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    We have implemented the following change to the MEPD Forum; Forum Posting 'LIKES' with RANK RIBBONS. Members will now be able to "Like" another member's posting and by doing so, he or she will gain accumulative points in a "Rating System". This rating system on the forum will put a Point Count on the left side of your postings, along with a new Imperial Sandtrooper Rank Ribbon. What does this mean... well, besides earning some more rank and bling for your posting area and profile, you get to see whose postings among your peers is liked the most on our forum. Look for the "Like" button on the right hand side of various forum postings. The Rank Ribbons were custom designed for our forum and have the following rank and point value system; Cadet Rated - (0-24 Likes) - Corporal Rated - (25-49 Likes) - Sergeant Rated - (50-149 Likes) - Lieutenant Rated - (150-299 Likes) - Captain rated - (300-599 Likes) - Sr. Captain Rated - (600-1199 Likes) - Road Captain Rated - (1200-2399 Likes) - Sr. Road Captain Rated - (2400 + Likes) - Stay safe out there and get busy rating your fellow sandtroopers...
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    If you have been following my previous posts you'll see I have been working on 3D printable files for a lot of the backpack parts. I want these to be available to everyone, and allow people to update the files as they need. They are all a work in progress. The more I learn, the more accurate I can make them. My ultimate goal is to be able to provide free 3d printable files for all field pack styles. It will be a long process but i think this is a good start. I will be sure to make note of when things are updated. If you made any modifications, or make your own parts, please post them here and I will add them to the list! Here are a few links to the ones created so far! Stormtrooperguy's Sonix Radio - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1862286 Henselmonster's Shires style siphon - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2172916 Stormtrooperguy's Siphon - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1949934 Henselmonster's Exhaust - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2172649 Crookknight's Exhaust - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-5MSAWBsr_vQWN6bExKU2RLZlU Henselmonster's Canteen - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2172323 Crookknight's Canteen - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-5MSAWBsr_vbDJTSTIzaTFZcW8 Stormtrooperguy's Canteen - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1949924 Henselmonster's Mushroom Caps - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2282341 Stormtrooperguy's Mushroom Caps and Bottles - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1949940 Stormtrooperguy's Radar Dish Mount - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1952134 Stormtrooperguy's Mortar Tube End Caps - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1949943
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    Hey Troops! I am finally starting my new pack build after nearly a year of collecting the right parts for it. I still want to replace my seed trays and the siphon with original parts, but I will work with what I have for now. I am planning on 3D printing the exhaust, but I am going to wait until I have the correct sized seed trays so I can fit it properly. Down the road, when i can get the cash together I will replace the radio with the woodman cast, but I am pretty happy with the one I have for now! I am using my nalgene bottle as a place holder for the top bottle. It seems to be pretty close in size to the screen ref so i may just look for some used ones at a flea market this weekend and use those. I am following @Strider's build pretty closely with this one. I am wanting to get as accurate as I can with this. So many changes need to be made but its a start for now! Hopefully over the next few months I can finish this thing! (P.S. The radio was from Rolf who I believe originally purchased it from Strider)
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    Using one of Vincent's canteens to make the bee stinger for the sandtrooper pack can be completed in several ways. This is just the method on how I completed it. Couple views: The first step is to remove the straps then use a flat head screwdriver or any shimming device to pop off the tan top and bottom pieces. This is fairly easy to do just take your time. I use a plastic shim I bought from an auto parts store. I can't even tell you how many times I've used this in various projects. Next, you'll want to use a hacksaw or dremel to cut off the spout or opening of the canteen as flush to the top as you can. You will also need to sand down the lip and piping on the cap. Alternatively, you could use a scrap piece of ABS and make a circle. Once I shaved the cap down, I used it as a template to widen the hole on the canteen. You will need to do this so the cap fits inside the canteen once you put the top tan plastic piece back on. I used a 3/4" hose commonly used on a kitchen sink hose for the stinger itself. I used a wooden dowel inside of it to stiffen it up. Drill a 3/4" hole on the center of the cap and insert the stinger. I glued it in place from inside of the cap. I then glued the cap inside of the top plastic piece. Finish it off by painting it black as well as the bottom plastic piece. The Lion Star canteen and Gio Style Safari 600 both have a texture that we are unsure of was present in the movie or not. I decided to remove the texture with an orbital sander. I painted the body of the canteen battleship grey and reattached the components.
