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    Hey guys! how are you doing? This is a post to show my new handguards, bought from welshchris77 I must say, this are the most beautiful handguards i have ever seen, that's what called my attention in the first place, beautifully crafted and besides that Chris uses a procedure to increase the tear resistant of the piece, also he adds a thin piece of fabric (which i don't remember the name) under the handguard to facilitate the gluing with the glove. Something important for those looking to reach higher levels inside the legion (police officer & swat), is that these will help you to get there, according to Chris he reach out to Hausi to ask him about the approvability of his creation and he got a positive answer. I totally recommend these, affordable price, good construction, beautiful and level 3 approvable if weathered correctly. Please bros, show yours handguards here, i would like to see them, any comments, question, experiences with handguards that can help the newbies and future legionnaires are welcome here. I did and unboxing but haven't upload de vid, soon i will edit this post to put the link Sent from my GM1900 using Tapatalk
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    Try here pal: https://www.epicmilitaria.com/mp40-luftwaffe-blue-canvas-ammo-pouches.html https://www.militarytour.com/mp-38-40-schmeisser-pouch.html https://www.imperialboots.com/product/mp40/ https://trooperbay.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Mp40 Sent from my GM1900 using Tapatalk
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    Here's another photo of the radio I found in the archives Charlie
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    Name: Helder Faria Legion ID: TD 55519 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=31804 Forum Name: 519 Trooper Garrison: Canadian Garrison HELMET DETAIL AMOUR DETAIL ACCESSORY DETAILS BACKPACK DETAILS http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/topic/16104-road-block-pack-1-build/ RT-97C DETAILS Thank you!
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    As you can tell, I have decided to share ALL of my Sandtrooper Pack Files, this includes Magma and Jedha. It will take me a little while to upload these, but I hope people enjoy. You will be able to build the entire Magam and Jedha packs from these files. These files cost me a couple of thousand dollars just on design. I feel like it is time I share them with everyone. I will send you the google drive links to the files in the 3D File link you sent me.
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    Congratulations Tim and the team!
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    Hello MEPD brothers and sisters, I'd thank to first thank you all for putting your trust in me this year. I am here to be of service to you and the greatest detachment in the legion! Feel free to message me with any thoughts, questions, or concerns this year. We will all miss Dutchy, but he will still be helping the team with the new CRL's. I feel that the command staff has been a strong team for the past few years. So with that said, there will be very few changes to the staff. The only changes are me as CO and someone to fill my Chief Media Officer position. For that position, I have decided to add what I believe is the first Desert Fox to the command staff. Executive Officer (XO): John Henselmeier( Henselmonster) TD-11878 Merchandise Officer (MBO): Gordon Ho( Gordonator) TD-8316 Deployment Officer (DO): Thomas Herodek(bigwam) TD-30571 Deployment Officer( DO): Urs Tischhauser(Hausi) TD-21027 Deployment Officer (DO): Michael Ramirez(Scribbler) TD-6985 Deployment Officer (DO): Justus Parinussa(Dutchy) TD-1560 Financial Officer( FO): Jay Parsons(trooper1) TD-3936 Sergeant at Arms (SAA): Michael Ramirez(Scribbler) TD-6985 MEPD Liasion (ML) and Intelligence Officer: Jason Yap ( Airborne Trooper) TD-82573 MEPD Liaison (ML) and Intelligence Officer: Kirk Folsom(Lovemonkey)TD-18542 Chief Media Officer(PRO): Quinn Brown (SandEEQuiNN) TD-91197 Public Relations Officer(PRO): Vincent(m4vrick) TD-17778 Systems Admin (SA): Damon Degner ( Happytrooperdotcom) TD-10900 I look forward to another amazing year for the MEPD. Thank you all again. Tim (Punisha) TD-10930
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    Thank you Urs, it means a lot and feels even better now that it is official.
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    Hey Helder, congrats, very well deserved, great work mate.
