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    Hello MEPD brothers and sisters, Thank you all trusting me with another year. As always, I am in this role to be of service to you and the greatest detachment in the legion! Please reach out to me if you have any thoughts, ideas, or concerns to share. There will be a couple of changes to the staff. John and Vincent are stepping down in the roles as XO and PRO. Airborne Trooper (Jason) has agreed to step in as my new XO. We had a real struggle last year with merch and Anthony has stepped in at the 11th hour and done an amazing job turning that around and dealing with MANY Legion merch struggles to finally get our 20th anniversary merch on track. Coins are up for order now and more is to follow this year. Executive Officer (XO): Jason Yap ( Airborne Trooper) TD-82573 Merchandise Officer (MBO): Anthony Paladino ( Redforce) TD-10666 Deployment Officer (DO): Thomas Herodek(bigwam) TD-30571 Deployment Officer( DO): Urs Tischhauser(Hausi) TD-21027 Deployment Officer (DO): Michael Ramirez(Scribbler) TD-6985 Deployment Officer (DO): Justus Parinussa(Dutchy) TD-1560 Financial Officer( FO): Jay Parsons(trooper1) TD-3936 Sergeant at Arms (SAA): Michael Ramirez(Scribbler) TD-6985 MEPD Liasion (ML) and Intelligence Officer: MEPD Liaison (ML) and Intelligence Officer: Kirk Folsom (Lovemonkey)TD-18542 Chief Media Officer(PRO): Quinn Brown (SandEEQuiNN) TD-91197 Public Relations Officer(PRO): Peter Telep (4Runner) TD- 33348 Systems Admin (SA): Damon Degner (Happytrooperdotcom) TD-10900 I look forward to another amazing year for the MEPD. Thank you all again. Tim (Punisha) TD-10930
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    We FINALLY won the discussion. Our late coins are up now. Now that the issue is resolved, more Merch is coming
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    Some non backpack related news. BBB Day!
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    TD-10401 Requesting Deployment Name: Christine Lee 501st TD ID with a link to 501st profile: TD-10401 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=23755 MEPD forum name: Cricket Garrison: Georgia Garrison Armor and Helmet: RS Props Stunt. -Helmet off photo. -One full armor, helmet on, front photo. -One full armor, helmet on, right side photo. -One full armor, helmet on, left side photo. Showing the pouches mounted on sides if you have them and the gap closed. -One full armor, helmet on, back photo. Please note that additional weathering was applied to backpack. See detail backpack pics below. -One full armor, helmet on, back photo without backpack. -Canvas or elastic shoulder straps detail photo. -Canvas belt detail photo with pouches. -Abs details close up photo. Showing the 3 buttons an TD abdominal plate. Neck seal: Geeky Pink Pauldron: Trooper1 -Detail photos of the rubber gloves and latex handguards - Detail photos of all snaps, screws and buttons on the armor. Bucket: -A close up photo clearly showing the flat green lenses. Please note that the frown mesh has been removed! I forgot to take it off when taking initial photos. And I know that my brow is on the low side. I prefer a lower brow. -Detail photo showing no stripes on all grey traps and tears. -Detail photo of hovi-mix mic tips (or replica) mounted on helmet. -Detail photos of blue tube stripes. Backpack: Self-build from assorted vintage, found, and 3D printed parts. - Detail photos from all sides, separately. Weapon: Praetorian DLT-19. -At least one picture showing the whole weapon. -Detail pictures of mods required for the specific weapons. Finally: -One (or several) full body action (or attitude poses) good quality picture. And these last few just for fun. This is me and my son. He's trying out the kit I 3D printed for him for the first time, so this was an awesome outing for both of us. Please let me know if you need additional photos! Thank you for your time and consideration to the MEPD Police Officer Program. -- Cricket TD-10401
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    Couldn‘t find blue milk on this snowy planet but anyway... wishing you a happy new year! Cheers Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
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    I hear ya. The artwork is being worked on atm. I would love to get the 20th anni items out asap for sure. Hopefully we have an update very soon.
