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  1. Hi Rob, I will download all the pics you have sent to me and I will study them properly. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for you inputs Chris. I am now in contact with Blaster 8266
  3. Hi Sandtrooper brothers, I current have this Norwegian Leather MP-40 Magazine pouch as shown, and I will like to know whether it is acceptable for my planned SWAT project - Sandtrooper Captain Cantina or otherwise. Thanks in advance.
  4. Star wars circa 1880

    Literally STEAM-punk indeed!
  5. Sister... you have a sister...

    Congratulations Noel on the safe delivery of your second daughter. The little bow sure looks cure on her.
  6. Just a heads up

    Good, looking forward to its official launch.
  7. TIE Fighter Helmet

    Now that is one literally TIE Fighter .... ...helmet!
  8. Life is strange

    Rolf, you have my full agreement on these points. Your little man is getting to look more like you with each new picture you're sharing with us.
  9. So How Are You? Tell Us Whats On Your Mind....

    Scott sent you a PM on this. Hope that you can help a fellow Sandy on this.
  10. Life is strange

    Rolf I am rooting for you bro. May the final victory in this battle be for you and Sylvester only.
  11. *done* TD-1560 Requesting Deployment

    CONGRATULATIONS Justus "dutchy" on your (long awaited) MEPD Deployment!
  12. My latest pumpkin

    This is one Halloween pumpkin that can devour your alive! :o
  13. R2-D2 Swimsuit

    Soon we might be seeing a gold C-3PO version made of gold lame material!
  14. Pandatrooper's Pack build

    pandatrooper sent you a PM.
  15. Chicks Dig Scars, The war wound thread

    Hey bruv, are you a cat with 9 lives or something? Nothing serious on my side here apart from the regular cuts and nicks on my fingers with the cutter and X-Acto blade!