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    Just need the 501st to clear up this stupid merchandising drama so we can get a smaller patch made.
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    Ok... I think I have my audio issues sorted out. I'm going to do further testing this afternoon but I think I finally have it licked. HUGE test coming this Friday as it's Star Wars Night at the local minor league baseball team game.
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    Looking good man, looks like we’ll have a bunch of sandies for the solo troop! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not a bad idea! Most people post their builds in the armor section of the forum for feedback. I would recommend posting there Command staff can discuss, but I don't know if creating a whole separate section for pre approvals is entirely necessary right now. I will see what the rest of the staff thinks though, thanks for the suggestion!
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    Weathering is a matter of taste. @pandatrooper provided the "how" guide that a lot of us sandies follow. Doesn't mean you have to always follow that; and as to how much... the generally accepted notion here is: "less is more". I say: Keep on doing what you're doing. Looks good!
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    Ordered a coyote from Amazon, and a “name” tape from Etsy tonight. Need a patch for the front.
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    Saw that. Looks horrid. And way too floppy. I’ve been looking at the Rothco coyote boonie, and will probably order one this week so I have it in time for the Solo troops (assuming/hoping I’m TD approved in time).
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    I love my Army issued boonie cap. Since I was in the 82nd, we wore them while deployed while the rest of the non-airborne (legs lol) Army guys wore patrol caps. Not a fan of the legion one. We can do better
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    Greetings folks, I wanted to share with you my T-21 Blaster, 3D printed parts from TK421 Propstop (Ollie's store). **** of a nice guy and a fun project over the past month. Future upgrades involve better sling hardware and real surplus Enfield slings. If anyone has details on the greeblies, I wouldn't mind having a look see. I'm on the fence at the moment on whether or not to add them.
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    I would totally be open to something more WW2. Since many of the props used were from WW2 or WW1
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    Need the rounded ones to be era correct. Make a custom MEPD one