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  1. Captain4434

    Felth Shirt

    If anyone has one of these shirts, could you please post a picture of it... I'd like to see the quality of the shirt and how it looks. Thanks for your time and help -Captain4434
  2. Captain4434

    TD ID #

    Captain4434 or TD/TK 4434. First I wear an Orange pauldron = captain and my ID number is the last 4 digits of my phone number growing up.
  3. Captain4434

    Just another MG-15

    Nice work Pen66. looks good. Did you follow TK409's tutorial...? I did an MG-15 very similiar looking.
  4. Captain4434

    MP40 pouches ???

    the blackening.
  5. Captain4434

    Helmet Padding

    I used the inside of a Jofa hockey helmet. It looks pretty tech and keeps my bucket on nice and snug and it's comfy too.
  6. Dude looks sweet, I need to get working on some type of heavy blaster.
  7. Captain4434

    MP40 pouches ???

    That's what it stands for. I was very sad to come home last night and see we had lost. Sigh. Its a young team with plenty of talent. Hopefully they will keep things improving next year. But that means a long depressing off season. And I do have my fair share of broken sticks. I watched to the end... it was heartbreaking... but if we keep things the way they are, next season we'll be even better. Sid is an AMAZING player. Glad to have found a fellow Pens fan AND sandtrooper. "it's a great day for hockey." Badger Bob
  8. Captain4434

    T-21 Lewis Gun

    . what's that...? oh yes, you can make one for me too. impressive work, very impressive. helmet off to ya
  9. Captain4434

    New Paint Job

    This is an RT Mod helmet. I can do the teeth. the eyes... I'm a bit scared to do anymore. I'm not too concerned with that though. I think it came out good. I recently had an armor malfunction, where the upper piece on my chest cracked. I just got a new one and I decided to redo my dirt. Thanks for the tips everyone.
  10. Captain4434

    New Paint Job

    go to the top and bottom of the grey?
  11. Captain4434

    MP40 pouches ???

    dye recipe, from local WW2 costumer. 1.In a large pan mix the dye 1cup of salt and water to the manufactuers instructions 9water to dye ratio) 2. Bring the water temp. to 200deg. and mix well. 3. Immerse the pouches and boil for 15mins. keep the pouched moving in order to assure even penetration of the dye. 4. Prepare an Ice bath with crushed ice and water..temp, should be 40deg.immerse the pouches being sure they are completly covered. 5. Once they are cool..allow them to dry completely(hanging) 6. Finanlly..run them through a washing macines rinse cycle and allow to dry.
  12. Captain4434

    MP40 pouches ???

    Pen66..... is that in Penguins. 66 Mario Lemieux...? If it is. I'm feeling for you bro right now. We're not doing so good.... **** senators.. if you're like me. you've got some broken sticks laying around.
  13. Captain4434

    MP40 pouches ???

    If you have an old hockey stick laying around cut some mags out of the shaft, they fit nicely in the pouches.
  14. Captain4434

    New Paint Job

    currently re-doing all my dirt.
  15. Captain4434

    MP40 pouches ???

    They came I got'em. Now time to dye, maybe paint them..... I hope this works...