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    Thank you for the trust in urs and me, thanks to felice for the done work. We will do our best! I think, we will have a great time!
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    That thought crossed my mind too. Would be quite a way to make an entrance!
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    Your attention to detail is a perfect fit here at MEPD. You may not only be the first R1 trooper here, but maybe the first PO and SWAT R1 Trooper!
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    Felice has stepped down from his Deployment Officer function within the Command Staff. I would like to hank him for all his input and loyalty! @Felice, thanks for everything you've done my friend! Leaves me to one other thing and that is to introduce 2 new Deployment Officers who have a lot of knowledge and are more than ready to tackle those PO and/ or SWAT requests! -bigwam "Thomas", TD-30571 -Hausi "Urs", TD-21027 God speed and welcome to the team my brothers!
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    Shawn, Fab work. As you know I love this pack and will be tapping you up in the new year for one. Still looking at rigging options on this to get the 'clean' no straps attachment. Interesting to see the Republic Commando attachment method. May be thinking of going dedicated back plate route i.e. attaching permanently to a back plate that I switch out with another 'clean' back plate for other deployment options i.e. no pack, ANH packs, or using the Crystal Patrol pack etc.