, I am on my way to building up my MH/SB/Charlie back pack but am stuck with how much to take off the seed trays?? I tried to have a look at Mike's back pack build for pics but the link with his site is down If someone could please confirm whether to trim all the way down to the red line in my picture or leave it at the blue line, that would be great. Maybe even a close up picture of your MH/SB/Charlie seed trays completed would be a great help aswell. Thanks Dan
  3. Barking Dragon

    Sonix Victory 75 Reproductions

    That would be cool as an option! Either way Mike, when you are ready to take orders.. please add me to the list as a confirmed sale! Dan
  4. does anyone know what the asking rate for a set of 2 real lether Norweigen pouches are at the moment on the market?
  5. Barking Dragon

    Jodhpur Boots

    Even though the original boots were black then painted white... would brown be easier and hold the white more than black boots?! Thanks for the input troopermaster, I had a look for the boots you mentioned but they are quite a bit out of my price range at the moment
  6. Barking Dragon

    Jodhpur Boots

    Based off TD-252's referal of the SHIRES WOODSTOCK JODHPUR BOOTS I can get them off the Bay for GBP 24.99 + GBP 19 for shipping which is about $66USD so I think I will go with these
  7. Barking Dragon

    Jodhpur Boots

    Really ?? Man I must be typing in the wrongs words on my google search. TK-J thanks for the offer to assist in finding these.... I spent the last 10 min on google trying different wording for SHIRES WOODSTOCK JODHPUR BOOTS and came up with nothing in Aus. If you have any luck finding this style of boot then I would more than welcome a PM Regards dan
  8. Barking Dragon

    Jodhpur Boots

    I'll start hitting google for any online stores here in Aus aswell as trying to find local sellers. I think if there are stores here that sell these, they will mark up the cost quite a bit to make up for shipping to them. Either way, thank you all for your input and helping me identify the correct type (or closest match) of boot I should be looking for Dan
  9. Barking Dragon

    Jodhpur Boots

    Thanks for that, so are these pretty much the same style used in the movie?! I have sent off an email to see how much it will cost to have them sent to me here in Aus, fingers crossed it doesn't sting me too much. Dan
  10. Hey there everyone, I'm looking at buying these steel caped Jodhpur horse riding boots from fleebay and I was hoping you guys could chime in and let me know if these are pretty close to what I should be looking for. I know the little tabs at the back of the boots shouldn't be there, maybe I can cut them off. Is the front of them too round, should they be more pointed and shaped like the CA boots? If anyone can stear me to the type I need to get then please PM me or add it here. Thanks dan
  11. Barking Dragon

    Sterling Archive

    If anybody has access to a few of the parts to sell, I am in need of a folding stock, cocking lever and selector switch. Dan
  12. Barking Dragon

    Backpack list

    Hi there everyone, I am just about to start the daunting task of building the backpack and I have started sourcing parts. 1st question, can anyone please tell me the diameter of the Hamburger stackers? And is there a specific item used for the lid? Thanks Dan
  13. Barking Dragon

    Sci-Fire MDK Pack

    I'm in aswell for a kit =) for sure as I really wanna get my suit together! I hope you will send to AUS
  14. Barking Dragon

    Does anyone vacuform the base boxes?

    If there are any spare I would love to grab a set aswell if the Vac Table is going to be fired up again Thanks in advance dan
  15. Hi there, I am also looking for the Sniper Knee and Ab Plate for the FX suit. If there are any sellers out there, can you please PM me with cost and sending it to Melbourne Australia. Thanks