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  1. You want to try and make the moulded strips the same size both sides before you glue the cover strips on, something like this.
  2. PM sent, but please do post photos of everything that is up for sale and I will advise,
  3. I build them 2 ways depending on what people want - either screen accurate or practical. I prefer the screen accurate method myself and I encourage others to go the same way if possible. Check out all my albums on Facebook. You will find some interesting builds
  4. Check out my build on Facebook to see how the original armour is assembled. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=TMProps&set=a.2730823383802176 Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.
  5. There's no need to paint the armour, unless it has started to yellow or you have parts from different makers and the ABS is different shades of white. The original armour was not painted.
  6. Button plate corners should be cut at angles if you want to go for uber accuracy
  7. Nice job on blending those shims! It's one of the things that I'm not crazy about doing, but I'm impressed with the finished result! Can you tell us which colour and brand of paint you used for anyone wanting to do the same thing please?
  8. They are not broken, but they are old. I am not computer savvy and don't know how to retrieve them. 15mm is a good size for the tube stripes, though some may be shorter or longer by 1mm or 2mm. They didn't use a stencil for the stripes but it's obvious they used tape to mask the edges, so that's where there will be a slight difference in stripe width from helmet to helmet. The amount of curve on the stripes vary too.
  9. Here's another. Like I said, any others are on my old hard drive that I cannot access. In fact, I have 2 that date back 20 years - both have some rare photos of helmets and armour.
  10. I got this one and there are more out there. I have more on my old hard drive but cannot access them.
  11. This is the way! The less precise you are when building the armour, especially when cutting the joining strips and finishing them, the more accurate your armour will look. I know it's hard for some people but in order to look like the troopers on screen, you have to build your armour the same way. You can still take great care and pay attention to what you are doing, but focus more on authenticity rather than ideally, and the end results will be much better in my opinion. Another thing that most people focus on too much (and I think you have too) is sticking to the 15mm width on the strips on the arms and 20mm on the legs. It's common for the strips on the arms to be 20mm and the legs 25mm, and these sizes look better when you are a bigger guy. Look at the strips on this guy. They look to be 18-20mm wide on both the biceps and forearms.
  12. Hi Thomas, When sizing the arms, they have a kind of flat spot on the back side. This is how the original armour was and is where the joining strips are supposed to go, as long as you can get your arms into them. Obviously make them as big as necessary but I thought I would mention it just in case you are unaware since this armour is slightly different to the previous version you got from me. Also, no return edge on the wrist or inner elbow curve
  13. The plastic ammo belt should be 90mm tall and go 40mm past the end blocks. Those measurements were taken from an original ANH belt. The canvas belt is 70mm tall.
  14. Aren't the ear screws supposed to be unpainted on that particular helmet?
  15. Choose one from a seller with 100% positive feedback. That doesn't automatically guarantee the glue will be genuine but it should give you confidence.
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