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    Hi there I was very happy to see my review today. Thank you for the very quick response and the good feedback. To the question about the hook: I have installed these so that the butt does not slide up when I carry the backpack. Have seen this at some sand troopers and I wanted to prevent that. I haven't noticed the crack yet. Thanks for letting me know. Would of course fix this immediately. I am proud to be accepted as a Police Officer and I will show this with full dedication. I will send the photo to Luis (Sandman Tigui) in the next few days. So now I will report to the Mos Eisley Mess Hall to finally find these dirty droids. There is much to do. With the greatest thanks and respect
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    It always good to have a fresh pair of eyes; ones with enthusiasm and great motivation. Trevor’s radio look good, and the box part no one knows for certain. From my end, i could see perhaps a hole on it?? Again, not certain. welcome Bjorn i will follow this thread with interest as this will certainly make a good research.
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    Hello Björn and welcome to the sandpit, great to have you here mate! You're off to a good start with all the research you have already done on the pack and kudos for going for SWAT, that's what I call enthusiasm. I really think Trevor's radio looks great and is the right way to go. As far as the box is concerned, it's difficult to say. In some shots it looks like a Brexton box, then again from a different angle, the edges seem rather sharp and not as rounded as on the Brextons. It seems to have some kind of lid as there's a visible lip where it's attached to the tray. Maybe someone else can shed more light on this. Looking forward to seeing your progress on #2. Cheers mate.
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    A happy sandy new year and all the best in health, love and happiness to all of you and your loved ones for 2020. To recap 2019 in a nutshell, lot's of things happened...e.g., the LCO stepped down, the Mandalorian series started and the saga has ended….at least that's what they made us think. I personally am still the proudest detachment leader in the 501st as in my view the MEPD is the Old Dame of the detachments and will always be. We might not have as much costumes as the other Detachments but the ones we have stand out in a crowd. I hope that you all will keep the MEPD train moving, I know I will! Cheers and again, a happy sandy new year!!
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