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    Yeah right, time for the review to start
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    Let's get this trooper reviewed
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    I have build a cheap mannequin with ducktape yesterday for display my armour, inspired by a garrison mate. Many other people have made this, so it's nothing new but I think it looks cool and give somebody of you a boost to build you a own. So here we go... I had to buy some 40mm plastic plumping pipes, 4 t-pieces and some bends. a bit ducktape, cheap pillows and a papersuit for paintjobs. 2 metal 1/2" pipes and 2 pieces to screw in the pipes and screw them onto a plank(I don't know the name, sorry) Also needed a pair of extra shoes and gloves. First I dressed up with the papersuit and my wife wrapped me with ducktape. She doesn't exploited the situation and so I am still alive After I was wrapped she cut me out of the ducktapesuit. I build a skeleton like in this sketch, The knees I have build with 15°bend and in the high of the waist are 2 T-pieces and in them sticks anotger 15°Bend.so it all looks a bit more alive. I have put the skeleton into the ducktape skin and close it bit for bit and put in the pillow filling. The pipes are screwed with the two pieces (don't know the name) on a Plank and the iron pipes sticks into the plastic pipes of the mannequin. I hope you like it a bit and get inspired to build your own mannequin. I am not good in all this sandtrooper knowledge, so that's my way to take part in your community PS: I need a extra pair of shoes because I must drill a big hole into them to stick it also on the metal pipes. The gloves will filled with some foam and then given a shape to hold the weapon (only simulate, the weapon will be hold by a wire to the forearm-pipes.
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    The CRL for the Magmatrooper has been reviewed and approved! It only needs to get published now. Furthermore I would like to express my thanks to all the troopers that have helped out in creating this CRL!! The link below is not the official link but the finalised version that will get published eventually. https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TD_Magma_Trooper_-_Battlefront
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    Looks like we need a new rank bar too:
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    Great stuff guys! i can remember when i started to get this thing kick started! Been running around all over the place, SpecOps then FISD and finally here. Now it is the home of the Magmatrooper. I remember when i asked Shawn about making the pack for me and the CRL is now done! i cannot believe it is here and i would love to be the first official if that is ok as Shawn said he would make sure of it
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    I know I already posted it, but damn thats a nice radio. Its staring at me until I finally get some time to work on this pack!
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    Troop #12 Music of John Williams with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra 12/23/17
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    This is the Droid i´m looking for .. (TD-22997) Martin Herodek on Facebook
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    Hello Troopers, My apologies for the short notice. This evening (January 17th) at 8PM Eastern Time, the MEPD forums will be going down for a brief maintenance window. We expect the maintenance to take 1 hour. Please use this downtime to remove any sand/debris from your weapons & field packs. Thank you, Damon
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    Added an acrylic disc to the radio dial on my radio. It really helps sell it as the real deal. The discs are 60mm and fit perfectly. I didn’t even need to glue it in place (though I might just for security) I also picked up some accurate switches at my electronic surplus store. They were from a radio also built in Hong Kong in the 70s!
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    Troops, It's almost that time of the year again( never thought I would say that) and I would like to make sure that everybody who is or thinks is eligible to vote is on the MEPD roster. Please do check your profile on the 501st forum( membership DB) if your affiliated with the MEPD. If so it should look like this: If not, apply for approval so I can get you sorted out. Thanks for your time!
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    I can post something in the ROTJ forum on FISD and see what response I get. I would just have to ship the pack to them. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Hi all, I think I finally have the "right" stuff to begin a build, after several false starts the past few years...it's uncanny how life keeps getting in the way of me building things. But, I think in this case that's a good thing as I have even more accurate parts now. Here's what I'm starting with, please let me know if any of this is wrong. My goal is to aim for a SWAT-level build quality, even if I don't take it that far...but my general approach is to do things the slow, right way, once. That probably explains why my R2 took 5 years to build, but oh well... Anyway, I currently have: - a real Karrimor frame (I think it's a bit tall, but I plan on making new holes to mount the single top bar even lower to match Strider's build when I cut it down) - a Woodman radio - Woodman vac-formed trays - real plunger mushroom caps - approx. 4.5" diameter tupperware lid - Lion Star canteen from m4vrick (which arrived in 2 weeks flat from Indonesia, not too shabby...and it looks awesome!) - black ABS pipe w/ 60.5mm (2.38") diameter...I'm hoping that's OK - crashmann 7-rib detonator plate and end caps - crashmann toilet cistern - Brexton flange-style lunch box I'll get some pictures up soon, but if any of that sounds blatantly wrong for SWAT, please let me know! Also, what's the consensus on radio dial / label visibility? I have some screenshots that show radio dials visible in the alleyway and Garindan scenes...but not specifically in the "move along" scene. Does SWAT need evidence from the exact scene being replicated, or evidence of the particular pack being replicated (knowing that only a few packs exist and therefore were used in multiple scenes)? Thanks!
