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    Yeah right, time for the review to start
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    Let's get this trooper reviewed
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    I know this is a hobby for all of us, also a voluntary work for you who do the review. I know that our Hobbie often needs a lot of waiting time. That's OK so long as I don't feel a bit ignored. I don't know if anything is wrong with my armour or my art of presentation, doing the Request here or anything else. I don't know if I could walk on eachs others feet on a other platform like Facebook or a forum. At Monday my request is 4 Weeks(1 week within the holidays) old without any commentary from a person who will do the review like, sorry I am overworked, sick, or have a bad time or else... I know that's not of my buissnes, because that's private but it would let me know that I not be ignored But I think it's best to close this here and I will do a new request at a better time. So now I will delete the pictures and you can write me a PN when it's OK for you, when you have enough time and Energie for looking at the pictures and say me what I have to change and could make better. Sorry for my bad english but I guess you know what I mean. So I would be happy to read from you in a few days, weeks or whenever. Now I eat a Burger and go trooping That's why I doo that hobby
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    So the blue I have is just a little too bright, so I just barely hit it with some dark grey primer. In the photo it looks more grey than it actually is. Because the shake weight needs to sit up higher, I carved out a track in this piece of wood and screwed it to it. Then painted it black so you don't see it. Used the same white glossy paint for the canisters as I did for the armor. It is a great feeling to finally get this stuff attached. It looks really good! I hit the ends of the canisters with some brown because that's how the sixth scale fig looks, also some black weathering for the top blue cone. I am so happy with it!
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    Hello Troopers, My apologies for the short notice. This evening (January 17th) at 8PM Eastern Time, the MEPD forums will be going down for a brief maintenance window. We expect the maintenance to take 1 hour. Please use this downtime to remove any sand/debris from your weapons & field packs. Thank you, Damon
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    Added an acrylic disc to the radio dial on my radio. It really helps sell it as the real deal. The discs are 60mm and fit perfectly. I didn’t even need to glue it in place (though I might just for security) I also picked up some accurate switches at my electronic surplus store. They were from a radio also built in Hong Kong in the 70s!
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    One more. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Troops, It's almost that time of the year again( never thought I would say that) and I would like to make sure that everybody who is or thinks is eligible to vote is on the MEPD roster. Please do check your profile on the 501st forum( membership DB) if your affiliated with the MEPD. If so it should look like this: If not, apply for approval so I can get you sorted out. Thanks for your time!
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    Name: Michael Barwinski TD 16103 MEPD: deckard1138 Garrison Carida http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=26381 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I can post something in the ROTJ forum on FISD and see what response I get. I would just have to ship the pack to them. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Hello, well I’ve mastered the TK now on to the TD. Ordering my BBB this week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You don’t need the Strapping system. You just need the six screws at the chest to simulate it. The other screws (kidney etc.) are not needed. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
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    The more reference the better! Screenshot away!
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    Access granted for both of you! Welcome
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    It's not that I'm against changes but in my opinion it needs to be for the better of the collective and not for the individual. Therefor, keeping it simple is the way to go.
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    To chime in on this discussion... The simple fact that they used TK on screen has probably to do with the simple fact that the first trooper ever that got adressed on screen was TK-421. So that doesn't quite do it for me. To keep it simple the best and current solution is that both packs are with the MEPD now. Otherwise we will definitely are going to have more discussions and that won't make it easier. So that's why this decision has been made. And bear in mind that all troopers are in fact TK's and that the prefixes were made up by us, the fans and members of the 501st. I hope this helps
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    Lucky you got cut out! Could've been awkward... love the idea though. Much more personal than a standard mannequin. Well done!
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    My Bucket is nearly done. Just Mic Tips, Lenses and the withe color on the screws are still missing
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    Techincally speaking, the Sandtroopers in ANH are really supposed to be stormtroopers. They are referenced as both Stormtroopers and Sandtrooper in official merchandising. Lucasfilm is not known for their naming convention consitantsy. As someone who works on official Star Wars merch almost everyday, it’s a toss up as to how to name these different troopers. The general idea is that they are all “Stormtroopers” that includes Biker Scouts, Snowtroopers, and Sandtroopers. They just change up their unifom for their environment, but they are all still regular Stormtroopers. I dont see see why both detachments can’t have the pack. Also, with the MEPD having that trooper you are able to essentially have two detachment approvals with one costume. Just slap on the pack over your R1 armor, add a pauldron and boom, you get to have a TD designation as well as your TK. Currently the MEPD has 2 approved CRLs for the first time since the detachment was founded almost 18 years ago. We are trying to expand and get away from being the “one CRL detachment”. We have 2 more CRLs in the works, including the Jedha troopers (both packs). We are going through a small transition and trying to expand the detachment to have the specialized, deployed Stormtroopers with gear fall under the MEPD. The FISD and MEPD have spent the last year working this out. This is more of a discussion for those higher up the chain than me. But those are my 2 cents. I for one and very happy that the MEPD and FISD can work together on this. We share many members as it is. In the end we are all plastic spacemen just having fun and trying to make kids happy.
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    ..and now it's official peepz! https://www.501st.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=91327&p=1232906&sid=ccbd2a05ec922ac40ac5b3f339676efd Now get yourself approved Magmatroopers of the MEPD!!!
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    That's actually a really good idea! I might give it a try and use pur foam to fill the body. Thanks for sharing
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    I know I already posted it, but damn thats a nice radio. Its staring at me until I finally get some time to work on this pack!
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    Nice work Markus, looks really cool
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    This is the Droid i´m looking for .. (TD-22997) Martin Herodek on Facebook
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    TD-3677 . North of Spain 8.8.2017 On Patrol
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    TD-3677 . North of Spain 8.8.2017 Relax after the Patrol
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    "Excuse me, but you wouldn't have happened to have seen any droids recently? I've looked everywhere!" Sent from my R4 unit using Tapatalk
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    TD-6049, Ireland Garrison "We came, we saw, we kicked it's Jawa's @ss!" *apologies Ghostbusters fans for probably mangling that quote! "Different Cantina,same old story" "Ok..so it's not technically the Falcon..but it still counts,right?" And finally..I'm not in this one..but my girlfriend is the Jawa. Taken at Celebration London last year if anyone recognises themselves! Sent from my R4 unit using Tapatalk
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    I'm tired of hearing you! (TD 19311 & BH 3641)