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    And the CRL is live troopers!!!
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    SWAT's goal is to emulate a particular sandtrooper from a particular scene. All of the photos of the sandtrooper backpacks show the seed trays have a flat edge, and that is why they are sliding apart and barely held together with gaffer's tape: So, if you're going for SWAT, do not leave the lip around one of the trays. Trim the trays so they are flat. Charlie
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    3 things. Post your Name & TKID# and a link to your 501st profile in this thread. Please indicate which access you are requesting for. 501st members will be given MEPD 501st section access. 501st members with 501st approved Sandtrooper costume will be given MEPD Sandtrooper section access. This information also helps us keep an up to date roster for the MEPD voting group on 501stforums.com, where all 501st elections are polled. Please also ensure that you update your MEPD forum profile with your TKID, name and your garrison as well so it will appear under your avatar. This allows us to identify one another quicker.
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    Received Greg and Eric will have them tops tomorrow and you will look amazing!
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    Thanks for the first review. I'll fix the comments And for the tape... oh man that is not supposed to be there. Must have missed to take that off.
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    Hi there all, Shaun (AKA Shrek) here from Southern Dewback Garrison, My Tk ID is-19860 i have a Imperial Gunner approval in the 501st but I have decided to get organised and start my sandtrooper build. I have done about 95% of my build so far all I have left is the strapping system and start to build the backpack thought I would drop and line and say hello to everyone here........
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    Congratulations to @coldwarSalty, TD-21141, for successfully completing 25 troops. Keep up the good work and report in with those missing droids!
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    hi, i think they should be out of latex for po or swat. cheers
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    Hi Juho, welcome to the PO-Program! Please request first your sandtrooper access, so we can change your status from member to sandtrooper. Than we can start your review: Thanks, bigwam
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    defenetly no round greeblie, it is just dirt
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    Hi guys, my BBB arrived safe and sound. I did ask the seller how he got hold of this. He said he got it from a memorabilia military auction, and there wasn't much competition as this was not much of a "military" item. I will look to restore its radio function as it was however non working. But i will leave the face (rust and all) as is. Battle worn For now, I shall not show what's inside of it as ...well, let's not spoil your appetite. And i think i will mount the Sonix on my backpack. Just have to figure out a way to get this firmly placed there without damaging its faux leather. No, i will not paint the radar piece black. I think i'll just cover it with a very thin black decal per my SWAT requirement. With mine, there's been 4 this past years. I think it's re-surfacing slowly. Don't give up hope ! Regards, m4vrick
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    Congrats Vincent, gorgeous thing! I really don’t begrudge you for this, you really deserve this, bro! What a great thing to see all those finds come to light... one fine day there will be my chance! I just hope they prices will go down for originals as I can’t spend that much money on Star Wars stuff unfortunately!
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    So cool to see the real thing Vincent, thanks for sharing, I'm happy for you! I don't want to know how many of them were actually just thrown away, now it seems people start to realize what this actually is. On the other hand they also realize that it's valuable to some and that they can ask for a serious amount of money, which is pretty sad.
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    04Nov18 AJ Crane Toy drive Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Time to move to Imgur! I have been using it for years and it has never let me down.
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    All requests have been processed. Welcome!
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    Hi everyone. So, around 1 year ago (June 2017) I started a project to revive my 12 year old Shepperton Design Studios Stunt lid. The years has taken their toll on my once beloved TK lid so I did my research, ended up finding the videos of TK4510/ Mike / Trooperbay and decided to strip down, spray and hand paint my old lid. Well, this REALLY got me interested in Stormtroopers again and, thanks to doing plenty of research on FISD on how to respray my lid, got me hooked on the whole armour idea. Right, back to the subject at hand.... I came across Mike’s videos again on YouTube, one of which was weathering a Sandie helmet. Based upon this I ordered some Fullers Earth and a Revell weathering set. Following Mike’s excellent video, essentially the process is done with hairspray > earth flicked on with paintbrush > brush off excess earth > repeat. This, mixed with brush dabbing, sponge dabbing, sandpaper in places etc hopefully leading to a realistic, dirty/used look. Firstly, I started by painting over the vertical black stripes in the traps and tears, then improving the frown paint by extending it beyond the un-drilled 5th hole. I also took the opportunity to raise the brow. As this isn’t my trooping lid, I simply cut an additional upward curve in the cap. Time to throw some dirt at this thing!! After fogging the front of the lid with hairspray, I started to flick Fullers Earth at the lid to give a general covering. After letting the hairspray dry for a bit, it was then time to brush of the loose earth. Essentially, the process is then repeated and repeated, mixing in different shades of earth at different times, and focusing in areas where dirt would naturally build up over time. Next round: Now, at this stage I decided to do another round of hairspray and darker earth, then attempted some wet sponge dabbing..... I went a bit heavy!!! Well - as it was heavier than I had planned, and my first attempt, I decided to have another go. I took the lid out to the garden and literally washed off all of the weathering with the hose! I started the process again and was a lot more careful with damp paper towels his time. Here’s some picture from along the way. And now for the finished lid. Overall, I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I set out to make a naturally dirty looking sandie, hence using Fullers Earth and weathering powder, to get a textured look, and am pleased with the results. Hopefully to photos do it justice. Enough from me - thanks for reading. Dan :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Swat MEPD v52.xlsx here is a List of Swat officers showing Name, ID, Trooper, Emulated, Garrison This Currently Has up to SWAT Member #52 who will be next ? stay tuned Swat MEPD v52.xlsx updated 12-May-2018
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    Here is my own pack #5 made from a mix of dirtyboy and crashmann parts, real tuppercraft sto-n-go and radar dish. Paint is "moon blue"... URL=http://s447.photobucket.com/user/wannabeuk/media/WP_20160124_20_45_58_Rich.jpg.html][/url] The overly large filter, which I made out of a wet-wipes bottle and draught seal will be soon replaced with a 3D printed model that I designed... I shall also soon be adding some 3D printed "mystery" box greeblies, again that I modelled from scratch... Let me know what you guys think.
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    Have never seen that before. And yes, it looks like not only one of the ears, but both of them. Here it is in other shots. Saludos.