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    Finally moving forward with the last thing holding me back from pursuing SWAT, my DTL19 Bapty! I live in an apartment and I don't really have a place I could cut and grind a buttstock out of wood, so I figured I would try to model it. I am not that experienced in modeling but I tried my best! I designed this to fit my other DLT19 blaster files by TDK Props (you can order their files from their Facebook page). Special thanks to @bigwam for the references and measurements If you want to print your own, I am sharing the files with whoever wants them. You can download it here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3482953 One day I do want to make one out of wood, but I am loving how lightweight this is. It is just about 2lbs for the whole blaster, so super convenient for long troops and parades. Its not perfect, but with some TLC with filler primer and Bondo I think I can get this into shape. Its a WIP, I will for sure update along the way!
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    Backpack frame is the correct one but if your going for Uber accurate you’ll need red straps, at least for the “Move along” Trooper...
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    Recently I bought a Hyperfirm RT-97C. The details on the blaster I think great, only the paint has not quite promised me. I also wanted to modify some other little things. For the paint job, I took my real MG-15 as a role model. Before: After: I attached a strap to the drum After painting, I thought the single point scope had to be reworked as well. But what to use for the neon stick ...? My daughter had the idea. Now, it looks so much better than before ....
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    It is my goal to have every single MEPD patrol patch (well one from each patrol, I am not tracking down all the Red Rain patches lol) So far this is where I am at. Who has other patches I can trade?! Let me seee! I have a few more Twin Suns available to trade, also we are ordering a second anniversary patch soon. Post your Sandy patch collection just for kicks. I would love to see what else is out there.
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    Troop #18 10/27/19 Boo at the Zoo, Sacramento CA After too long of a break, I managed to get in a fun troop. Security Detail on a very odd transport Had to join forces with a Jedi to battle a rouge Jurassic Park CosPlayer And we found a droid
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    53. Heart for Life - Charity, Senden, 12.03.19
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    Troop #21 Date: 2019/10/12 Event: Star Wars Reads Day 2019 Location: Lubbock, TX
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    Date: SEPT 26, 2019 What: Memorial Service for a young Star Wars Fan Location: Brooklife Church, Mukwonago, WI Serving as honor guard for Kaden's memorial service. Due to the nature of the event, no pictures. Bucket's off Troop #77
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    There is an another thread on the SE research that I used as basis for my research and I also used the one on the whitearmor.net. Here is what I have found and I hope this further helps to complete the CRL and possible PO and SWAT reference builds. Starting from left to right: Trooper 1: wearing RotJ TK boots, missing ammo pouch from belt, no rivets on the belt for holster, standard RotJ suit, ANH pauldron, no foam padding inside shoulder bell, RotJ E-11, and standard backpack. Trooper 2: small separation of white U-trim around the thigh, no white U-trim on the bottom of the chest plate, RotJ boots, ANH pauldron, no foam underneath shoulder bells, standard RotJ suit, no rivets on belt for holster, RotJ E-11, and standard backpack. Trooper 3: RotJ armor suit, ANH TK boots, foam padding underneath shoulder bell, RotJ E-11, neoprene or rubber pauldron, not sure on the rivets on the belt, I believe the last two troopers are using a 1st version of the backpack (need to confirm with Crooknight). Trooper 4: weathered heavily compared to the other four, neoprene or rubber pauldron, RotJ armor suit, RotJ E-11, ANH TK boots, not sure on the rivets, and 1st version backpack (?) The trooper above is Ted Gagliano and he did not move in this scene and is the fifth SE sandtrooper. He is using a RotJ armor suit, has rivets on the belt from where the holster should have been, backpack, RoTJ E-11, and no TK boots (wearing shoes) as he did not want to move in the sand. See photo below. I plan to update as I find more information, but I believe this is all that there is on the SE sandtroopers. I hope to find more photos...
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    Thanks Jcalus! But all credit of course goes to Knopi for the great idea A bit more progress today, as I finished the mounting system for the brexton box using a piece of wood and 2 brass insert nuts: Like the Sonix, the brexton box is attached to the metal frame inside the seed tray. The top and bottom parts of the brexton box are held together with superglue. Made a similar system for the top bottle, again using a piece of wood and 2 brass insert nuts: As you can see, I also managed to apply a couple of coats of primer to the pieces that are gonne be painted in the RAL 7031 color. Also hit the black pieces with a few layers of matte clear coat: I guess I went a little heavy on the brexton box, but I'm gonna weather it anyway som I'm not gonna worry too much about it. While all of this was going on, the shoulder straps were in the washing machine with some black dye powder. The result is...not overwhelmingly positive, to say the least They used to be greenish-brown; now they're a slightly darker shade of greenish brown. I guess the straps are made of polyester, and hence very difficult to dye. Any tips? Otherwise, I'm gonna have to scavenge some black shoulder straps from another backpack somewhere, or make some new ones myself Plan for tomorrow is painting the grey parts in the correct color, and mounting the mushroom cap on the top bottle using the soda bottle method I saw in this thread: -Christian
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    Yes, you need both for pack #3. The upper tray with 3 and the lower tray with 5 ribs:
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    I appreciate the file and yes it will be need to updated quite a bit. Here is what I found in my research as well as the photos I have. NO ANH or ESB armor will work, even for lower levels as All SE sandtroopers are using ROTJ replica armors from the Star Wars tours in 1995. There are no mods to their armor at all. It simply a ROTJ cast and utilizes all of the ROTJ CRL (exception is the shoulder straps) . Must be a black ANH pauldron or a rubber cast pauldron to simulate an ANH look. Shoulder bells must have foam padding inside. Boots can be from ROTJ or ANH. Back pack should NOT be optional as all SE sandtroopers are visually wearing them on screen. ROTJ E-11 blaster only. That should do it for the SE sandtrooper and I have photos to prove all that is mentioned above. I am so excited to work on this and plan to update the thread this weekend with new photos. I have been working on the trimming and plan to sand this weekend. Thanks!