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    Thank you for the trust in urs and me, thanks to felice for the done work. We will do our best! I think, we will have a great time!
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    @ Strider, thanks for posting this. To all, let's just keep it civil. ...and I'll say the following only once, My stance on this is neutral and only in the best interest of the MEPD and not in favor of any vendor.
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    Vader was the first costume I ever tried to replicate. 'Move Along' sandtrooper was the second. So it was EXTREMELY satisfying to finally have one put together that I was happy with after all this time. Still need to make a couple minor tweaks because I ran out of time trying to get him together for the show. The morning of the first day of Celebration, I woke up at 4am and weathered the entire suit. And since I had forgotten the paper towels in storage, I had to use hotel room tissues! True story. I want to give a shout of thanks for all the people who helped with one part or another. Strider for his awesome seed trays and karrimore frame, RS for their found item mushroom caps, karrimore pack straps, and fantastic Tunisia E-11 build, and Blaster for his MP40 hip pouch replica. Also thanks for all the support from all the guys here who put up with me while trying to bang this out, Woody, RS, Strider, Rolf looking at you guys. I hope you guys like it as much as I do. .
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    Hi people. I am Ross Walmsley (RWA Creations). after the recent finds on my seed trays not being correct in size i have made new bucks today. Here is a pic of my results .... you can find my page on Facebook.. RWA Creations
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    Well troops, here we are! Welcome to the final edition of the MEPD newsletter before Legion elections. What a year it has been for the MEPD. For the first time in our almost 18 years as a detachment, we now have 3 approved CRLs. Outstanding. We are moving forward as a detachment and growing. It has been amazing to see so many new faces on the forum. As Chief Media Officer for the MEPD I would like to thank everyone who has been reading these newsletters this year. I would like to thank my team, Airborne Trooper, Punisha and Love Monkey. I would also like to thank Dutchy for giving me the opportunity to represent our detachment though these newsletters, social media and on other forums. Thanks for an awesome year boss! Lets get into it shall we? In this issue: - A word from the Detachment Leader - 2018 Legion Elections - Police Officer and SWAT - Troop of the Month -Henselmonster - TD-11787 Who’d have guessed that where we are today would have been considered impossible a couple of years ago for the MEPD. We have been walking alone as TD’s on Tattooine but now have found brothers and hopefully sisters too on other planets like Jedha and Sullust. The MEPD family is rapidly expanding and that is a good thing. Moving forward to new horizons, sharing newly found discoveries and not to forget friendship and sister-/ brotherhood. I personally still can’t believe what we have accomplished this year as a detachment. The year went by so fast with changes, some minor some big.. Adjusting to a new situation is apparently also second nature for us TD’s as we kept the detachment running smoothly. Besides the accidental interruption we have had it all firm in our grasp. But back to the present. We did it brothers and sisters!!! We have successfully added 2 brand new CRL’s and there are more CRL’s on their way or close to completion. Thank you all for making this possible especially the people who have helped out first hand! So start with your Battlefront Magmatrooper or Jedha Sandtrooper build today! The whole year their weren’t any major issues with the forum, besides the accidental downtime, but sadly the last couple of days we’ve had some interesting issues. If it weren’t for Happytrooperdotcom his efforts we’d still be experiencing them. I am proud to have such a skilled member in the Staff. Looking forward to 2018, first up will be the election and after that it’s back to keeping the machines running regardless of who’s in the driver seat. Nothing but love for you all and thanks for the last 12 months, it was an honor and I take my helmet off to salute you all! Your Detachment Leader, Dutchy/ Justus Hello Brothers and Sisters of the Sand. It is February already and that means it’s time for the Legion elections to begin. This means that 501st members will be able to vote for Legion Commanding Officer, Garrison or Outpost Commanding Officer, Commanding Officers of the various detachments in which members are active and have an approved costume, and Squad leaders if a member is part of a squad. Everyone knows exactly what to do right? Well….maybe not. Maybe you’re new, never looked at it before, or forgot and need a refresher? If you fall in one of these areas, don’t sweat it because we are here to help. Step 1- Check your detachment status. (Ideally, you would have done this step already. This has already been locked by Legion command for this year, but it