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    Thank you @bigwam, noted on the weathering and I will correct it since I am also not fully satisfied with it.
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    OK Helder, let´s start: Welcome, to become a Police Officer in the MEPD. I have looked at your pics and now, we can start your Review: Application Review: Part 1 Name: Helder Faria Legion ID: TD-55519 Forum Name: 519 Trooper Garrison: Canadian Garrison Helmet a. Green lenses: check b. Paint color of traps / tears: check c. Correct number of teeth: check d. Mic tips: check e. Vocoder color: check f. Tube stripes: check g. Rank bar on ears: check h. Brow: check i. Side screws (ears): check j. Weathering: check but read the comments at the end of the review k. no mesh behind teeth: check *additional comments* RESULT ON HELMET Checked & Cleared Armor details a. elastic straps shoulders: check b. neck seal: check c. black undersuit: check d. shoulder bells: check e. biceps: check f. forearms: check g. pauldron: check h. chest / back plate: check i. kidney / butt plate: check j. ab plate / side rivets / cod: check k. strapping system: check l. thighs: check m. shins / calves: check n. sniper plate: check o. boots: check p. gloves: check q. hand plates / guards: check (great - cheese graters!) r. ammo belt (waist): check s. ammo belt (right knee): check t. canvas belt: check u. pouches: check v. weathering: check but read the comments at the end of the review RESULT ON ARMOR Checked & Cleared Comments: Not all sand troopers are equally dirty, of course there can be some that are not quite as dirty. It is the dirt that distinguishes us and differentiates us from the shiny Troopers. I recommend putting a little more dirt or a thin wash over your armor. It is only a recommendation, not a must. Backpack a. details: check b. weathering: check *additional comments* RESULT ON BACKPACK Checked & Cleared I love your Backpack built. This Pack is absolutelly great!!!!! Weapon a. details: check b. weathering: check *additional comments* RESULT ON WEAPON Checked & Cleared Helder, this was you’re first and final review, great work, congrats brother! You have successfully followed the guidelines in regards to the MEPD CRL and have met the requirements, be proud of yourself. Now, you are a member of the Police Officers, the Elite Troopers of Tatooine! Please send the pic you want to use to Luis (Sandman Tigui) and we'll get you squared away. We will have your updated information uploaded into the MEPD system very soon. Congratulations on becoming a Deployed Officer of the MEPD! Now please report to the Mos Eisley Mess hall where you'll serve the troopers until the next newbie gets cleared. Bigwam - MEPD Deployment Officer
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    Looking good man, love the BFG. good luck
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    Looks amazing Urs, I love the detail and work put into this build. I am also honoured that some of my tutorials helped you out.
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    Super. Congratulations to everyone.
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    Well Done to all! Looking forward to a fantastic year at the MEPD
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    Congratulations to all! Looking forward to a great 20th anniversary year for MEPD!
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    It is a pleasure to serve on your command staff, Tim!
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    Looks like a solid A-Team. Lets get the party started! Congrats Tim and looking forward to a fulfilling year under your leadership. Btw we need more donuts and milk in the pantry.
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    Congrats again Tim, I'm sure you will do a great job mate. Looking forward to another great year, love the MEPD.
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    Congrats everyone!
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    Thank you for the trust @Punisha, i won't let MEPD down
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    Wow, what an amazing looking pack Urs, you really have outdone yourself on this one, well done! [emoji6][emoji106] Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk
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    And finally I can post some pics of my completed pack#1 I have tried not to overdo the weathering so it still looks subtle. Keeping the amount of gaffer tape used subtle wasn´t possible as this pack is meant to be screen accurate. Don´t worry, the tape is just for decoration, the whole pack is very sturdy. And because this has recently been discussed: the weight of it: I am very happy with this pack, the only thing I wouldn´t consider SWAT-worthy is the position of the red fabric as it should sit lower but this simply wasn´t possible because of the aluminium bar to which the lower seedtray is attached. I consider it a compromise between being completely screen-accurate and having a sturdy pack you can have fun with when trooping ... and ridding the galaxy of all that scum and villainy. Cheers mates
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    I like it, it's dirty but not overdone. I also think that it's a good idea to have another go at the arms and shoulderbells, especially as the white areas still seem too white and shiny.
