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    What secret? The colour? Today i had the first fitting. Everything fits perfectly. Biceps, forearms are only fixed with tape, now I'll stick the rubber on. Then shorten the belt and the shims. Then I'll think about the helmet.
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    The MEPD Command Staff is pleased to announce that we have a new Merchandise Officer (MBO). Anthony Paladino ( Redforce) TD-10666 comes to us with a lot of merchandise experience. Welcome to the team Trooper!
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    Nice job on blending those shims! It's one of the things that I'm not crazy about doing, but I'm impressed with the finished result! Can you tell us which colour and brand of paint you used for anyone wanting to do the same thing please?
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    Today, a little work on the kidney. Yesterday glued, today filled, sanded and painted. But only in the grinding area. Found a color that exactly matches the ABS.
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    Congrats on landing this position bro!
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    Here's another. Like I said, any others are on my old hard drive that I cannot access. In fact, I have 2 that date back 20 years - both have some rare photos of helmets and armour.
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    There are no more reference pics of this helmet, at least none that I know of, I am sorry. But these should actually work fine.
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    Work for this day is done. Yesterday I removed all returnedges of the forearms (inner elbow curve and wrist), cut the forearms a bit and glued them together. Today I cut the coverstripes according to Paul's pictures. Thighs are also cropped and dry. Yes, my coverstripes are 15 mm on the biceps and forearms. Thighs are 20 mm. I had to do 24 mm on the lower legs because of my calves. I already had it with my old armor, you don't notice (the big boy in the front): And here my daily work:
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    This is the way! The less precise you are when building the armour, especially when cutting the joining strips and finishing them, the more accurate your armour will look. I know it's hard for some people but in order to look like the troopers on screen, you have to build your armour the same way. You can still take great care and pay attention to what you are doing, but focus more on authenticity rather than ideally, and the end results will be much better in my opinion. Another thing that most people focus on too much (and I think you have too) is sticking to the 15mm width on the strips on the arms and 20mm on the legs. It's common for the strips on the arms to be 20mm and the legs 25mm, and these sizes look better when you are a bigger guy. Look at the strips on this guy. They look to be 18-20mm wide on both the biceps and forearms.
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    Name: Lars Boller Legion ID. TD-90874 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=26563&costumeID=2 Forum Name: larsb Garrison: German Garrison I want to replicate the Docking Bay Capitan v2(Tuck and Roll). The Trooper wears only 2 Pouches on the belt and no pouch on the shoulder. Here 1-2 Reference pictures for full resolution, click on the pic Bucket Armor # Belt, Pouches Boots, Gloves,Ppauldron,neckseal fast upload service Blaster T-21 greetings lars
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    Welcome Anthony, and congratulations
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    @Larsb access granted, welcome Trooper!!
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    Thanks Paul, I know about the return edge. I leave a really small piece because of the stability. It is not really a return edge, only half an milimeter. But i can cut it away.
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    excellent news, congratulations Joe
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    Haven't been here in a while but man, these look pretty cool. I lightly sprayed some non scented hair spray on mine and added a little sand and ground up black chalk for desired effect. I'll shoot ya a pic. later. But these look pretty cool bro.
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