never hurts to check and be ready for next year's voting.) Login to the 501st Legion forum. In the brown box on the left hand side, select “Membership DB.” Next select, “Your Profile Data.” Then scroll down to “Your Unit Affiliation.” Make sure that you see “(Approved)” next to any detachment for which you have a costume. If it says pending, or if the detachment isn’t listed, contact the detachment CO for more information. The detachment must say “Approved” for you to vote in the detachment elections. Remember that most detachments require that you post something on their respective forums at least once a year to remain an active member of that detachment. Step 2- Nominate or check into who is nominated for various positions. Remember that a person must be nominated and must accept the nomination to become a candidate. A person cannot dominate himself or herself. Whether you nominate someone or not, get those questions ready and submit them when the time is open, so you can see what these candidates are all about. The time line is below: Saturday Feb 3rd at 12:01 GMT Nominations Start Thursday Feb 8th at 12:01 GMT Nominee Q and A starts Tuesday Feb 13th at 12:01 GMT Candidate Closing statements start Wednesday Feb 14th at 12:01 GMT Voting starts Sunday Feb 18th at 11:59 GMT Voting ends All nominations and voting will happen here: http://www.501st.com/elections/ Step 3- Enjoy another trip around the suns with the 501st Legion and the greatest Detachment within the organization, MEPD. -Punisha Deployed/SWAT Overview As many of you are aware, here at MEPD we have two additional levels you can achieve - Police Officer (deployed) and SWAT. While neither is required, members who strive to achieve these additional levels make their armor resemble “screen accurate” troopers and thus look as if they stepped out of the movies and into real life. SWAT members take it one step further and emulate a specific trooper from the movie, down to the weathering patterns, pauldron color, backpack and pouch configuration, and chosen blaster. For those of you who are working on getting your 501st approval or for those who are thinking of making the jump, it’s definitely possible if you’re willing to put in the extra work and you can start while you work on your basic approval by adding some of the necessary requirements. Something to think about is if you decide to go for SWAT, which trooper will emulate? Which jumps out at you and ignites that fire inside of you? For those who are interested in applying, please check out some of the submission threads in the following forums: Police Officers - http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/forum/12-mepd-police-officer-program/ SWAT - http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/forum/44-mepd-swat-program/. Looking through these threads will show you what goes into a submission, what pictures you need to take, and some of the problems others have run into. If you do your homework, your submission should pass with flying colors. If you have specific questions, please reach out to one of our department armourers, who will guide you to whatever goal you’ve set for yourself. Here’s a list of our armourers: - @Punisha - @TD42115 - @Airborne Trooper - @LoveMonkey ----- With unquestioned loyalty, LoveMonkey, TD-18542 The MEPD Road to 500 Troopers, as a detachment, we currently have 318 deployed Police Officers. As a command staff, we’d like to issue a challenge to all of you who may be looking to achieve rank or who may be on the fence about putting in the extra work. We’ve set the following goal of 500 deployed Police Officers. As you can see, we are well on our way to achieving this goal but we still have a long way to go. As part of our goal, we’d like to take a moment and recognize those troopers that have achieved either Police Officer or SWAT status since the last newsletter. Congratulations to the following members: Police Officers - Markus "tiny" Zeitvogel TD-10276 - jdelaney TD-10290 For those who have achieved their Police Officer status, please make sure to take advantage of the following swag: Deployed Officer Coin http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/topic/13257-deployed-sandies-only-come-get-your-exclusive-deployed-police-officer-gold-coin/ Deployed Artwork http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/topic/15310-po-swat-pics-for-artwork/ Deployed Certificate http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/topic/11241-mepd-certificates/& I hope 2018 is treating you all well so far. It's been very cold here in New York and I tend to go in hibernation during the Winter. This edition's pick was chosen from Mos Espa Security Patrol's The Last Jedi troop on December 15th. Our new Detachment Officers Thomas and Urs are both members and continue to faithfully serve and represent the MEPD. It looks like they had a great time interacting with Star Wars fans and even had a chance to make a few laughs. Keep it up guys! Remember troopers, if you would like to be featured in the next newsletter, make sure you’re updating your troop logs! Explain the purpose of the troop, who attended, and any additional details you can! - Airborne Trooper • TD-82573 Instagram!