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    Name: Josh Delaney 501st TD ID: 10290 Link: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=17816&costumeID=124 MEPD forum name: jdelaney Garrison: UK Garrison - Imperial Welsh Squad Lid off: Front: Front with blaster: Right side: Right side arm up: Left side: Left side arm up: Back: Back close up: Elastic shoulder straps detail: Canvas belt: Ab details: Lid: Weapon- Bapty E-11 Acton pose: Pack detail photos: Updated photo of accurate dial for this pack Fingers crossed. Thanks Josh
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    The more reference the better! Screenshot away!
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    Hi mates, i am build a TD at the Moment an i have a Little question. I want to do the pack #2 trooper from the "door Party" Scene. on his left hip is a pounch and i dont think it is a mp40 pounch... I think it's a stgw 44 but without the Little pocket on it. what do you think about it or do you know it? Thanks and Keep on rocking
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    It's not that I'm against changes but in my opinion it needs to be for the better of the collective and not for the individual. Therefor, keeping it simple is the way to go.
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    To chime in on this discussion... The simple fact that they used TK on screen has probably to do with the simple fact that the first trooper ever that got adressed on screen was TK-421. So that doesn't quite do it for me. To keep it simple the best and current solution is that both packs are with the MEPD now. Otherwise we will definitely are going to have more discussions and that won't make it easier. So that's why this decision has been made. And bear in mind that all troopers are in fact TK's and that the prefixes were made up by us, the fans and members of the 501st. I hope this helps
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    My Bucket is nearly done. Just Mic Tips, Lenses and the withe color on the screws are still missing
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    ..and now it's official peepz! https://www.501st.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=91327&p=1232906&sid=ccbd2a05ec922ac40ac5b3f339676efd Now get yourself approved Magmatroopers of the MEPD!!!
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    Hello all, This has been a long time waiting for this to happen but it is finally here!! I got my BBB back in August 2016 and i am still doing little tweaks to my trooper. So here are some pictures of the build process and hopefully i can get approved soon May 2017 September 2017 November 2017 Thanks to Shawn for building this pack, the one in the picture is his first ever one that i commissioned with him I am still working on my trooper trying to make it Level 3 clearance with the guys over at UKG.
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    Another reason for me to finish building my second Sandy, then buy some goodies from Shawn
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    Great news! The 3d printed parts for my pack are in! Because the backpack is supposed to be strapless I'll need to support the weight. I attached suspenders to the snaps underneath and that will hook onto the ab. Hopefully that will prevent the back from sliding down and pushing the chest up, choking me.
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    Hi there! I'm new here, this is my first post. I went with RS Prop Masters for my kit. This is my first build and my first shot at weathering and was curious if I'm on the right track? I went with the Fuller's Earth/Woodland Scenic route, as seen on the looksirdroids site. I'm still fitting my armor and am almost there, so I'll get that posted at a later date. But anyway, here's the helmet I've weathered so far. I wanted that really dirty-grimey, crunchy, and uneven kinda look: I'll be installing a different lens, as I'm not a fan of the flimsy lens the kit came with. Just tacked it in for now so don't mind that, lol. Thanks much!
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    We are running on the same server as the FISD and one or two more smaller detachments as Airborne Trooper mentioned earlier. Most of the times the fisd updates their forum first and afterwards the other detachments will follow. But what also helps from time to time is to clear all the cache files on your pc. Let's hope that slow load times will be the only bug.
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    Nice work Markus, looks really cool
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    Thanks! the syphon file is out of this Forum
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    It looks like a mess now, but after I clean it up and paint it it will blend right in I learned so so much from today's test fit. For one, that top area of the ab has to go. Another thing is the upper part of my under suit needs to be tailored to fit better. I was bulging out of the elbows and armpits.
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    Yup! Ill be 3d printing a mount.
