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    Troop #11 Date: 2019/05/04 Event: Sod Poodles Baseball May the 4th Game Location: Amarillo, TX
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    Hi Scott! I'm hoping to see more pop up. At Celebration, there was me and maybe one other this year. I'm glad to see you go with Jim's kit! Easy kit to work with and the rogue one armor really makes the mimban look great in my opinion. I used a combination of acrylic paints on mine. I mixed grey and mars black 50/50ish and then added some burnt umber. I used this as a light wash and then slowly built it up, dabbing it off with an old t shirt. Then I used the same mix with way less water to add the thicker areas. I then dabbed some Vallejo Russian mud splash paint around. I sanded it off and reapplied quite a bit. The lower armor is thicker than the top. After that I wet each piece down and used mars black mixed with water and sprayed it out of a spray bottle. It will then run and dry over time. It worked for me! The important thing is to not go too crazy with the thick areas
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    Had mine signed by some old geezer that said that he was a sandtrooper
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    Here is the design from the past several runs: Keep an eye out on the forums for any updates if there is another run this year, @trooper1 may have more answers
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    I have been using the RAL 7031 on all of my packs this year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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