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    As many of you have probably seen, HappyTrooper posted a video with templates and a parts list for a do-it-yourself RT-97c build. Needing a new project and loving the look of this blaster, I decided to tackle it. This is in no way a build thread, but more just a few pictures showing the process that I went through. If you want the full build thread, go check out his video. If you are interested in making your own, you can find his video here: Also, if you are interested in doing a DLT-19, he also has a video, templates, and parts list as well. You can find that video here: One small note: I did use ABS pipe as much as I could due to the lighter weight. I used it for the 2” pipe, both 3” couplers, and the 2” to 1.5” reducer. I also used other corner braces and other small parts that I already had around the house. Overall, this gun is super lightweight and I can’t wait to troop in it. I plan on unveiling this at the Intermountain Healing Hearts event that is coming up on 09/09/2017. Pictures to come of this baby in action. Huge thanks to HappyTrooper for providing the templates, parts list, and amazing video. Your work is truly inspiring. --------------- Initial fabrication Testing Bondo work Final Dry Fitting Prime and Paint Final Assembly Final Product with Weathering
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    Troops, As times of change lie ahead of us, our boards need to get a slight overhaul as well. What's going to change.? Well, as we are welcoming new costumes to our ranks they do need their own section on the boards for specific costume related discussions and so on. -We will start working with "Precincts" to divide all the different costumes. -Our current "what makes a sandtrooper" section will get a name change into "MEPD Precincts". Here's an example for the new layout: MOS EISLEY ANH Sandtrooper - Armor - Field Pack - Blaster - Pouches and Pauldron Our other Precincts will be , Jedha City and Sullust. The expected timeline for all this will be that our webmaster will see what's possible to do on a short term basis. The forum will experience downtime either way as we also have to update the forum software to make sure that those pesky Jawa's can't access our mainframe anymore. Exciting times for the MEPD!!! -dutchy
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    TD-3677 With My Girl . Spain Con mi Chica . España
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    Patrolling around the town...As you do!! Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I just stumbled across this shot I'd never seen before and thought I'd share it. I wish it were a bit larger though.
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    Brothers and Sisters, Both FISD and MEPD have reached consencus about the following: R1 Jedha sandtrooper and the Kyber patrol trooper will be added to our ranks. Both CRL's must be made and will be added to the CRL eventually. But before that can be done both characters must be recognised by the 501st. This doesn't mean that you can't start building one as we do need some excellent pictures for the visual guide part of the CRL, so let's see those WIP threads popping up! A special section will be created for each new character, as is done for the other characters that are part of the FISD. Currently we are also looking in the CRL for the SE TD, so even more exciting news! I understand that this is a significant change for the MEPD, but we do need to keep moving forward and welcoming new members that have exciting new armors or will build one. WELCOME TO THE MEPD R1 Jedha sandtrooper and the Kyber patrol trooper
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    As Juan said, we have reached consencus about the R1 sandtrooper and the Kyber patrol. They both will be added to the MEPD. I'm so excited right now!! Official announcement incoming!
