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    Hey gents It's been a long time coming and I promise the wait is almost over . A few things came up that pushed us back but it's gonna be worth the wait (I hope lol) Here's a few pics of the very first casting from the new mold . It's just the lower, but we have the last part in silicone as we speak . We wanted to improve upon what we had offered years ago and made a few changes : 1. Separate feed tray cover 2. Separate muzzle 3. Charging handle included and will be screwed on 4. Disc molded in 5. Ejection port box is molded in 6. Fins are molded in and have slots for the wire (they will come pre-wired by us) 7. The selector lever is now present Here's a few pics Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As you all have noticed the forum layout has been changed. In the subs for the Cities you can find eacher respective armor. The initial plan was to work with precincts but that was too much work to get realised. I hope you like it because there is more to come!! Thanks to Daetrin for helping out!!