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    When looking at the bluray, I also closely studied the shape and color of the labpipe. I think that it is quite thick in diameter, the top part looks to be some silver/gunmetal colour, while to me, the rest of it looks like a copper color. I have discussed this with some fellow dirty dudes and one even thought that it could be a glass pipe. Who knows... anyhow, I found some PVC piping at my local DIY store, cut it to length and had to completely rework the shape of some coupling elements to match the shape of the upper and lower and as seen on screen. I then painted it using gunmetal and copper colored paint. bluray: mine before assembly, tape and weathering (upside down): I have attached it with a screw at the top to the frame, to get the bottom half at the right angle, I have used zip ties. It is very sturdy now. This is what it looks like on the finished pack:
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    So this is what my assembled and painted filter looks like:
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    I use old fashioned AquaNet hairspray in the purple can. The weathering on My boots has held up to the wet grass at Balloon Fiesta. I also use it as a fixative for touch ups. And it can be washed off. It never failed my big hair in the 80s, when it rained or snowed.
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    Thanks, I have checked out that post in FISD about who to buy from and who to avoid, which was very helpful and I use constantly as reference. I am in contact with several of them, leaning towards RS so far. I’ll keep you posted on who I go with. Love your last statement. Go Mando!
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    Welcome all new sandtrooper brothers and sisters! I hope to see you around the precinct.
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    56. Bori School, Hospitalet (Barcelona) 1/12/2019
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    I like this style, less is more, is has to be sand, you know because "sandtrooper", sometimes we see weathering that seems more like military camouflage or a oily mechanic Sent from my GM1900 using Tapatalk
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    I wouldn’t take this pauldron rank thing too serious as I really don’t believe the prop department guys had this in mind while filming. My guess is that when the actors dressed up for a upcoming scene they just grabbed what was available or advices by the prop department staff. At least that is what I assume...
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    Well that will depend on your Garrison's command staff present at the event. Normally I would say that it's no problem at all to attend at an event without a pack, especially as the basic 501st approval doesn't require a pack. So in Germany for example you are always allowed to take your pack off as soon as you are getting tired, even at official canon events where there are no liberties for the rest of the costume. So if you have achieved basic 501st approval, it's up to you if you want to go ahead and reach level 2/Police Officer requirements, you will need a pack for this but even if you have succesfully been approved as a police officer, nobody can force you to wear the pack at events, especially as it's not suited for tight spaces.
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    What RoCKo says, I always use the humbrol colors for my helmet builds and they are great, just forget about the mediterranean blue, what you need is the French blue 14.
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    Sorry, I don’t know anything about these federal standard number but maybe this can be of any help...
