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    The third is different, tow hole on eah side and a belt is sewn on it. Size 53 cm long and 9cm for the third part and 53 cm/ 10 cm for the others . In each side a metal part ... and a karrimor buckle part.
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    A 360 view of my current pack. This is built to the spec of the thread above but it has the longer antenna whereas the SWCE pack had the shortened variation. I plan on stripping this down and re-stuffing the alice pack to create a more squared off shape. I hope to make it a little lighter in weight in the process. While the pack is dismantled it will give me the opportunity to exchange 2 of the original webbing loops on the bottom, inside corners of the pack with the correct polypropylene webbing.
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    So, when I saw the Big Game teaser in the early hours of Monday night (in the UK) I immediately noticed something we the troopers appeared in the transit centre shot right at the beginning. If you look closely - at 00:07 - you can see what looks like a back pack on one of the troopers. The profile is very rounded rectangular shape. Is it possible that the we will get to see a Crystal Patrol Pack in SOLO? Or a variant of it? If SOLO is approx. 10 years before R1 / ANH then the Death Star programme is well underway. In the R1 Catalyst novel we know that Galen Erso was working on Kyber Crystals and energy generation / transfer during the latter part of the Clone War. The scene from the SOLO teaser appears to be in some transit centre / station and close examination of the footage shows that the troopers are searching people. Searching for Kyber Crystals? This also links to why we see the Crystal Patrol Pack being worn by a trooper on The Ring of Kafrene station in R1 - a transit hub where smuggled Kyber Crystals have a good chance of being discovered. All just hypothesis, but the profile looks about correct for Crystal Patrol Pack (or a variant of it) and the context of the setting appears sensible. Of course we may never know as likely that scene will always be in the background, if it even makes it into the final cut of the movie! But food for thought. Mr Paul has also been looking and supplied the screen grabs.