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    As some of you may or may not know I've been in touch with Bigred (TK-3257) about some more information about his Sonix radio and he recently got back to me. As a quick recap, there are currently 3 sources of found Sonix (or derivatives) radios the MEPD is aware of: 1. Sonix 75 from Bigred ---> http://www.501st.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=56013&start=20 2. Sonix 75 from Bob C. (Radio enthusiastic, not affiliated to the Star Wars community/501st) 3. North Star radio (Sonix derivative) from 1970s (MEPD user name) >>> http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?showtopic=9335 So without further ado, this is the information about the measurements that Bigred has shared (posting of this mail with his permission): Which would translate to this: My take on it: Given the recently surfaced new measurements of the somewhat larger Karrimor frame it does make sense that the radio is also slighlty larger as anticipated. The width of the radio reflects the measurements that "1970s" has already taken however the hight given by Bigred is about 2cm longer than the measurements from 1970s (take from the North Star Clone). He mentiones a 5 pin din socket on the right side but no D-ring, though it would be possible that not all Sonix radios had the D-ring. He states that both jack plugs on the left side have the word "mic" above it but I think that's just a typo as he mentioned in his thread about the found radio that the word above the lower one is "ear". I'm very much looking forward to check out the new pictures he aims to send and will certainly put them here in this thread. It would be great to finally have secure information about all measurements and "greeblies" of the Sonix!
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    I have had to do this on my kidney plate as I am a fan of IPAs lol. You did the right way and use ABS paste. Best thing to do is sand it and polish it smooth as possible before weathering. I would go back and remove the weathering and smooth it more. If you need to get new thighs, hit up Walt’s Trooper Factory as he makes bigger thighs with little wait time.
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    Hi Huasi, -I have the Armor revised and are also noticed a few things, the T21 is new gewaethert and the sling changed. the boots are new the oak has yesterday with leather paint still painted and geweathert. then I've adjusted the armor again. -The pauldron I just changed in detial (coffee stain) Enclosed the new photos ... best regards Andi
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