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  1. I know what you meant and I agree with you But some people take the measurements too literally. I often see people stressing over their arm strips being 16mm wide and fretting they won't get into the 501st on Tony's Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment
  2. This the problem with ROTJ based armour like WTF, AP, ATA, TE, RWA, DA, MTK etc.. they all have moulded in joining strips that are designed to be overlapped when assembled - governing the size you can make them. Using the measurements suggested by Jason are fine if you are slim and have proper ANH armour, but not so good in your situation as I believe a narrow joining strip on extra wide moulded strips like on your armour look bad. You can use wider strips and I do this a lot for people who to big for armour. The key is to make it look right but more importantly - fit right. If the arm strips need to be 25mm wide, use 25mm wide. I don't like it when someone suggests using thin strips when they are struggling to get the armour to fit right. There is no law saying you have to use thin strips. The ANH arm strips varied from 13-20mm wide and the legs 18-25mm so they do vary. The original armour only fits stick insects so if you can get away with using thin strips, good for you. If not, use whatever size necessary
  3. It's quite normal for parts not to match up perfectly. You can cover any mismatch with your joining strips if it bothers you or leave it as is. Here is an original bicep to show you how they were.
  4. Another 501st oddity I would have to disagree with but I don't make the rules up. I find it really strange that rivets are required on the left hand side of the abdomen and kidney because they are part of the original strapping, yet it's okay to ignore all the screws in the torso that are also part of the original strapping. Either go original or go snaps.
  5. I don't know what the rules are for TD levels but the screws are not required for TK Centurion. The screws are part of the original strapping system so in my opinion, if they are required for the chest plate then they should be all over the torso to match.
  6. Here are a couple of photos from behind the scenes of the Special Edition that might be of interest to you guys.
  7. If your kidney plate doesn't protrude past your butt plate, don't cut the notch out. The idea of the notch that is moulded into the original armour is so it lines up with your butt plate. Cutting the notch into a kidney plate that is the length size as your butt plate just looks odd.
  8. I have a close up photo of the boots used and they were the original ANH 'Stuart' boots with black soles. The photo is on my old hard drive, unfortunately, and I have no idea where it is at the moment. Also, I don't think the armour used was original ROTJ. I would guess they were suits made after ROTJ with the flexible shoulder straps riveted on. The main reason I don't think they are ROTJ (but definitely ROTJ based tour suits) is one of the left thighs has the distinctive ANH shape = something I have never seen on any ROTJ based armour. Look at the guy 2nd from left. Regarding the ab buttons, it looks as though just the middle buttons were painted.
  9. How can that be possible? None of the ANH armour was used in the making of the SE. I would love to see proof of this if you have it?
  10. That's true, but they are regular ANH troopers whichever way you look at it. Everyone knows that when you refer to a Special Edition Sandtrooper, you mean the newly added troopers that wear ROTJ armour. There should be no discussion about using regular ANH armour in my opinion.
  11. Special Edition troopers wear ROTJ armour. If you are replicating this version of trooper then you should wear ROTJ armour. It's pretty simple really. There is no point going SE otherwise, just stay ANH.
  12. If you guys need ROTJ armour to make the SE troopers, just let me know
  13. Hi Roger, I pop in from time to time. I like to see what my sandy brothers are up to
  14. I have more accurate knee plates available for less.
  15. I would say the main top flap is simply pulled over the pocket not cut off. If the top half of the pack is empty the flap will pull down. I have one of these packs and know it can be done.