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    Played around with one of my photos while I wait on basic approval.
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    24/07/2021 - Cinefan Festival Úbeda 1/2
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    I would like to start a WIP about the build of my new Sandtrooper. Why a new one? Well, the old one is getting on in years and after almost 60 uses the first signs of fatigue are showing. I have chosen the "Roadblock Private" as a model. I have almost finished the backpack: Like my first armor, I wanted one from Troopermaster again. I was very satisfied with the quality. In the meantime Paul has revised his forms and I now have the replacement armor. You can see a few differences. He has based himself even more closely on the original. I will gradually show the differences in the construction. The armor is now trimmed: Now it's time to adjust. I'll start with the forearms. Here is the comparison to the old ones:
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    Looks great, have fun building. You are actually the first one who has started his TD build with the pack.
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    1st troop as a Sandtrooper at Star Wars Identities Singapore, ArtScience Museum - 8 May 2021
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    Here’s the latest addition to my armoury. Machined aluminium parts plus 3D printed parts combined. Not 100% accurate but near enough for trooping/display The brackets for the mag strap should be here this week then I can get that fitted. I’ll post an update when it’s on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Since the old list is no longer visible, I rewritten and updated it: SWAT: Forumname: Garrison: ID: Emulated Trooper: #1 Rolf Danish Garrison 252 Move Along Cpt. #2 Trooper1 Garrison Carida 3936 Dewback Rider #3 Smally UKG 7141 Road Block Cpt. #4 JK007 UKG 2755 Alley Check Cpt. #5 Sir David UKG 5996 Stop that Ship Cpt. #6 DirtyBoy Connecticut 4401 Dewback Rider #7 Phil65 UKG 2921 Docking Bay Cpt. V1 #8 the dirty trooper UKG 2479 Desert Sergeant #9 Miksi German Garrison 7930 Road Block Cpt. #10 Sandflea Star Garrison 7435 Cantina Sergeant #11 Nick.Black UKG 5884 Stop that Ship Cpt. #12 Darth Chridan German Garrison 7987 Desert Sergeant #13 Iconoclasta_88 Mexican Garrison 8800 Move Along Cpt. #14 Davemars UKG 5423 Move Along Cpt. #15 TD-8266 Southern California 8266 Move Along Cpt. #16 Bigdane Nordic Garrison 10252 Docking Bay Cpt. V1 #17 Beren Florida Makaze 9389 Docking Bay Cpt. V2 #18 Sand Devil Neon City Garrison 10072 Move Along Cpt. #19 Rhapsodyred99 Garrison Tyranus 11038 Move Along Cpt. #20 Lord Triste Spanish Garrison 3677 Cantina Cpt. #21 Havoc UKG 6538 Docking Bay Sgt. V1 #22 Opi Wan German Garrison 86079 Move Along Cpt. #23 DarthGrace Excelsior Garrison 5631 Move Along Cpt. #24 boltstrooper Southern California 4937 Move Along Cpt. #25 Helotrooper Dune Sea 5224 Roadblock Cpt. #26 TK4949 HongKong Garrison 4949 Desert Sergeant #27 felice German Garrison 20047 Desert Sergeant #28 Mr_Hair UKG 46800 Cantina Cpt. #29 Milo Japanese Garrison 77525 Desert Sergeant #30 VF2112 Southern Cross 21112 Cantina Cpt. #31 VECSPEED12 Golden Gate Garrison 9512 Move Along Cpt. #32 UKSWRATH Golden Gate Garrison 10116 Cantina Cpt. #33 SID Polish Garrison 4048 Desert Sergeant #34 Millenium1 UKG 10068 Desert Sergeant #35 DaeLMa German Garrison 22011 Desert Cpt. #36 sandtrooper 70th Explorers 8867 Road Block Sergeant V2 #37 Old Nic German Garrison 31967 Move Along Cpt. #38 Robster Cloud City Garrison 8821 Cantina Sergeant #39 Strider German Garrison 16080 Cantina Cpt. #40 Cipher UKG 89000 Move Along Cpt. #41 Little Skywalker German Garrison 18987 Docking Bay “no Rank” #42 TD-Sharp German Garrison 12169 Docking Bay Sgt. V1 #43 TD42115 Canadian Garrison 42115 Docking Bay Cpt. V2 #44 Felixdario German Garrison 22013 Cantina Cpt. #45 Moley77 UKG 81913 Alley Check Private V2 #46 spOOL68 70th Explorers 68686 Docking Bay Cpt. V1 #47 jcalus Badlands Garrison 84414 Road Block Cpt. V2 #48 hausi German Garrison 21027 Docking Bay Cpt. V2 #49 bigwam German Garrison 30571 Falcon Take Off Private #50 Heroma97 German Garrison 22997 Docking Bay Cpt. V1 #51 m4vrick Garuda Garrison 17778 Cantina Cpt. #52 talizman UKG 21804 Cantina Cpt. #53 Andi53 German Garrison 29185 Docking Bay Cpt. V2 #54 TD 9366 Chinese Garrison 9366 Move Along Cpt. #55 hausi German Garrison 21027 Move Along Cpt. #56 Doubledx German Garrison 82112 Alley Check Private V2 #57 bigwam German Garrison 30571 Roadblock Private
