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    She looks great! And can I just add WOOOHOOO for another working stiff in the ranks! I always love to see another black pauldron trooper hitting the mean streets of Mos Eisley.
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    I had to build my 3 button plate to. I used domed head car interior trim clips. When I built my Tie kit I needed to use 2 of them in the trident area and so I had 4 left. Cut the backs off and glue them to some styrene sheet, a bit of paint and all good
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    I kept it on all afternoon even though it was killing me. Lol
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    Now that you put the idea out there, I need a 3PO head!!!
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    I would go as far saying a 3/4 sized shield should be made or whatever to fit the hat without going down to the brim.
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    Hello. One of our garrison members is getting married. His fiance has trooped with us a lot and is wanting to surprise him at their reception with her own armor as an approved member. We have the kit,boots are ordered. I have the neck seal and belt taken care of. A couple garrison members went in and bought her pauldron as a gift since this is going to be a cool surprise. I will have to check the forums here because we still need pouches. I have helped 2 others with their armor builds, and currently have a TK with centurian award. We started off by marking the left and right parts for shoulder, bicep, forum, thighs, and calf. Then moved on to marking the return edge. I use 1/4" masking tape so we have a nice edge and dont have to eyevall anything or measure with a ruler. For trimming I always start at the bottom. Especially if you're new, mistakes are harder to notice and peopel normally dont stare at your feet
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    PS: My wife absolutely LOVED these pictures. Loves the contrast of Sandtrooper armor and the makeup/hair/wings(on eyes)
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    It's taken me nearly 9 years, but I have finally started to build my (hopeful) TD armor. Still incredibly intimidated and feeling way in over my head, but I think progress is going well? I'll let more experienced eyes be the judge of that. I cleaned off the accumulated dust, dug into the box and laid everything out to see what I was in for. After taking stock, I dug into the cobwebs of head to remember everything Moncal schooled me on when I picked up the kit about trimming it. It went like this: Look at piece for 20 minutes, run upstairs to the computer and read the forums for an hour, return and trim. Rinse, repeat. went from this: To this: Then I got to work on the arms. Cleaned, sized, and glued all the backing strips. Now I'm to the point of gluing on my first cover strips and I'm hesitant. I originally planned to do the angled "fence slat" corners, but thought it would look odd and inconsistent with not all of the strips ending straight. So I cut them to size and did a slight rounding on the corners. It looks good to me, but I dont want something like this to prevent passing a basic or higher inspection. Thoughts? Again, thank you to everyone for the immense resource and help. Brad
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    Or this one: http://www.directupload.net/
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    Got @birthdaydino's approval photos yesterday, putting those together and Aimee will submit for approval soon! Took a few fun pics beforehand though! More to come!
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    I think your suggest cuts for the kidney, butt, and thighs look great. I'll let some of the other guys chime in about the shins.
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    Sorry about the wardrobe malfunctions but it takes a few to get things right. All trial and error. Thanks for actually providing background on your troop!
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    I'm interested in a DLT-19. Is there any updates to this thread in regards to pricing. etc
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    Couple more photos. Keen eyes will notice my shoulder pouch slipping down in the second one. That's another costume glitch I'm working on now.
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    As a thank you for helping them out, we were each rewarded with base coins as a token of their appreciation!
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    Official Troop #1. Our Garrison was contacted by the 42nd OSS at Maxwell Airforce Base in Montgomery Alabama. We were asked to help them out with a video they are producing, and several of us answered the call of duty. I learned several things on this troop: 1. My belt is too small. It was too small when they sent it to me because I've lost a couple pounds since. One of our handlers fixed it with a velcro shim so that it would stay on. I've either got to get another belt, continue to use the shim, or lose some more weight. 2. The right side release buckle on my field pack is bad and won't hold. My pack started coming off after filming several scenes. In two of the three photos below you will notice I don't have my pack on. I had to ditch it the rest of the day since it wouldn't stay on. I've ordered black aluminum replacements. THOSE should stay on. 3. I really need to find the magic mix for my helmet. I still don't have any amount of articulation with the helmet. It essentially just sits on me without me being able to turn it at all. Would a band like the kind that are in hardhats work?
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    When attending an event some time ago I saw some Jawas carrying around a C3PO head as some kind of trophy... and I really liked the idea ... and wanted to copy it. How great would it be to roam around as a Sandtrooper carrying around the greatest trophy one could imagine: the head of the droid we were indeed looking for So after doing some research I was lucky enough to find this: it´s made of Aluminium and seems pretty sturdy, I will probably add some wires hanging out of it, so it looks like it has just been ripped out viciously from the rest of the body of a poor astromech. Maybe also some kind of grip on the inside so it´s easier to carry around. And for those times when it´s not needed for trooping, my wife has allowed me to use it as a lamp above our dining table. That rules! Cheers mates
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    Short answer: practice. I used a small brush, dipped it in the ABS paste, and carefully brought it to the exact spot I wanted. As the “paint” transfers to the helmet, I dragged the paint brush upwards when it starts to look like the drip is getting too large. The ABS paint sets very quick, so if it looked like it might start to run, I just gently blew on it and tilt the helmet back. The paint forms a skin very quickly so you can use that to keep things in place. Oh, and luck. I actually had no intention of doing this when I did but I was testing the consistency of the ABS paste and it was working on a piece of scrap, so I went for it.
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    Well.... thanks to this thread I have a new prop project underway that involves a C3PO head. More details to follow.
