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    Congratulations to the following for earning your Emperor's Roughneck Awards! 25 Troops macnolo, TD-18814, 06/10/2018 German, TD-23676, 06/10/2018 Darth Mout, TD-9841, 06/11/2018 hitoman, TD-11366, 06/11/2018 DarthStevius, TD-18969, 06/11/2018 LoveMonkey, TD-18542, 06/11/2018 bigwam, TD-30571, 06/12/2018 Prozent, TD-26001, 06/14/2018 vf2112, TD-21112, 06/19/2018 BadBatch, TD-17105, 06/19/2018 Slick, TD-11250, 07/14/2018 MarinaMC, TD-23587, 09/24/2018 Lt. Dan, TD-26129, 10/01/2018 coldwarSalty, TD-21141, 11/12/2018 colin1138, TD-6049, 11/28/2018 50 Troops macnolo, TD-18814, 06/10/2018 Darth Mout, TD-9841, 06/11/2018 hitoman, TD-11366, 06/11/2018 LoveMonkey, TD-18542, 06/11/2018 BadBatch, TD-17105, 06/19/2018 100 Troops hitoman, TD-11366, 06/11/2018
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    Congratulations to the following troopers: - @Darth Mout for earning levels 25 and 50 - @hitoman for earning levels 25, 50, and 100. We'll probably need to add more levels on just for you! - @DarthStevius for earning level 25 - @LoveMonkey for earning levels 25 and 50 Keep up the good work troopers. You're pictures have been a blast to look through
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    Received my pouches from Blaster 8266 and did a full suit-up, the helmet isn`t ready but I still put it on
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    When attending an event some time ago I saw some Jawas carrying around a C3PO head as some kind of trophy... and I really liked the idea ... and wanted to copy it. How great would it be to roam around as a Sandtrooper carrying around the greatest trophy one could imagine: the head of the droid we were indeed looking for So after doing some research I was lucky enough to find this: it´s made of Aluminium and seems pretty sturdy, I will probably add some wires hanging out of it, so it looks like it has just been ripped out viciously from the rest of the body of a poor astromech. Maybe also some kind of grip on the inside so it´s easier to carry around. And for those times when it´s not needed for trooping, my wife has allowed me to use it as a lamp above our dining table. That rules! Cheers mates
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    HI all...today my TM TD armor arrived and i like to share a quick '' suit on '' picture with you all ...really a fantastic armor ! Of cause i still need to attach my pouches etc but i wanted to let you all know that i am so happy for coming back after almost 9yrs !!
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    Hey guys, I wanted to share my experience building my own pack frame. I partially wanted to save some money, but it also just seemed like a fun challenge. I initially thought about getting an aluminum pipe bender and doing it with aluminum, but I figured that would be a huge headache, so I went with PVC. The primary issue with heat gunning/bending pvc is that it kinks really easily, so I did some research online of different methods, and I came across some unique solutions that I use here - First I gathered as many dimensions as I could of the frame. It seems like there’s a couple variations of the Karrimor brand out there, but I feel like the trapezoid style with the single top bar is the closest (from what I’ve seen). Juan posted a great photo of his frame with a load of dimensions, so that was my starting point. I also used Airborne troopers build as a reference for curves and placement of trays which was really helpful. NOTE: I have the Trooperbay pack starter kit, and I believe some of the dimensions are off by a bit, specifically on the seed trays, but it’s what I have, so I fudged a couple measurements to work better with the trays that I have. Materials: 1/2” PVC piping (it says 1/2”, but the real diameter is 3/4”) Sand (I used a bag of play sand) Masking tape Heat gun An old pot Oven mitt Thick gloves Small funnel Wooden dowel slightly smaller than the interior of the PVC First I drew out a template of the trapezoid shape (the bottom of the frame) that I could follow to bend the pipe to shape. Next I marked the halfway point on the pipe, and the first two bends. Then I masked off one end of the pipe and filled it to the brim with sand using the small funnel Once the amount of sand had been measured out, I dumped it into a pot and put it on the stove on high heat for about 5 - 10 minutes. You basically just want it as hot as possible. At this point I was ready to pour it back in the pipe and tape the other end off with masking tape. I made sure I had my thick gloves on and oven mitt close by, and also made sure I had the template all ready to go. Here’s a gif of how soft the pipe gets just a minute or so after pouring the sand in and taping it off. Now I was able to lay the pipe on the template and slowly bend it to match the form I had drawn out. I used a heat gun a little bit for the corners, but I’m not sure it was even necessary. The hot sand acted as more than just the heating element, it also prevented the pipe from kinking and collapsing in on itself. I waited for the PVC to cool to hold the shape, then used a heat gun to bend the 45 degree angles, using the floor and wall to prop it up while it cooled. The next thing I needed to do was to give the long vertical pipes a subtle bend backwards. I sketched out what I felt like the curve should be, and then re-heated the sand for one side at a time. The sand is much more effective for soft subtle curves than a heat gun. (I also used a bojangles setup to prop everything up for a while to cool) I repeated the process on the other side... And also used the heated sand technique to bend the crossbar with a gentle curve. I cut it a couple inches longer than I’d need. To attach the crossbar, I cut it down to the distance between the crossbars plus about an inch. Then I wrapped a piece of PVC with sandpaper to sand down the ends of the crossbar so it would fit nicely in place. To attach the crossbar, I decided to use a couple wooden plugs (I made by whittling down the shape from a dowel) with pilot holes drilled in them that can be screwed in from the outside. Then I hammered them into the ends of the crossbar to be flush with the shallowest point. After drilling pilot holes in the frame, I screwed into the crossbar wood plugs to fasten it in place. Once that was in place, I cut the ends off the frame to about 3” above the crossbar, and voila! After a coat of paint and some old backpack straps, I’ll have a Karrimor-esque frame for about $10. I hope that this might help some people build their own affordable pack frame!