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    I've been making a lot of progress on the pack, but haven't taken the time to update this thread, so here comes a bunch of updates!! First up, I finally bought a Brexton from Ross, super fast, affordable, and looks awesome. It was also more durable than I was expecting which is great! I also finally found a 2.5" plastic pipe for my mortar tube, which actually ended up being from a dust collection system. (This was way harder to find in person than I thought it would be) I also got my pack straps off of a $1 backpack from Walmart that I made some modifications to Canteen/Bee Stinger I broke apart my Lionstar and proceeded to accidentally cut off the wrong part... Which I then had to superglue back on. Slapped a little matte black and Rustoleum Battleship Grey on there. (The stinger is just a dowel that I hollowed out at the tip) Frame Put a hefty bend in the PVC frame using a heat gun. Maybe a little too hefty... To replicate the aluminum of the frame, I first coated the whole frame in a coat of metallic silver - Then using some liquid latex I dabbed the corners and edges that should show wear and chipping (you can use masking fluid or even toothpaste) . Then I hit the whole thing with a coat of matte black. Once dried, I was able to rub off the liquid latex and reveal silver underneath in certain areas - https://i.imgur.com/8xU5usT.mp4 Brackets I really loved @knopi's solution for inner aluminum brackets to bear the weight of each piece and transfer the burden to the frame. So I created some cardboard templates and then cut and bent my aluminum strips. Siphon I added in a crossbar to my siphon with a threaded insert to accomodate the bottle being screwed on. I also needed to do some bondo-ing and sanding to clean it up and hide the seams. (Bondo all purpose putty and spot filler. Sorry I don't have any pics of that process) I also added a crossbar to my bottle, as well as some foam to keep it from getting squished. For the 3d printed mushroom caps, I slathered them with Bondo, and sanded, and then did that 3 or 4 more times until I was satisfied with the smoothness - And here is the bondo-ed siphon and assembly Radio The radio face and knobs are not the most accurate or precise, but they were part of a larger kit that had lots of components, so I can't be too picky. The radio knobs were pretty rough resin casts from a low-res 3d print, and the strap mounts came very thick and needed lots of sanding down - Whaddya do though. Onward! The radio box I constructed out of PVC Foam board (my new favorite material), a little E6000 and magnets In the future I plan to add a speaker system to the radio, so the magnetic radio face will help facilitate that. For the switches, I scratch built some static ones using bolts, forex, and some black paint I then measured and cut some cardboard to give the pleather edging some rigidity I sewed and attached the pleather casing. (I should have positioned the bottom seam better to be hidden in the future by the metal radio feet, and I also didn't have black pleather on hand so I spraypainted the brown...) The parts pile was growing! Exhaust The exhaust was 3d printed by @henselmonster, and all I did was clean up the print lines and add a hose clamp! Bottle The top bottle is a shampoo bottle with some insert nuts added so it can be easily attached Shells/Capacitors The shells and capacitors on my pack were originally going to be lip balm tubes, but I actually rad across some plastic vials that were the perfect size and also fit a wooden dowel I had on the inside. So I opted for that since it would allow me to screw them into a baseplate easier too. The "Fuse" or wire sticking out are actually just finishing nails that I cut the ends off!