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    Easter is coming troops.... A holiday that we as sandtroopers don't especially like as we need to search for eggs. We can't even find 2 pesky droids for crying out loud ...LOL Besides that I'd really like to wish all of you a couple of wonderfull days with the family and loved ones!!
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    (I borrowed some of this from Zac's post.) If your armor and gear has been made to meet all the CRL requirements and you are ready to request Deployment as a MEPD Officer, please start a new thread with the next title: TD-**** (your TD ID) Requesting Deployment And then post the following: Your Name Your 501st TD ID with a link to your 501st profile Your MEPD forum name Your Garrison And, post the following pictures of your armor and gear: -One helmet off photo. This is not to be a random picture of you. It is to be a photo of you, in costume, without your helmet on. A mug shot if you will. -One full armor, helmet on, front photo. Show in one picture the whole look of your armor and gear. Also show Sniper Knee Plate clearly enough. -One full armor, helmet on, right side photo. Showing the pouches mounted on sides if you have them and the gap closed. -One full armor, helmet on, left side photo. Showing the pouches mounted on sides if you have them and the gap closed. -One full armor, helmet on, back photo. -One full armor, helmet on, back photo without backpack. -Canvas or elastic shoulder straps detail photo. -Canvas belt detail photo. -Abs details close up photo. Showing the 3 buttons an TD abdominal plate. -Detail photos of the rubber gloves and latex handguards - Detail photos of all snaps, screws and buttons on the armor. Bucket (pictures can show details individually or in groups): -A close up photo clearly showing the flat green lenses. -Detail photo showing no stripes on all grey traps and tears. -Detail photo of frown, showing 4 teeth cut out and grey paint. -Detail photo of hovi-mix mic tips (or replica) mounted on helmet. -Detail photos of blue tube stripes. Backpack: - Detail photos from all sides, separately Weapons: -At leas one picture showing the whole weapon (BFG or E11). -Detail pictures of mods required for the specific weapons. Finally: -One (or several) full body action (or attitude poses) good quality picture. This will be used for your Deployment photo, so make it a good one! If you think you need or want to more extensively show your armor and gear, feel free to post more and more pictures!! We LOVE pictures! Good luck to you all!! Hope to see you as MEPD Deployed Officers soon. If I can be of any help, please let me know. Saludos Juan The timeframe from the initial review to the final review will be 7 days. So in maximum 7 days the Deployment Officer will let you know if you will be hunting droids with us! -dutchy
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    Marching with my brothers and sisters in my first parade. @ Richmond Virginia Dominion Christmas parade. The Empire always has the best floats. Crowed interaction was outstanding, so many high fives and smiles. It was a 3 mile march however, it went by quick.
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    Design is complete for the Rogue One Santrooper Jedha Backpack. Below are the 3D parts that will be printed. The Thermal Detonators on the side and rack holding them will also be printed. Not seen in this picture. All of the other pieces will be hand built. As you can see from the reference photos, this pack has the Sandtrooper Pack bend in it. I am going to attempt to meld these 2 main pieces together in order to maintain accuracy. The fabrication of all of the pieces has begun and progress will be posted here. Reference Photos: 3D Renderings:
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    Welcome everyone to the August/September issue of the MEPD newsletter! Things have been moving along here at the MEPD. So many new SWAT members approved or under review. Its always so great to see. Also we have relaunched our Instagram account. If you would like a photo of yours feature send them to @henselmonster or DM on instagram! http://instagram.com/mepd501st In this issue: -A note from our Detachment Leader -An interview with one of our command staff -A feature on the Tunisian blasters used by the Sandtroopers -Troop of the month Summer, ah…. The time to lay back, relax and enjoy your time off. Not at the MEPD I tell ya!! We have experienced one of the busiest summers since a certain smuggler escaped from docking bay 94. Where to start….Behind the scenes the CS has been working hard on getting the CRL for the Special Edition Sandtrooper done. The current status is, the text is complete and we now only