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    The silver looks brighter than in real. You can see it here .. it´s darker:
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    TD-10276 that's how we get dirty
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    Troops, Only a couple days are left of 2017 which was a great year with a lot of changes. I want to thank each and everyone of you for their input, contributions, discoveries and not to forget for being awesome as a member of the MEPD. Stay safe at new years eve, have some blue milk and move along safely into 2018! -dutchy/ Justus
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    Got my Woodman radio!! Its so beautiful. Incredible craftsmanship. It is currently missing switches because I will be adding them in myself with electronics. Also got some seed trays so its finally time to start on this thing!
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    Thank you! I went ahead and added some more in the crevices and also added some darker tones for good measure.
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    I got something cool today! I pretty sure it's the first all white leather pauldron that trooperbay has made. Also got my First order shoes in. A little comparison to my sandy shoes. My R1 TK kit should be in tomorrow. Can't wait!
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    Hiya everyone, it's about time that I put my Sandy armor together! I've gotta admit, I'm a bit intimidated with starting my research on a whole new kit, but it should be a fun process. Looking forward to the build and thanks in advance for any help.
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    More photos. Spanish Dewback Patrol. Enviado desde mi SM-G900F mediante Tapatalk
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    TD-41972 7/31/17 Dune Sea Garrison- first troop
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    TD-3677 . North of Spain 8.8.2017 Relax after the Patrol
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    Bam. 2 of these screws through the back side of the pvc frame secured that sucker right on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I apologize I didn't post the steps I did to get this far with the backpack. Time is very limited for me. In other words, no time to take a pic and post it here. Sorry! Originally I wanted to get it done for our Canada Day parade on July 1 but I couldn't because of small details I had to deal with. My pack is almost complete. Shout out to Charlie (Crashmann) for the backpack kit!! It's awesome... challenging, but awesome! The only thing I have to do is fasten the top part of the seed trays to the bottom using Pandatroopers zip tie method and attach my backpack straps (had to sacrifice my old small pack for this. It served me well! ). Oh yeah, mustn't forget weathering!! Both boxes open up so I can store stuff inside especially my cell phone which will double as my player for Sandtrooper chatters. I even changed my ringtones to the imperial march and my notification to an R2D2 beep just in case someone is trying to reach me during my troop. They should blend in with the chatter. I am targeting this weekend to finish the backpack and hope to apply for PO soon. Eventually, I hope to apply for SWAT when I get my E-11 Bapty blaster done. I currently have a Hasbro Bapty blaster.
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    Well, as most of you know (and some of you may not) I have been building TD packs for awhile now. I really enjoy it and it has been my pleasure to be able to build quite a few for some fantastic Sandies out there. I really take alot of pride in every order, knowing that you guys (and gals) have put your trust in me to deliver a high quality and screen accurate field pack. With that said, I have been meaning to post a beginning to end build thread for quite some time. I get asked alot what goes into my packs. What makes them any better than the next. Well, I don't know if they are any better than anyone else's out there as I have nothing to compare them to. I only know from what the troopers who have purchased one have to say, and so far, it seems I have some very happy customers. This will be an ongoing thread that I will post to and update as time permits. I hope that some of you will find it helpful for your own pack builds. I am always available for questions as well so feel free to drop me a PM if you would like. So here goes... First of all, let me say that with the availablity of so many high quality and screen accurate parts made available by some extremely talented people here at the MEPD, it has made my job of building a high quality pack that much easier. Most of the parts I use in my builds I order from other vendors right here. I will withhold there names for now until I get their permission to post them. Even with the addition of some great and readily available parts, I always look to make them the best they can be before final installation. By that I mean taking the time to check them for any cracks or defects, trim them, sand them and basically prep them properly. The preparation of each piece is key to a great and long lasting prop. Second, I always use quality paints. I'm sure some of you out there may say that it makes little or no difference. I feel it does. Most of the parts that are used are made out of some sort of plastic material. The last thing I want is to have someone have a problem with paint peeling or flaking off their pack. I have had very good experiences with the Kryon Fusion paints for plastic so that is what I use. Third, assembly. Nothing is tie wrapped or hot glued on one of my packs. I want my packs to be assembled as if they will be really used in the field. Lord knows that on some of your troops, it will be like you are going into battle. Kids pulling of you. Pushing and pulling of knobs and switches. Adults banging into you. Close quarters with walls, doors, other costumers, not to mention the transport of your pack to and from events. This thing has to hold up. Every piece is assembled using a variety of nuts, bolts, washers, rivets and screws. All the while, keeping in mind that it still has to be lightweight. The pack build posted here will be a "Captains Pack". It is also a pack that was built using my "Modular" assembly for my overseas Troopers. Modular meaning it will break down into 2 sections for easier and MUCH less expensive shipping.