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  1. If it was factual I'd have to echo Mike's sentiment. Its all about priorities. Seeing as its a fake though, I'd have to say "bravo" to the maker for stirring everyone up so much.
  2. Looking good Tony! Nice Nam gear also.
  3. If he's doing them in leather your best bet would be to imitate the Stolla Wien design. "Sitharmor" was selling them on ebay for something like $30 if I remember right.
  4. I like walking around a city and hearing a bunch of languages in use; it reminds me of Star Wars. With that said, something official would be dandy, it would save printing costs for many government documents which are often printed multi-lingual due to having no official language in the US.
  5. Nice! It speaks the truth.
  6. I would love a real Sterling as a display piece. Mike had one and as cool as it was as a prop I don't think I'd want to troop with it.
  7. Too cool, its nice to see the mass of troops. I'd love to take the kids to Disney & do SWW sometime.
  8. Ah yes, the mark of a true quality wine.
  9. I'm content with being pessimistic and being able to be surprised if ti looks good. I agree that their current offerings look a little "iffy".
  10. The link goes 404. Drunk garbage bag Vader, priceless.
  11. I'm sure it was, although those tend to be the most satisfying purchases once it is in hand. I think all of my most valued props made me cringe slightly when I paid for them. No regrets though. I've been on a PKD reading spree, I just finished Ubik, The Man in the High Castle, and finally decided to let myself read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (I've been afraid it would not measure up to the film, ha!). This summer I want to build up a "laser tube" as seen in my mind's eye. Also, maybe during lunch breaks at work, I plan on mocking up a aerosol can "Ubik" label. I recently made a BR purchase but will sit on that until it arrives and I can photograph it. Oh, and re: pregnant Replicants, I don't know how that really sits with me for what its worth. Bookwise they completely lack empathy, while Batty discovers it in the film, but only with his own death impending. I have a hard time with the idea of an empathy-less entity reproducing. Its an interesting twist though and I think you should explore it (caveat- I haven't read you additions yet) it could result in an interesting angle. When thinking about a replicant caring for a child I can only think of the spider scene from the book though.
  12. I'm envious Ward! Very nice acquisition. I look at them every now and then and would love to add a pair to my collection someday.
  13. Marcus, you have served the MEPD for a long time and have always done so faithfully. Life's responsibilities override our hobbies at times and I think we all know how that is.
  14. Wow, nice shots! I love the Rolling Stone pose too.
  15. Everything I've painted I've just sprayed outright. The only thing of ours I've ever primed is the clear tube used for the mortar tube.
  16. Mike, its not a match for the discontinued Country Blue but its not a bad substitute. The blue tone is more intense and slightly deeper. The Sky Blue that replaced CB is not too far off either but they both lack the subdued blue/greyish tone of CB.
  17. I agree with the trim on the tube part of the ear cap but otherwise you've done a fantastic job. I love the authentic look on the paint.
  18. Thanks guys for your support & understanding. I am moved into my new place, and my laptop should be here (er, there) sometime next week. Then I'll be a little more regular with my forum visits & email. Next week I will also be returning to work on projects. CP's I plan on having finished by the end of next week, same story with the pack parts that have been ordered. Right now I just need to stay busy when I'm not with my kids, so in a way I am glad to have some things going on project-wise.
  19. Just as a heads up to anyone who it may concern, I will have erratic access to the interweb over the next few weeks. Its been like this for a couple weeks now but I thought I'd make mention since my uncharacteristic absence worried a few people. CP's and pack parts are carrying on a-okay but it may take me a few days to reply to emails and I've only been getting on message boards once or twice a week for a limited amount of time. So don't panic if I'm a little slow to get back to you on something; its not intentional. This is largely due to some changes in my living situation and the structure of my day-to-day life. I'm going to pick up a laptop so I can catch some wifi time during my lunchbreak, etc. Everything should be back to normal very soon in respect to my access so please bear with me in the meantime. Thanks guys!
  20. Congrats, nice to see you!
  21. Very cool man, welcome to the dunes.
  22. I've been trooping in rubber gloves for about a year now and have no complaints. Even in the summer heat & direct sunlight they weren't that bad. Certainly no worse than thick flight gloves, and you've got great dexterity.
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