need good reference pictures for the CRL. Also we aren’t forgetting about the other CRL’s that need to be written but one CRL at a time. Next to this our design team has been working hard on a design for the Desert Foxes and we are close to finishing that, all with the help of the ladies of the Desert Foxes. Then we had a situation that we rather didn’t have. A recasting claim made by one of our members at the address of another member. We of the CS reacted swiftly and have done everything that was in our power to solve this in the best way possible. The only thing I can tell about it is that the 501st as an organization has created a resolution for cases like this. You all probably have read it on the boards but I will share it here again: The 501st Legion does not condone, support, or encourage re-casting. It is, however, outside of the scope of this club's mission, charter, authority, jurisdiction, and purview to consume our time and energies as a volunteer organization in efforts to prosecute those who, of their own volition, choose to engage in re-casting. But what about all the downtime I can hear you all say, well it seems that there are still some Jawa’s hidden somewhere that hack into our mainframe from time to time. That’s why I am looking for a trooper that is interested in becoming the webmaster for the MEPD. You all know the drill, when you are interested contact me! There is one thing that I would really like to have special attention for. Walt from Walt’s Trooper Factory is doing a raffle for a complete TD armor. It’s linked to a special charity event which Walt specifically only wanted TD’s for as we are the “police force” of the Empire. The charity event is for the families of policemen who gave their life during duty. Please do join in on the raffle when you are interested in a decked out armor from Walt and make this one count for the families and the MEPD. And now a word about our PO and SWAT program….I’m flabbergasted by the amount of requests that have been entered for PO and SWAT the last months. Some of you have already achieved PO/ SWAT status and earned their stripes. But there are also still some that are being reviewed as we speak, good luck troopers! Therefore I would really like to express my appreciation for all the hard work that you all have put into it to achieve this as did our Deployment Officers. I salute you, my brothers! For now, keep up all the good vibes and positive flow that is currently running through the MEPD! -Dutchy I got a chance to ask a few questions to our MEPD Specialist/Ambassador @SCRIBBLER! Thanks so much for taking the time to let the detachment get to know you a little better: 1. When did you first join the MEPD, and why a Sandtrooper? I entered the 'Precinct' back in 2011. Other than always liking the battle worn look of a TD as opposed to a TK, I just got tired of polishing the 'clean' TK armor. LOL Seriously though, I just loved that the Sandtroopers had the appearance of being on the frontlines, the whole setup: Pauldron, Backpack and BFG just did it for me! Joining the MEPD pretty much insured that I would get my gear as close to screen accurate as possible thanks to all the knowledge of the TD community here! 2. What is your favorite part of the MEPD? Armor building and helping others with their projects as well. Interacting with all the members, helping in any way I can and just suiting up and representing this bad-a$$ community of troopers this side of Coruscant! The tips and secrets that we use to complete our projects is simply outstanding! =) 3. Do you have any meaningful troops or interactions as a member of the MEPD? Since 2014, our Sandtrooper Patrol (Route 66 Patrol) has been doing 5, 8 and 10 mile charity hikes through the trails at Griffith Park in the Hollywood Hills (Los Angeles) and this year along the sands and shoreline at Venice Beach. We've been doing these voluntary troops to raise money for Children's Hospital L.A.. Just putting smiles on the faces of Star Wars fans (Young & Old) that come to support and cheer us on i makes it all worthwhile! It's a brutal troop. We go full armor and gear. There is an average of 5-6 of us TDs plus other 501st costumed characters that have been joining us every year since we did it alone back in 2014. This year we had approx. 