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    Troop #12 - Summer Reading Event - Manchester Library, Manchester, CT - August 17, 2019. An annual event for the town kids....Star Wars themed parade, photo shoot, face painting.
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    Update!!! The armor will be here Friday and CrookKnight will post updates on the backpack. I hope to start on it Saturday.
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    Below is where I am at on the pack. The top left piece is ready to be molded. The bottom left piece has already been molded and what you see is the vacuum formed piece. The top piece is going to be slightly redone. The top right tube is a found part (thermos). We are currently working on molding the base. Next piece we are working on is the bottle piece between the thermos and the upper left box. Going for 100% accuracy on this pack.
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    Congratulations to @Bobby Boucher for completing 25 troops! Hope to see you hit your goal by the end of the year.
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    Looks amazing Urs, I love the detail and work put into this build. I am also honoured that some of my tutorials helped you out.
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    Looks like a solid A-Team. Lets get the party started! Congrats Tim and looking forward to a fulfilling year under your leadership. Btw we need more donuts and milk in the pantry.
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    When looking at the bluray, I also closely studied the shape and color of the labpipe. I think that it is quite thick in diameter, the top part looks to be some silver/gunmetal colour, while to me, the rest of it looks like a copper color. I have discussed this with some fellow dirty dudes and one even thought that it could be a glass pipe. Who knows... anyhow, I found some PVC piping at my local DIY store, cut it to length and had to completely rework the shape of some coupling elements to match the shape of the upper and lower and as seen on screen. I then painted it using gunmetal and copper colored paint. bluray: mine before assembly, tape and weathering (upside down): I have attached it with a screw at the top to the frame, to get the bottom half at the right angle, I have used zip ties. It is very sturdy now. This is what it looks like on the finished pack:
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    So this is what my assembled and painted filter looks like:
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    Well that will depend on your Garrison's command staff present at the event. Normally I would say that it's no problem at all to attend at an event without a pack, especially as the basic 501st approval doesn't require a pack. So in Germany for example you are always allowed to take your pack off as soon as you are getting tired, even at official canon events where there are no liberties for the rest of the costume. So if you have achieved basic 501st approval, it's up to you if you want to go ahead and reach level 2/Police Officer requirements, you will need a pack for this but even if you have succesfully been approved as a police officer, nobody can force you to wear the pack at events, especially as it's not suited for tight spaces.
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    Sorry, I don’t know anything about these federal standard number but maybe this can be of any help...
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    Congratulations on the approval mate. And yes, Capes maketh the trooper
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    Good morning all, I have previously built a level 3 ROTK (Jimmiroquai) and have been fairly active on FISD with the ROTK community. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/44463-11b30b4’s-rotk-build/ I have also built the Jedha Crystal Patrol pack. http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/topic/15924-11b30b4’s-ro-crystal-patrol-pack-build/ Additionally, I have built a RO T-21. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/45451-11b30b4s-ro-t-21-build/?tab=comments#comment-627575 For this TD build, I have already modified the Black Series ROTK helmet. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/48054-11b30b4’s-black-series-helmet-mod/ Currently, I am working on the Type 4 Sandtrooper pack and another RO armor kit, this one from 850AW. My intention is to get this kit approved for MEPD. I really like Yoshix’s build and have decided to make the pack from scratch. I will be 3D printing most of the parts and using PVC foam boards for the boxes. I have already started printing some of the parts and one of the parts did not printed well because I did not print it with enough detail. The part in question is the square greeble (yellow circle) in this picture. So, I think this part is actually a North Bridge South Bridge Aluminum Heat Sink like this: And I think the two greebles circled in red are also heat sinks. As for the remainder of the parts, I have not spent a lot of time tracking them down. Like I said, I will be 3D printing most of them and using the few reference pics to make them to scale as close as I can. I usually share all my 3D models on thingiverse for free; however, for this build I will most likely not share the files. I do not want to step on CrookKnight’s hard work and business. Besides, I am sure his models are better than mine since I am doing everything in tinkercad and not a “real” cad program. Anyway, more to come in the next few weeks and months. I am excited to finally get to this build going, so this is my initial post. Thanks for the interest.
