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    Two troops in one day! Troop #1 12-7-19 Asheville Comic Con Asheville, NC I'm taking a break from my Death Trooper kit for a bit. Back in the Sandy! Fun day trooping with the Carolina Garrison. The guys are great and always make out-of-Garrison troopers feel at home. Troop #2 12-7-19 Elizabethton Christmas Parade Elizabethton, TN Into another state for another event! The Elizabethton Christmas Parade is an event we do every year and is one of the most fun. The crowd was large and enthusiastic to see so many Star Wars characters in one place!
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    21. Armadale Christmas Parade & Carols - Armadale - 07/12/19 A local parade for the suburb many of us live in. We do this one every year & is always a day before the main Perth parade.
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