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    I have reworked the inside of the left thigh. There was still some dirt missing ...
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    After building the Pack 4 & 5, i will built another Pack. Since I'm also planning to build a new Trooper (Roadblock private), it has to be Pack # 1. 519 Trooper and Hausi have already given good guidelines. Nevertheless, I will also study the film images in order to discover something new. Little by little I have already bought parts, some I still had ... And let's go with the Shires. It's actually crazy, but I sawed up an original UP100 to build a UP90 - which was used for this pack. I've shortened it by an inch. Next I will modify the Karrimor and finish the Seed Trays ...
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    I totally agree. This has been an "interesting" year with the Legion Merch folks. That being said, I will forward these pictures to try and make our case again.
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    That is indeed me. Sadly, I have never officially been a member of the 501st although I have been around here since nearly the beginning. I wish I could help you guys, but I don't know if this was the first detachment or not. I only know it was an awesome group of passionate costumers back in the day and still appears to be awesome today. Wish I could be of more help. Keep doing your thing.
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    Beeing inspired by @Omaha Joe mannequin I added some arms to mine this weekend... Next project will be a dewback prod. My brother in law works in a company with access to a lathe machine (is this the correct translation?!) and he'll try to build the pieces based on bigwam drawings. More to come!
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    Backpack and blaster in dirt;) greetings Lars
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    The MEPD Command Staff is pleased to announce that we have a new Merchandise Officer (MBO). Anthony Paladino ( Redforce) TD-10666 comes to us with a lot of merchandise experience. Welcome to the team Trooper!
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    What secret? The colour? Today i had the first fitting. Everything fits perfectly. Biceps, forearms are only fixed with tape, now I'll stick the rubber on. Then shorten the belt and the shims. Then I'll think about the helmet.
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    Hello my fellow MEPD troopers, I am writing today to discuss some opportunities to help out in the MEPD. This has certainly been a crazy year. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there. We are currently working on getting some 20thanniversary merch out as soon as we can. We have hit a few obstacles this year which have slowed down this process, but we will get something out ASAP. I would like to fill a couple of command staff positions and am asking if there are volunteers who who like to assist and fill these roles for the MEPD? The first position is for another junior PR person to help with the social media posted for the detachment. This member would be on a rotation to assist in creating posts and announcements on our various social media platforms. The second open position would be for a new Merchandising Officer. This person would be responsible for creating and maintaining all of the MEPD merchandise. For this position, I would highly recommend already having some legion merch run experience. These are both positions which require some time commitments to do these duties justice. I ask that anyone interested consider this when offering to help. I look forward to working with some new folks soon!
