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    I have build a cheap mannequin with ducktape yesterday for display my armour, inspired by a garrison mate. Many other people have made this, so it's nothing new but I think it looks cool and give somebody of you a boost to build you a own. So here we go... I had to buy some 40mm plastic plumping pipes, 4 t-pieces and some bends. a bit ducktape, cheap pillows and a papersuit for paintjobs. 2 metal 1/2" pipes and 2 pieces to screw in the pipes and screw them onto a plank(I don't know the name, sorry) Also needed a pair of extra shoes and gloves. First I dressed up with the papersuit and my wife wrapped me with ducktape. She doesn't exploited the situation and so I am still alive After I was wrapped she cut me out of the ducktapesuit. I build a skeleton like in this sketch, The knees I have build with 15°bend and in the high of the waist are 2 T-pieces and in them sticks anotger 15°Bend.so it all looks a bit more alive. I have put the skeleton into the ducktape skin and close it bit for bit and put in the pillow filling. The pipes are screwed with the two pieces (don't know the name) on a Plank and the iron pipes sticks into the plastic pipes of the mannequin. I hope you like it a bit and get inspired to build your own mannequin. I am not good in all this sandtrooper knowledge, so that's my way to take part in your community PS: I need a extra pair of shoes because I must drill a big hole into them to stick it also on the metal pipes. The gloves will filled with some foam and then given a shape to hold the weapon (only simulate, the weapon will be hold by a wire to the forearm-pipes.
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    We are running on the same server as the FISD and one or two more smaller detachments as Airborne Trooper mentioned earlier. Most of the times the fisd updates their forum first and afterwards the other detachments will follow. But what also helps from time to time is to clear all the cache files on your pc. Let's hope that slow load times will be the only bug.
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    More of the build thread has been added. I will get some more up soon. Apologies for it taking so long.
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    TD 16103 They’re for sale if you want them... “Look sir, Mr. Whiskers...!” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This one is really nice, especially as there are cadets from the GA in it!
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    Check out our Galactic Academy cadets, and Andrew Villanueva TD 66427, this weekend.
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    This is the Droid i´m looking for .. (TD-22997) Martin Herodek on Facebook
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    More photos. Spanish Dewback Patrol. Enviado desde mi SM-G900F mediante Tapatalk
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    TD-41972 7/31/17 Dune Sea Garrison- first troop
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    Wow the trooper on the right is a bit tall for a trooper , no