15 total SW armor marching and hiking. All the blood (literally) sweat and tears is all worth it. This right here is why I joined the 501st in the first place. Helping Charities. =) 4. Where would you like to see the MEPD go this next year? I'd like to see more Legion members join our ranks, more SWAT Activations and hopefully discover new canon details to add to our armor and gear to help keep us all as accurate looking as possible! I've been exclusively trooping as a TD for nearly 7 years and I have no regrets. I've loved every moment of my time as a Sandy. I also have nothing but confidence in the direction we are currently taking in regards to continuing to keep this detachment up there as one of the best ones in the 501st! 5. Enough about life in plastic, what do you do in your real life? I am a freelance Visual Effects / Concept Artist and a Golf Assistant. I also like to surf! 6. What is something about you that might surprise other members? I'm a BIG Beatles fan and I like to collect the same make and model of Guitars & Drums that the Fab Four used during their run when they were together. I also used to dance on Soul Train (TV Show) back in the late 80's and early 90's. Definitely had the Kid N Play hairdo as well! lol Lastly, I assisted with the design and construction of the Fountain / Lake water feature effects at the Bellagio Hotel / Casino and The Volcano effects upgrade at The Mirage Hotel / Casino in Las Vegas back in the mid 90's. 7. And last but not least, what would you say to someone who is looking to join the ranks of the MEPD? Join our ranks! Get your armor and gear ready, come on in and let's get dirty! It's ALL worth it! =) Thanks so much Scribbler for your time! We hope to continue these interviews with the rest of the command staff throughout the year! - Henselmonster • TD-11787 One of the most recognizable Star Wars costume props is the “Stormtrooper” blaster. While most Stormtroopers carried the e-11 blaster, the Sandtroopers had some larger options and even a special e-11. This month we will focus on the weapons used mainly in Tunisia during on location filming. Our focus will be the Bapty e-11 and the DLT-19. First up is the e-11, the most recognizable of Imperial Weapons. The e-11 is based on the Sterling Arms MK4/L2A3 sub-machine gun used by the British during WW2. These guns were modified to include 6 “T-track” grips around the barrel, similar to those found on Luke’s lightsaber, a Hengstler Corp industrial counter on the side, 2 small cylinders on the magazine well, and a 1942 model M38 Azimuth scope with a custom rail. With these modifications, the Sterling became the e-11. Sandtrooper e-11’s, or the Bapty e-11, were a little different. Since shipping and transporting weapons out of the U.K. and into Tunisia was so difficult and the need for firearms experts on set with working guns was costly and time consuming, the production group decided to make a “non-gun” version for use in location shooting like Tunisia. Hence the Bapty e-11. The Bapty Tunisian e-11 had an added solid cast billet rear of the gun with visible seams and molding lines, and rear site was solid, there is no actual trigger, a custom aluminum trigger guard and grip were added, and there was some added rivets and custom cut magazine. This created a unique look for the TD’s e-11. While these blasters do show up elsewhere in a couple of film scenes and in quite a few of the cast production photos, it is most attributed to the Sandtrooper. Our next Sandtrooper blaster which was modified to use on location in Tunisia is the DLT-19. This blaster was built from the German Maschinengewehr 34 or MG34. Bapty & Co again had to modify this weapon for ease of shipping and on-set use. Resin or Wood was believed to replace some or all of the barrel parts. They also added a conical disk on the handle, more of those “T-tracks” around the barrel shroud, and a metal box covering the ejection port of the original weapon. - Punisha On this edition of Troop of the Month, we are highlighting DarthStevius/TD-18969’s troop down under at the Sunshine Theatre’s Kids Flix event for underprivileged and sick kids on August 20th. The best thing about being a dirty and plastic spaceman is making a kid forget their problems even for a moment and creating a smile. Thank you for sharing your troop with us and you can’t beat trooping in a nice, air conditioned movie theater! Remember troops, if you would like to be featured on the next newsletter, make sure you’re sharing and updating your troop logs! Explain the troop, who attended, and any additional details you can! - Airborne Trooper • TD-82573 Instagram!
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    20. Regens Wagner Sommerfest, Dillingen - 25.06.2017
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    Sure thing. I think somebody else also inquired about some measures so here goes:
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    Drums please.... it's finally finished Reference pics for this build: Hope you like it
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    No problem. Believe me. We would love to give you guys everything you ask for but unfortunately, we just have to settle for most of it.