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    Hey Glen, Yes, much better photo there! Thanks! Dremel will take longer for bigger areas. It will be faster to cut larger areas first, followed by Dremel to finish and sand the areas smooth. Dremel is good for tight or curved areas. I end up with more white ABS "dust" than anything else when using my Dremel. It melts, but not as much as you think it will. Test on some scrap plastic first, and you'll see what I mean. I'm seeing a few fitting adjustments that you might want to take a look at. I've highlighted the areas in the photo below. 1. Your belt is off center. The center button should line up roughly where the middle of the ab is (green vertical line). A little rotation of that should do the trick! 2. Your thighs are rotating out. The fronts of the shins should line up with the fronts of the thighs, and currently, the thighs don't line up. This is because the thighs need to be trimmed down. Once they've been trimmed to fit correctly for length, this issue should resolve itself. (tips to do this below) 3. Your bicep looks like it's kind of jammed into your armpit, but this might be the angle of the photo. You can always trim the bicep parts from the top to allow for comfort. 4. The top backs of your shins can be trimmed for mobility and comfort. As they look now, you might end up with some fairly decent armor bites back there! The photo below shows the kind of trimming that is typically acceptable for TKs. I've trimmed the backs of all of my TK builds. Don't trim beyond the ridge of the parts. You can trim in a more square cut or a curved cut- your choice. I used a pencil to trace initial cut lines, Lexan scissors to cut the bulk of the areas out, then finished with the Dremel. Here's a pic of what mine look like: Now about thigh trimming. Here's how I do mine: Put on one thigh with your torso. Using a pencil, you're going to mark along the areas of the thighs where they hit the cod. You'll be essentially tracing the cod where it overlaps on the thigh. You will be removing more material from the inside areas of the thighs than anywhere else. Remove the thigh and trim conservatively at the pencil line. Try the thigh on again, mark where the cod hits the thigh as you move around (you may hear it or feel it as you walk), remove the thigh, trim, repeat until you notice very minimal clicking of the cod/thigh. Repeat with the other thigh. This is a tedious process, but it really works nicely to shorten the thigh and also maintain some of the original lines of the tops of the thighs. Below is a pic of my RS Props TD (converted from TK). Remember, I'm 5'4", so I had to remove quite a bit from the tops of those thighs. I even recreated the left thigh notch. That being said, I removed very, very little from the outer thighs. Bottom line: use the cod as your guide for trimming. Once the thighs are trimmed to move a little more freely around the cod/butt plate area, the thighs will have less of a tendency to rotate outwards (that cod is currently pushing on them). Hope this helps!
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    Bought this raw cast from Doopydoos 5 or 6 years back and finally got around to working on it. Its been sleeping on the shelf way to long. Planning to add lights and sounds once I get the pint job finished. Here is my progress so far. It came fullly assembled/glued together so I cut off the viewfinder end at the seam. Black primer coat Painted another coat with grey and then some metallic dark iron paint for the weathering effect. (Sorry I did't document this step) The painted it white using the toothpaste method to help the paint chip off. After removing the toothpaste I am not particularly happy with my first attempt at weathering with the chip off effect so I might sand it down smoothly and repaint it white again. Once I get the chipping areas better balanced and more natural I will apply the dirt weathering. Any thoughts? Advice? Would like to get some feedback so I can make this look better.
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    4. 08/04/2021 - St. Louis Cardinals - Star Wars Night
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    It's just little things ... a very good built!
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    Hi folks, after finishing some other side projects around my house it's time for another SW related project. Since you're no "real" sandtrooper if you don't have a bapty, I decided to build one. At the end of last year I earned some experience with smoothing out the printlines of 3D printed parts with liquid resin. So I want to gowith a 3D printed Bapty version made by 3d props NL. I've ordered a diy kit but due the pandemic everything took much longer. Last week was BBD and I was confused why the box so big because I expected it to be much smaller. And the reason was that it almost came completely assambled. I disassambled the blaster today to seperate all the parts because smoothing out is much easier. The whole blaster is a mixture of 3D printed parts aligned arround an aluminum pipe and some parts which were casted in resin. I'll definately want to exchange some parts like the scope rail and the trigger guard with metal parts but first there will be a lot of filling and sanding. There are some real good WIP in the forum and Originalprop is a good resource. I'll keep you guys updated! Cheers Arne
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    I thought It would cool to put a face to my name. I started this build because I love Sandtroopers of course, but I also wanted to get back out trooping again. My original TK I built when I had a few less lbs. So I decided why not build a TD that will be more comfortable for me now! The other pics are my TK on display in my home studio and my Star Wars display case. I live in Cleveland Ohio, USA with my wife and our 2 dogs. I’m an artist/animator professionally and if you like fan art check out my @octoarm feed over on IG. Ok I’ll get back to business now Oh I can’t forget, thanks for all the info and feedback I have gotten from you guys. It is greatly appreciated and motivating, cheers!