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    It has been a busy few days, we got some adjustments made. Not all of them. Thighs need to come up still, and some more strapping adjustments. The big reveal at the reception was a hit. He was excited as can be to see that she is a member. The armor is back in the worlshop and next wednesday we can have it all tightened up better so she can troop
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    Okay, nobody wanted to carry it for me so had to do it myself ...and after a while it became quite heavy But it was fun ...all those questions of the children asking what has happened to R2... most of it didn´t like it ...but we are the badass bunch of dirty dudes... so making some kids cry is part of the job Just joking, I told them that R2 was still alive and could easily be fixed (I had an aker inside with an mp3 player with some soundfiles that my friend Markus/tiny had put together for me)... little did they know that he would be ending up above the table in our living room at home... my wife is happy as she always wanted a light above that table ...and I couldn´t be happier.
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    I love my Army issued boonie cap. Since I was in the 82nd, we wore them while deployed while the rest of the non-airborne (legs lol) Army guys wore patrol caps. Not a fan of the legion one. We can do better
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    My only issue with the 3-color camo is that it is very representational of a particular conflict. (not to dip into politics and stuff). With a fictional force I'd just as soon avoid real-world-conflicts. Even if I have said boonie. Something less immediately identifiable is my personal preference.
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    He missed the announcement about putting all your folding trays in the upright position....lol
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    I had to build my 3 button plate to. I used domed head car interior trim clips. When I built my Tie kit I needed to use 2 of them in the trident area and so I had 4 left. Cut the backs off and glue them to some styrene sheet, a bit of paint and all good
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    Now that you put the idea out there, I need a 3PO head!!!
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    I would go as far saying a 3/4 sized shield should be made or whatever to fit the hat without going down to the brim.
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    Ok....here it goes. Already showed the added snap and the toned down back plate. Here is the final piece:
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    Thankyou =) and thank you for opening the thread back up. Moving Along................ Pun absolutely intended and my inner nerd has just found myself hilarious! I do (Thanks to Ross from RWA) already have another shoulder bell! The extended strap and additional snap on the unbranded bell was for the purpose of wearing it lower as the Move Along trooper does, but still attached under the fix any prop with tape, tape.
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    First of all, Good to see that you are applying for PO Rick! Your armor is as I would expect from a UKG trooper! And I apologise for the discussion in your topic. The following is my one and only reaction on the decal issue and I won't appreciate or accept any further reactions being made here! I am familiar with the UKG and it's traditions. But this immediately says it, it's an UKG tradition and not one of the MEPD. We, the MEPD, are the most accurate bunch of freaks within the 501st since day 1. Our standards are high, some might even find them ridiculous. When people criticize these standards they should choose for another costume and not the sandtrooper. This might sound eletist but we only strive for accuracy and the reward in the end is that you'll get acknowledged for your hard work in the end by the community and will be the proud owner of Police officer status or SWAT Officer status. Let's keep it constructive and try to find an easy solution. To all, please refrain from harsh or inappropiate language or flaming and respect the trooper that is applying for PO in his own thread. When you do want to discuss about this subject create a topic so we all can chime in there. Good luck with getting approved Rick, you can do it!
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    Ok Boys, Fact is - PO is an upgrade. A level higher than basic and closer to the original. That means, closer to the role model, closer to the film. So, show me one of the Sandtroopers in the film with a sticker on the shoulder bell. PO means: Closer to the original. As good as possible. Therefore, there are two options for a level upgrade and getting the PO-Status: - remove the decal from the shoulder bell - change the shoulder bell These are standards that apply to everyone: No stickers on the Armor for PO. And Lee, It has nothing to do with taking the fun out of the thing. It's nice to honor your founder with this stiker, but rules are rules. And rules are only rules if they are the same for everyone. Yes - you are right. But as accurate as it gets. Thanks.
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    Hello all. Since macrobinoculars are not cannon for us TD’s, I’ll just call these a pair of binoculars that where confiscated somewhere around mos eisley.. lol The main body, and some it’s add ones are from a Euming electric R 8mm. On the view finder is a foot from a shuttle craft model kit, the other piece is from the wing of a broken Kenner snowspeeder. Can still see through the original cameras view finder, and the lens rotate to give a close up and wide view. I was happy to keep some of the original functions. Room to work and add a light/power for a film frame later. What’s everyone else making for non-cannon props?.. Would be great to see. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    So my wife and I did a troop recently at a day campbfor the hearing impaired children in our area (Norfolk) and a rebel legion x wing pilot also came and the cop there was really cool and let me get this pic snapped. I figured who else but my fellow dirty troopers would appreciate an MEPD rebel scum arrest.
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    The straps connecting the chest to back sag and kinda bunch up. That's natural. It's also a reason why TKs have ABS straps on top to cover them up. What you can do to minimize the effect is to double up the elastic. By doing 2 pieces or do a fold and sew it together.
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    Lee, not all of us are familiar with UKG traditions. We just enforce the same rules we always have. POs applications in the past have also asked the sticker to not be present, if that requires a second shoulder bell to swap out then thats unfortunately what it takes. PO is not required to be a member of the MEPD. However, we encourage everyone to have their costumes held to a higher standard, MEPD has traditionally been the accuracy nerd group. This may discourage people from going for higher levels, but we hope that there is some satisfaction in obtaining that level. Like I said in my previous post, the armor is top notch, the pack is great. The approval process will begin soon, all of these are suggestions from members to help. I understand the frustration in that certain garrison traditions don't mesh with rules of the legion and detachment. The command staff will discuss.
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    Thanks for the support on the build! I’m so excited to get the armor dirty this weekend!