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    81.- YepaFest! (OCT-26-2019) - Colegio México, Mexico City
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    Thanks Chris. Sadly no, it is a normal ABS Kit. RS stoped producing HDPE Kits years ago if I‘m correct.
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    Cut a disc from 2mm plasticard, have a dome nut but not sure if it is the correct size? It fits a 8mm thread, it has a 12.5mm (1/2inch) head Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk
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    9. Northport Village Family Nights Street Festival - Northport, 8/27/19
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    Congrats and well done! Another fine addition to the UAE Outpost. If you want a Police Officer coin, check out the pinned post for more details
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    Updated Swat List 18AUG2019 congratulations Kainan great job ! special Congrats to Hausi for his second Swat Trooper !!
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    That Weird Al gig was fun I guess, great pics.
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    Troop #15 Date: 2019/07/25 Event: Catfish Fry benefiting the South Plains Food Bank Location: Lubbock, TX
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    Thanks Bigwan I have gone through each pic as you listed and added heading to align with requirement, hopefully this is better. I will add pics of backpack all angles and snaps and buttons this weekend Appreciate the help
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    It's an Armor All Cockpit Wipes bottle.
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    This is how I sewed mine... Dan TD-15169 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Quick shout up to the merchandise wish list! any chance of some advanced standards rockers ? Something like the old ones ? The patch rocker and chevrons were awesome , but even something as simple as a rocker can go a long way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Troop #13 5/5/2019 IGX, West Sacramento
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    Second batch Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Hey Everyone Joe here. I'm currently in Garrison Titan out in Washington. Though the Army is about to move me to Florida. Currently a 501st approved sandy working on my PO Deployment fixes so I can request deployment. Need to acquire more accurate boots, couple repairs to my backpack and finish modifying my DLT-19. Check me out on Instagram and follow me @DertiBerti.
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    Ok not a tour of duty,being from Florida it was to much to transport but representing MEPD @ celebration and around Chicago! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Troop #5 3/23/19 CarrierCon USS Hornet, Alameda CA. Hiding behind the Boss Super fun day with the Golden Gate Garrison.
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    THIS is awesome! Love seeing very detailed builds. Troopers helping troopers!
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    FILTER TYPE BOX Today I finished putting together the filter box that I have been working on for a while now. I using a 7"x4"x2" project box which I picked up from one of the local electronics stores and I cut it down to size of 6"x4"x1 1/4". For the inside of the box which resembles some sort of filter, I picked up from Home Depot 1 - 3/8"x5' PEX Pipe for around $2 and I cut it down to 10 - 6" pieces. For the inside and backing/mounting of the filter box I just traced and cut out a 3/4" MDF board which I had laying around from another project. Once it was all ready to be assembled I simply hot glued all of the pieces together. Here is the link for the Hammond Project Box that I used; https://www.hammfg.com/part/1591ESBK Here is the link for the 3/8" PEX Pipe that I used: https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/p.38-inch-x-5-feet-white-pex-pipe.1001012279.html Cut the front face of filter box and leave 10mm of overlap. I used painters tape as my cutting guide and a dremel cutting tool to make my cuts. Cut depth of the filter box to around 1 1/4". I removed around 1" on the center of both sides of the box, I though the best height for this would be around 6". Since the old mounting post holes for the cover plate was no longer required I removed them also using a dremel cutting tool. Removing them will also allow room for the pieces of PEX pipe. Once all of my cuts were ready I secured the box back together with some scrap pieces of plastic and later sealed the seam using JB Weld. 10 pieces of PEX pipe cut down to around 6". Trace and cut 3/4" MDF for inside and backing of filter box. JB Weld cut seam. Sand it all down. Place the PEX pipe inside of the cover of the filter box and add hot glue to the cut out 3/4" MDF board. Add more hot glue around the back of the filter box. All ready for primer and paint.
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    No, sadly not. For basic approval, a Pauldron is required. If you aim for PO, you'll need a Backpack too. The TD without Pauldron can only be Approved as a SWAT-Trooper if it matches the one seen in ANH. Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
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    While I realize it's far to late to change, I think no pauldron should be private and black pauldron should be assistant squad leader or Corporal. When I was a cadet, pauldrons were only issued to NCOs. You don't need to put a pauldron on the lowest rank. They are easy to recognize as the guys without them. Alternatively, they could be used to mark Privates assigned to a specific task. I.E. the Privates in Platoon One wear no pauldrons and those in Platoon Two wear black. Third Platoon wears grey, etc. With this route, white would make sense as assistant squad leader and orange as Sargeant. The problem with orange as Captain is that every third TD in the film seemed to be a Captain. Even as Sargeant, that's a bit of a stretch. Darn. I overthought this, didn't I?
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