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    Images of the sanding backer that I used before I painted it.
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    Holy shit, those details... and I like it a lot that you have chosen to include aluminium parts, they look sharp and just add that "real-metal-touch". The 3D-printed parts look great too and the weathering is spot on,well done. As a side note: you know that the RT-97c seen in the movie has no inner barrel?
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    Hey Urs....thanks for the kind words! Yes, sure....I’ll add some of the progress pics from the build. I did the 3D prints and a friend of mine did the metal work...hence it being a collaboration. I’ll try keep the pics in some kind of order. Hope these are ok? The charging handle is also a working mechanism but is redundant as the hose for the IR scope is in the way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thank you so much Hausi, i´m so happy. The best news today!!!! Woohoooooooo!!!!
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    Name: Björn Dapper Legion ID: 82112 Forum Name: Doubledx Garrison: German Garrison deployed Police Officer: yes Backpack #2 E-11 Bapty blaster and here we go. first the normal pictures Armor: thighs and shins: Boots: Pouches, Gloves and Pauldron: and the Neckseal: Helmet: Lense, and etc. E-11 bapty blaster: and the Backpack #2 here the new pics for reference: compare with the movie reference only reference: greetings from Germany Björn
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    Patrol #50 21JAN21 Wedding at the Pena-Pec House in St Augustine, FL. First troop with my new Squad! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hahahaha! Only as magic as the chemical reaction between acetone and ABS, I suppose, but from what I researched, that’s the beauty of ABS slurry; it’s pliable to fill cracks and seams joining ABS together ‘melting’ the edges to be joined, and then as the acetone evaporates it leaves the two pieces as one weld... As far as sturdiness, I haven’t put any more stress on it than I would normally apply to see if the parts held, but time will tell... Like you said, at least it’s not in a location that bears much, if any, stress!
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    Fantastic! That makes me proud Thank you very much !!!
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    Hahahahaha!! bang...ya got me Mikel..! and that was the exact look he gave me when he noticed we were wearing similar sweaters, too!!
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    The same too, happy Holidays and a happy new year! Regards bigwam
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    We have a Merch officer candidate with a lot of experience. I will be making a follow-up announcement this week
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    Thank you soooo much!!! This approval seemed more challenging to me than when I applied for Centurion over at the FISD. I'm so excited to have finally accomplished this and thrilled to join you all in the sandpits!
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    Today I edited the seed trays and adapted them to the frame according to the film references. The parts were also tested. I wasn't satisfied with the first Brexton. During a discussion with the other dudes, an electric box was also mentioned. However, here in the picture I can see a groove that is missing on the electrical boxes. That's why I took the angular Brexton. However, the angular Brexton has a flat lid and the bead is missing, which I think I can see. That's why I changed the lids and now I like it. And then shortened the frame
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    Hey my fellow dirty dudes, hope you are all well, I am not starting this as a real tour of duty as I am somehow not really interested in earning a roughneck award, just using it to show some pics. Just love the following two pics from our last photoshoot: Now you may move along.
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    All of our gear is wonky as hell and it's good! I think you can sand down the top and bottom edge just a tiny bit more until you're almost where the block begins. For the left and right side, have a look at screencaps: They weren't all the same, so don't worry too much about measurements.
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    Hey Glen, I'm on the short side at 5'4", and I've built 4 TKs (and assisted sizing down several more), so I know a little about trimming for height. I might be able to give some guidance. Your photo is showing as an itty bitty image though, even when enlarged. Any chance on sharing a larger pic? The Dremel is your friend when it comes to trimming. But for cutting off a larger amount, you might want to trim off the bulk first, then finish with the Dremel. Tin snips can behave aggressively with the ABS sometimes when you cut on a curve and can leave you with extra sanding work to do. A better alternative would be to use a curved pair of Lexan scissors. I own many pairs of Lexan scissors in both straight and curved shapes, and they do an amazing job of cutting plastic.
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    Maybe try a strip of aluminium, a lot easier to bend to shape imho!
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