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    I wasn't sure on the spacing for the stripes thank you, I'll work on redoing them. I'm aiming for the "Move along" and I'l like to be PO at some point so getting it right the first time will save me rework in the end. I might also have to redo the ears to make more tube space to fit more stripes. Thank you both for the feed back. I'll work on it and post more pics.
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    Nice new filter! Looks great. But What happened to the old Tupperware container you had? The shape was spot on, ..just needed to lose the nubs in its corners. Lol.. A nice touch would be to paint the silver screws you have holding the trays together. If someone would take a picture of you with a flash, they will really shine. Your doing awesome work! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I have checked and cleared all new requests so you should be good to go @Chopper48104
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    I'm very happy with 'Imperial Boots' and as a vendor they are excellent...if you fit a size 45 (11 US) I have a new pair that I'm happy to let go of cheap. Super comfortable with quality construction. They are ready to go (weathered) for a Sandy...look in the classifieds or PM me. Also, x2 for Anthony Bailey (here) is prolly the best source for correct leather pouches. Another excellent vendor/legion brother.