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    Right now the best option we recommend is Battleship grey Or this Tamiya grey color. Hoping to find something a shade lighter, but for now its the closest commercial paint we can find. For my pack if I cannot find anything I may custom mix a color.
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    Hey all! RAIDER (David) here from the Florida Garrison/Tampa Bay Squad. Exploring possibilities of converting my Anovos TK to a TD. Also here to look into the Mimban trooper options as well. My go-to costume is my Shadow Scout...truly a Spec Ops die-hard...but those Mimban capes!!! LOL! Thanks for having me. Looking forward to gathering info, researching, and keeping an eye on the development of the Mimban CRLs.
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    Slate Blue is too blue. Command staff is actually working on settling on a single color. Something closer to battleship grey. I will make a post in my pack build thread tomorrow AM with the options I’ve tried so far. It should be grey in color, with a hint of blue, but it will look grey under most lighting.
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    Hey Hensel, Crookknight's sending me the Crystal Patrol pack for the CRL with my R1TK for the Jedha Patrol Crystal Duty TK, so I'll get those pics for ya!
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    Oh, you must not have access to this wonderful treat then? How about I trade you a box for a doopy doo
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    That reminds me...time to extend out my kidney shims....(cries into a bowl of Reeses cups)
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    Don't have any pictures at hand right now but i did the same as i did with my armor... In my case i used Fullers Earth in light brown and a little bit of darker brown plus grey and hairspray... In case your trooping with it don't handle it too carefully, this will add some natural wear and tear... Btw. I'm more a collector than a trooping member and i have my armor and backpack on a mannequin forsome years now, the natural dust from all those years makes it look even better... It's the only mannquin i don't need to clean from time to time... that's one more reason to love TD's, huh?
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    Nice build! Looking good! I especially like how you did these buttons, i'll try that with my shoulder covers on my just finished Tie Pilot... This bump...
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    Same here, i love your attention for details! i'll be following with great interest! Imho the helmet is, beside the armor weathering of course, the most noticeable part of every TD! Keep up your good work!
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    I am currently making a new 3 button plate as well. I took a nice piece of scrap ABS for the plate itself, then traced circles the size I wanted. Stacked up 5 of them and sanded them as one. Glue the buttons on with ABS paste. Your method is probably much quicker. Good job
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    Amazing attention to detail, that's what we need here at the MEPD, great work mate I'll be watching this build with anticipation. One thing about the ears though, they fit nice and snug now as it seems but bigger gaps would be screenaccurate.
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    Picking away at things. I’m upgrading my TK right now for a big troop in a couple weeks, so not much time left for the TD. I got the ears rough trimmed and on for my first of many rounds of seeing where I need to trim. This guy has spaces, so I don’t need to close the gap. Question: is his right ear thinner than his left? All the pics I've seen seems to suggest so, but the angle is hard to figure out. Here are the ears. The tape are reference markers for paint blemishes on the original. The original has a very roughly painted surface. I won’t be replicating every bump of course - just the ones that are seen onscreen or have been pointed out in previous SWAT applications. Of course, SWAT applications are notorious for becoming more strict every application. I did consider painting the helmet HDPE-like green and then painting over with white - but I didn’t want to do that for the whole suit. Plus, I want the whole thing to still look good in person to the general public. I want it to look like how they think they remember the armour looking, if that makes sense. Maybe others will chime in and change my mind about that. I’m trying to test how I’m going to add the paint drips. Just using white paint doesn’t work well - it is a warmer white and just interacts with light differently than ABS. So I’m planning on using ABS paste. Really runny ABS paste as it turns out. Paint is on the right. My first attempts at ABS paste on the bottom. Final test on the left. Should work but the ABS does dimple so... who knows. You can’t tell from the pick, but I was able to fine tune the locations of the blemishes by overlaying pics in photoshop.
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    Yep, already planned on correcting that and the damn blue on the pack.
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    I have some VERY close up and detailed high res images of the original bucket if you wanna get crazy with the detailing.
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    Looks good just gotta raise those forearms up like you said. The bottom of your biceps should be above the bend in your inner elbow and the forearms should be just below. You look like you have long arms so unfortunately you'll have a bit of a gap but I suppose that's better than what us short guys have to deal with and have even less arm mobility.
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    Agree like the solid color.
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    I vote that we adopt the boonie and pattern it similar to the one above
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    $82 is for 2 of them...if you can find someone else that needs one you can split the damage.... I am using my second for a "Solo" variant that the Mimban Stormtroopers seem to have. I also have an extra Norwegian grenade case that makes an excellent libation holder.
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    Shins sanded, bottom trimmed, inner cover strip in place Ab and the butt/kidney trimmed and sanded I have not cut the butt/kidney plate. It is stillone piece at the moment, it may stay that way. Chest and back trimmed and sanded. I am hoping to have the thighs done by monday as well so we can start fitting the core and legs. I am off to look at the 3 buttons that fo on the ab. I cut And sanded them down the same way I did my 4 button plate for my TK armor.
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    Looks really nice! Excited to see the rest of your build
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    Thank you sir. He is a TK, she wants to be a sandy. Ì'll help as much as I can. Troopers helping troopers, and they are good people.
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    quick view in function of the radio
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    You are looking for Jay aka Trooper1. The best most accurate pauldrons available. PM him here on the board. Or he will just pop in any minute now. Saludos.