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    Hello! I know the crl is in development, but I wanted to share some pictures to see if anyone has any advice on how my armor looks and is strapped. I've never done a 501st costume of put anything before the GMLs for approval before so any help would be appreciated! I already know there are a couple of adjustments like bringing up the pack and fastening my shoulder bells down. Also forgot a hand plate on the one without the pack. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    39: American Fan Fest - NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, Hockenheimring, Day 2, 16.09.18
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    Heroes Comic Con in Stockholm Sep-15th [charity raised: 2839USD to the childrens cancer fund] First arrest was a BIG one Was patroling the Capital when we spotted the Wookie Chewbacca…..we immediately took action and secured the area, he promised not to use his weapon so we let him keep it. That`s my son to the right, he insists on staying on the Death star most of the times…. Rest of the Patrol was mostly to stay on post keeping the Citizens on a thight leash...eeeh..I mean happy and safe celebrating the Empire. Got som more pics from the CO - can`t have enough pics right
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    24. Killyleagh Food Festival 15 Sept 2018 Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
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    Arrests in 2017 1. Feria alternativa de Sant Pol de Mar, 12/08/2017 2. FanCon, Palau de plegamans, Barcelona 1, 2 & 3/09/17 3. Donación Sangre Tarragona, 16/09/2017 4. Mataró camina contra el alzheimer, 08/10/2017 5. Boda sant fost de campsentellas, Barcelona 10/11/2017 6. Training day Barcelona 11/11/2017 7. Estreno the last jedi, cines Balmes balañá, Barcelona 14/12/2017 8. Por una sonrisa lo doy todo, 30/12/2017 Arrests in 2018 9. Salón del cine y las series, Barcelona, 03/02/2018 10. Pase privado the last jedi AECC, Cines Balmes Balañá, 10/02/2018 11. Presentación SW Legión, Goblintrader Barcelona 24/03/2018 12. Presentación SW Legión, juegos Júpiter, Barcelona, 24/03/2018 13. Dia del autismo, arenys de Mar 01/04/2018 14. Imparables contra la leucemia, Barcelona, 15/04/2018 15. May the fourth, Can Ruti, Barcelona, 04/05/2018 16. Carrera solidaria, Sabadell corre pels nens 26/05/2018 17. Evento Arts Gaudí, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona 3/06/2018 18. World blood drive, Hospital Clinic, Barcelona 8/06/2018 19. World blood drive, Joan XXIII, Tarragona 9/06/2018 20. World Blood Drive, Vall d’Hebrón, Barcelona 9/06/2018 21. Fundación Numen, Madrid, 22/06/2018 22. Navacon, Navacerrada 23/06/2018 23. La casa dels xuklis, Barcelona, 27/06/2018 24. Printer Party, Barcelona 7/7/2018 25. La casa dels xuklis, Barcelona 05/09/2018 26. Maratón donación de sangre, Tarragona 15/09/2018 And more to come!
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    Yeah great ... I'm reporting as well as I have the syphon
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    9-16-18 JDRF One Walk Sent from my LGLS740 using Tapatalk
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    Kainan thanks for the new pics. There are some things, i have seen on the armor. Some little difference on the weathering: Look at the breast plate (Pic 1). And there are some distinctive points on the belt and the Abdomen. It seems as if the belt has slipped down and there is no weathering on the Abdomen (Pic 2). A few small things but they are typical for the Move along Captain. Is it also possible to get some Pics from the right side of the right tigh? And Please the whole armor from all sides. Thanks so much!
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    Thanks Can`t wait to do another - loving the Sandtrooper
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    Yeah, congrats on your first troop mate! Some great pictures!
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    congrats on your first troop brother. looks like fun
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    Amazing! Where the heck did you find that, Andi? I know that there's an auction for one on fleabay right now but the seller wants at least 90 pounds. You don't have to completely revise your weathering, just give it a wash with some light earth color. Nothing else to change on your armor.
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    Although I still haven´t checked the weight of this thing, I can tell you that it´s pretty heavy as I took it for a two day troop. It was a good feeling! But now my arms are aching. Nice thing is to know that it´s almost indestructible, no worries. I´m the second trooper from the left. Have to admit that I had to take some brakes and just put it on the ground, still looks cool though
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    I used good ol' West Texas dirt.
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    Troop #3 - Wishes on Wheels, East Hartford, CT - September 2018 http://www.wishesonwheels.com/
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    Arrest #0028 (of 35) , Connors Run - September 16 2018 (Couldn't help include the photoshopped version [emoji57]) Freezing cold, literally, but very enjoyable Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Arrest #2 September 14, 2018 Keystone Comic Con Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Have my first troop with my TD this weekend. I tried on my backpack tonight. I’m not to sure about trooping with it since there will be some thick crowds. Of course that means attaching the shoulder pouch to... what? I’ve decided to use a small elastic strap to wrap around my arm and magnets to hold it in place. Drilled 3/4 hole in wood “ammo clip”. Inserted a couple of magnets. Duct tape another magnet to inside of chest. It holds its position without any other support - sort of. Still need the strap around the arm. Two sets of magnets might hold it in place without any other support. Might. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks for doing the work to capture all of the screenshots and sharing them Markus! I was going through the scenes last week and was surprised that there is only 90 seconds of screen time for the sandtroopers! Of course, it's because the sandtroopers are so awesome that they made such a huge impact with such little screen time :-) Charlie
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    A bit messy with many double pictures but with little changes in contrast for showing something better. Feel free to use for ur armorbuild weathering. Best to use when you download all because the preview pictures online are cutting of the half picture. little-trooper.de/galerie/#15234802948000
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    You're correct with people making up new and silly names . I'll correct the blast shield into processing dome as we of the MEPD have the reputation to be nitpickers, accuracy geeks and having high standards and I would like to keep it that way
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    I am ready for approval! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’ve never actually seen it referred to with a specific name. I suspect it was made as part of the shield by the prop dept rather than a “found part”. Maybe just “oval shaped bolts”? also, on the available blast shields I’ve seen the bolts are molded onto it rather than being the thing that actually attaches the shield to the helmet. perhaps wording like (the shield) “has the appearance of being attached to the helmet using oval shaped bolts as per attached pic”?
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    lots of serious armour gap in the R1 and Solo troopers......maybe by the time they get to ANH, the Empire ran out of insurance for "loss of limbs in the workplace" and upped the armour tolerances? LOL....