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    All, Our Legion Commanding Officer has stepped down. Due to private circumstances he can't dedicate himself as much as he'd love to. The remaining Legion Officers will stay in their respective functions unless they volunteerly step down too. This will not affect us as we know how to run this show ourselves Cheers!
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    Date: 09 NOV 2019 What: Flight to the North Pole Volunteer fundraiser Location: Elks Club Lodge, Waukesha, Wisconsin Last minute glad-handing and photo op with the volunteers who will be putting on this years "Flight to the North Pole". Troop #79
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    Patrol 24. Mississauga Collectors Expo 2019 Nov 10,2019
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    Great work so far, but I do have to admit that I find the SE Sandie more than a little unsettling. So similar to the originals, but also SOOOO very different. LOL Looking forward to seeing you filthy-up those shiny white plates.
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    PM sent, Chris! I hope it helps...
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    Troop #18 10/27/19 Boo at the Zoo, Sacramento CA After too long of a break, I managed to get in a fun troop. Security Detail on a very odd transport Had to join forces with a Jedi to battle a rouge Jurassic Park CosPlayer And we found a droid
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    Here you go Chris if you ask seller they'll add more: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1000mL-Widemouth-Dual-Cap-White-Plastic-Chemical-Storage-Case-Bottle-Container/382419368999?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 Also put measurements you were after in the earlier post.
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    Most excellent! Congrats on your deployment mate. Well deserved
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    Congrats on your deployment rookie! I look forward to patrolling the streets with you.
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    Long time ago .. made some slow progress... Worked on my strapping system for my upper body parts, but kinda failed the butt plate... placed the snaps just to close in the center of the butt plate, because of that the plate is not fitting tight to my butt ... R.I.P Finished both biceps part Here and there some issues.. Can i just fill the small holes with putty ??? Started with arms, one looks so far so good, but the other one looks weird, or did i do anything wrong ? This one looks pretty okay.. But this on is the complete opposite, lol And here some side project ...
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