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    Guys and gals, we are currently in a hold on shirts because the mouse has slammed the door on us ordering. Disney has put a lock on all clothing orders right now. My question is this? Please reach out as well to others. If you were wanting a racing shirt send me a PM stating so. I am going to at least have a list so if we can order will know how many we need.
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    I would go one size larger if the large is close to size to start with. They run a little small
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    So I’m bored and while waiting on my radio parts... Weathered my pack using same technique as my armor (which is really pandatrooper’s). I only used two colors of Liquitex acrylics... Results: I got it to match my armor perfectly; still have to weather my radio once it’s done, but I’m super happy with the result! Test trooped around my barracks room...I’ve learned pretty much to suit up by myself, just have to be careful not to drop anything. Shoulder straps are hitting right on where my suit shoulder straps are; no pinching or biding anywhere, and it seems to be riding perfectly across my back (I’ll let you all know when I do my next 4+ hour how it feels). Need to secure my shoulder pouch but other than that I am super happy!! “Move along...move along.” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey I am working on getting this going. Having issues with supplier getting pricing. finally got them to answer an email, and now awaiting final price quote so I can get them posted. Hopefully this week.
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    Can I get you input on my kit? I Am going for entry level approval right now. I have built this on my own. This is the first time doing anything like this. I submitted my photos the first time and was turned down and given a list of stuff that needed to be changed and for the better, no doubt. I see now where it was for the better. I have since changed everything that was on the list and before I send them back in would like some input from you all with the knowledge to see if anything else needs to be fixed first. I will show the original photos and then the work in progress ones and then my current photos. Thank you all for your help. Once I get basic approval I will be reaching for police officer,for deployment. I just want to help make the kids smile. https://imgur.com/a/6YwLhmS
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    Ok...mounted completed radio to pack, and after adding some tape to “hold it together” here it is! Crook Knight Pack #3 Really had fun with the build, and Shawn was super easy to deal with! Also shout out to Tony for the radio parts...Grazie! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So while doing the dishes last night I pick up a used ice cream tub to give it a scrub before putting it in the recycling, as I'm looking at it my mind starts to work and I begin to think that it's almost the right shape for a brexton box. I get it washed and dried and then get the tape measure out to discover that it is the exact right dimensions. Talk about a bonus. That's been added to my WIP pile now. Just need to finish yet another E11 blaster and an X-Wing pilot helmet before I can start work in earnest on it.
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    Got back from Phoenix Fan Fusion... So some of this might be a repost (my apologies)... Radio: I received most of my internals for the radio...MP3 board, 4ohm speaker... Mounted speakers using wire and cut a Pringle’s can for the tube... A fellow Chief (ETC Type) soldered my slide switch and my speaker wire for me... Glued switch in place and packed the hole with ABS paste... Using spray adhesive and rivets for the feet I wrapped it with the provided pleather... I started on the 8-pin din side and screwed it down so I could stretch the pleather tightly around and riveted the feet in place... After that, I mounted the carry strap mounts and antenna... I then weathered it using acrylic... Twisted a length of wire using a drill, and...Tada!! I loaded up 8hrs of TD Chatter, which should get me through most events! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey Terrell! Always good to see new brothers going the rough and dirty way! Post photo's of what got so far. We'd love to see them and help you any way we can mate.
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    Hey Gary, as your armor looks too shiny and white, just give it a wash with some earth/sand colored paint. You don't have to overdo it.
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    I like the weathering. Did you use the same stuff as the rest of your pack? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Radio: It’s going to be a while for my internal stuff for the radio (3w speaker, MP3 board) so I went ahead and added the knobs then weathered the face and added the stickers... Ok, that’s all for now; heading to Phoenix AZ for their Con. When I get back will finish the radio! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello all. I’m currently building a TD here in Arizona. I already have a TK that is 501st approved, but I really want a TD. I’m finishing up the build. I do have to dirty it up and get some accessories to complete it. Looking forward to talking to you all and hopefully getting some pointers on becoming a good representative of the MEPD. Mike
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    That’s a great find on roadblock captain V2. I’ve never seen that pic and will definitely be adding that pouch to my kit! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Megacon Orlando 2019 Twin Suns Patrol ... we’re gonna need to see some identification Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey man. I am getting ready to order some canteens from Vince. I will send you one.
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    No, that pack is perfectly good for PO, don't worry mate. You can still upgrade later but I do still highly recommend such an upgrade. How much does your pack weigh?
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    Troop #12 Date: 2019/05/11 Event: Yellow City Comic Con (YC3) Location: Amarillo, TX
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    Arrest #9. May 11, 2019. Universe of Stories, Adamstown, Pa.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    63.- ASUA Fest for 500 children (MAR-23-2019) - Anahuac University
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    Congratulations to @Airborne Trooperand @Koryu1212(Dan D) for successfully completing 25 troops. Did you find those missing droids yet?