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    Hey brother, Im in the same situation as you, but maybe your don't have a 501st legionnaires taking your almost by the hand through the right path as i have. I gonna tell you my plan so far... As you, im gonna be a sandtrooper, i bought my armor to troopermaster, very nice guy, you cam contact him via his facebook page, TM armors are one of the most screen accurate armors you can buy, is a fan sculp, but, is one if the most respected among the 501st, right now he has a little problem with his abs supply but we hope it will be solve soon RS armors are as well very respected armors, you can't go wrong with them, i did not choose them because it seems that TM armors though are a fan sculp, surprisingly, people says is a touch more screen accurate, specially for ANH; and i found out that the armor that RS used to produce theirs armors had 2 right arms, they had to sculp the left arms and sometimes it looks weird, maybe they already fixed this. Anyway, read in the FISD forum the thread about where to buy and where not to buy armors to be fully aware of your options. I highly recommend you that if you are gonna go with a new expensive high estimated armor for the community, aim from the very beginning to take it to level 3 (swat), think and do everything aiming to swat level, that's what im doing, that is what a 502st member recommend me. Think about everything you will need in order to get there (level 3), the handguards, weathering, weapon, belt, the backpack, everything you buy has to be level 3 approvable, or at least potentially approvable, because for example, to get to police officer, you will need a screen accurate backpack and the weapon will be evaluated as well, the handguards needs to be latex or latex like material mot plastic, so choose wisely bro. In level 3, you will have to choose a sandtrooper from the movie and emulate him as best as possible, in EVERYTHING, including weathering. In the MEPD forum you can find everything you could possibly need to know about sandtroopers armors, and if not, ask, somenone will answer you. Sent from my GM1900 using Tapatalk
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    Finally moving forward with the last thing holding me back from pursuing SWAT, my DTL19 Bapty! I live in an apartment and I don't really have a place I could cut and grind a buttstock out of wood, so I figured I would try to model it. I am not that experienced in modeling but I tried my best! I designed this to fit my other DLT19 blaster files by TDK Props (you can order their files from their Facebook page). Special thanks to @bigwam for the references and measurements If you want to print your own, I am sharing the files with whoever wants them. You can download it here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3482953 One day I do want to make one out of wood, but I am loving how lightweight this is. It is just about 2lbs for the whole blaster, so super convenient for long troops and parades. Its not perfect, but with some TLC with filler primer and Bondo I think I can get this into shape. Its a WIP, I will for sure update along the way!
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    Thanks so much for the links! I appreciate it!
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    Ok, it should be time for some updates actually but I have been a little sidetracked (actually still to worried handpainting the details) with other projects... But I have finished the screenaccurate strapping for my Gino armor since. I was soooo tempted to build this armor 100% correct with all Neweys but I decided to keep this uberaccurate kit for my future planed RS build, so I stored it again! Anyway, I will start another thread when finished but wanted to show the current state of the armor on a mannequin bust. Except for the shin strapping the legs are also finished but I don’t have a free full-size mannequin.
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    I can’t speak too much to the fullers earth method as my kit is weathered with acrylic paints, but one nice thing is that it won’t wash off or easily smudge. I assume that would be more of a risk with the fullers earth but I could be wrong. You can always just do both too! Maybe try a few different methods on a couple pieces of scrap or a shoulder bell first Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There seem to be two main groups when it comes to weathering. There’s the people who use fuller’s earth and then there’s the paint and clean off brigade. I don’t want a bunch if ”this way is right” answers but what are the advantages and disadvantages of the two?
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    Hello my name is Broden (TD-66873) I’ve been an official member since the 5th December. My Sandtrooper is my first and only costume approved by the 501st (so far!) My local garrison is Alpine Garrison and I’m really excited to get to know all of you; So here’s to meeting new people!
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    25. Event Cinema's Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Midnight screening - Innaloo - 18/12/19 into 19/12/19
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    Backpack frame is the correct one but if your going for Uber accurate you’ll need red straps, at least for the “Move along” Trooper...
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    Great tip on the leather colouring bro!
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    No, sadly not. For basic approval, a Pauldron is required. If you aim for PO, you'll need a Backpack too. The TD without Pauldron can only be Approved as a SWAT-Trooper if it matches the one seen in ANH. Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
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    While I realize it's far to late to change, I think no pauldron should be private and black pauldron should be assistant squad leader or Corporal. When I was a cadet, pauldrons were only issued to NCOs. You don't need to put a pauldron on the lowest rank. They are easy to recognize as the guys without them. Alternatively, they could be used to mark Privates assigned to a specific task. I.E. the Privates in Platoon One wear no pauldrons and those in Platoon Two wear black. Third Platoon wears grey, etc. With this route, white would make sense as assistant squad leader and orange as Sargeant. The problem with orange as Captain is that every third TD in the film seemed to be a Captain. Even as Sargeant, that's a bit of a stretch. Darn. I overthought this, didn't I?
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