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    As HansVader said, for PO it's a requirement to wear a pack. SWAT, you could choose a trooper without a pack to get approval. Head over to the Sandtrooper armour section and have a look at the pinned pauldron colour topics, specifically orange pauldron, so you can see some backpackless loadouts. If you build your pack right for the PO approval you can use it for SWAT approval though and it does open up your choices
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    I agree with Rocko here, practice before you hit the armour with your weathering. I did mine via the paint route and the more I tested the better I got at it. What I like about the paint weathering is it’s durability, mine still looks great 2 years on and it’s worn and scratched organically while I have been trooping, looks better each time I put it on.
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    I can only echo on practicing before weathering. I use the fullers method and did some test weathering before hitting my armor. There are at least a couple of things I would recommend practicing, like how much will bring what result, how to do recesses and prominent sections like on the belly or helmet and so on... Of course you can always wash most colors off when your not happy but unfortunately I had to learn the hard way that scratches on your armor won’t let weathering come off that easy sometimes....
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    I can’t speak too much to the fullers earth method as my kit is weathered with acrylic paints, but one nice thing is that it won’t wash off or easily smudge. I assume that would be more of a risk with the fullers earth but I could be wrong. You can always just do both too! Maybe try a few different methods on a couple pieces of scrap or a shoulder bell first Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There seem to be two main groups when it comes to weathering. There’s the people who use fuller’s earth and then there’s the paint and clean off brigade. I don’t want a bunch if ”this way is right” answers but what are the advantages and disadvantages of the two?
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