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    Here’s the latest addition to my armoury. Machined aluminium parts plus 3D printed parts combined. Not 100% accurate but near enough for trooping/display The brackets for the mag strap should be here this week then I can get that fitted. I’ll post an update when it’s on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Since the old list is no longer visible, I rewritten and updated it: SWAT: Forumname: Garrison: ID: Emulated Trooper: #1 Rolf Danish Garrison 252 Move Along Cpt. #2 Trooper1 Garrison Carida 3936 Dewback Rider #3 Smally UKG 7141 Road Block Cpt. #4 JK007 UKG 2755 Alley Check Cpt. #5 Sir David UKG 5996 Stop that Ship Cpt. #6 DirtyBoy Connecticut 4401 Dewback Rider #7 Phil65 UKG 2921 Docking Bay Cpt. V1 #8 the dirty trooper UKG 2479 Desert Sergeant #9 Miksi German Garrison 7930 Road Block Cpt. #10 Sandflea Star Garrison 7435 Cantina Sergeant #11 Nick.Black UKG 5884 Stop that Ship Cpt. #12 Darth Chridan German Garrison 7987 Desert Sergeant #13 Iconoclasta_88 Mexican Garrison 8800 Move Along Cpt. #14 Davemars UKG 5423 Move Along Cpt. #15 TD-8266 Southern California 8266 Move Along Cpt. #16 Bigdane Nordic Garrison 10252 Docking Bay Cpt. V1 #17 Beren Florida Makaze 9389 Docking Bay Cpt. V2 #18 Sand Devil Neon City Garrison 10072 Move Along Cpt. #19 Rhapsodyred99 Garrison Tyranus 11038 Move Along Cpt. #20 Lord Triste Spanish Garrison 3677 Cantina Cpt. #21 Havoc UKG 6538 Docking Bay Sgt. V1 #22 Opi Wan German Garrison 86079 Move Along Cpt. #23 DarthGrace Excelsior Garrison 5631 Move Along Cpt. #24 boltstrooper Southern California 4937 Move Along Cpt. #25 Helotrooper Dune Sea 5224 Roadblock Cpt. #26 TK4949 HongKong Garrison 4949 Desert Sergeant #27 felice German Garrison 20047 Desert Sergeant #28 Mr_Hair UKG 46800 Cantina Cpt. #29 Milo Japanese Garrison 77525 Desert Sergeant #30 VF2112 Southern Cross 21112 Cantina Cpt. #31 VECSPEED12 Golden Gate Garrison 9512 Move Along Cpt. #32 UKSWRATH Golden Gate Garrison 10116 Cantina Cpt. #33 SID Polish Garrison 4048 Desert Sergeant #34 Millenium1 UKG 10068 Desert Sergeant #35 DaeLMa German Garrison 22011 Desert Cpt. #36 sandtrooper 70th Explorers 8867 Road Block Sergeant V2 #37 Old Nic German Garrison 31967 Move Along Cpt. #38 Robster Cloud City Garrison 8821 Cantina Sergeant #39 Strider German Garrison 16080 Cantina Cpt. #40 Cipher UKG 89000 Move Along Cpt. #41 Little Skywalker German Garrison 18987 Docking Bay “no Rank” #42 TD-Sharp German Garrison 12169 Docking Bay Sgt. V1 #43 TD42115 Canadian Garrison 42115 Docking Bay Cpt. V2 #44 Felixdario German Garrison 22013 Cantina Cpt. #45 Moley77 UKG 81913 Alley Check Private V2 #46 spOOL68 70th Explorers 68686 Docking Bay Cpt. V1 #47 jcalus Badlands Garrison 84414 Road Block Cpt. V2 #48 hausi German Garrison 21027 Docking Bay Cpt. V2 #49 bigwam German Garrison 30571 Falcon Take Off Private #50 Heroma97 German Garrison 22997 Docking Bay Cpt. V1 #51 m4vrick Garuda Garrison 17778 Cantina Cpt. #52 talizman UKG 21804 Cantina Cpt. #53 Andi53 German Garrison 29185 Docking Bay Cpt. V2 #54 TD 9366 Chinese Garrison 9366 Move Along Cpt. #55 hausi German Garrison 21027 Move Along Cpt. #56 Doubledx German Garrison 82112 Alley Check Private V2 #57 bigwam German Garrison 30571 Roadblock Private
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    Holy shit, those details... and I like it a lot that you have chosen to include aluminium parts, they look sharp and just add that "real-metal-touch". The 3D-printed parts look great too and the weathering is spot on,well done. As a side note: you know that the RT-97c seen in the movie has no inner barrel?
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    Hey Urs....thanks for the kind words! Yes, sure....I’ll add some of the progress pics from the build. I did the 3D prints and a friend of mine did the metal work...hence it being a collaboration. I’ll try keep the pics in some kind of order. Hope these are ok? The charging handle is also a working mechanism but is redundant as the hose for the IR scope is in the way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've started putting together some footage from my build and definitely got sucked into adding more content to it. I'm planning on doing 3 videos: One for the parts, sources, tools, and materials, One for the assembly and attachment of everything, And one for the weathering. I've finished the first one and wanted to share it here! I hope that it can be helpful to all our future troopers looking for resources.
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    Thank you so much Hausi, i´m so happy. The best news today!!!! Woohoooooooo!!!!
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    Hi folks, after finishing some other side projects around my house it's time for another SW related project. Since you're no "real" sandtrooper if you don't have a bapty, I decided to build one. At the end of last year I earned some experience with smoothing out the printlines of 3D printed parts with liquid resin. So I want to gowith a 3D printed Bapty version made by 3d props NL. I've ordered a diy kit but due the pandemic everything took much longer. Last week was BBD and I was confused why the box so big because I expected it to be much smaller. And the reason was that it almost came completely assambled. I disassambled the blaster today to seperate all the parts because smoothing out is much easier. The whole blaster is a mixture of 3D printed parts aligned arround an aluminum pipe and some parts which were casted in resin. I'll definately want to exchange some parts like the scope rail and the trigger guard with metal parts but first there will be a lot of filling and sanding. There are some real good WIP in the forum and Originalprop is a good resource. I'll keep you guys updated! Cheers Arne
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    WOW!! Seriously. Just WOWWWWWWW!!! I love it. This too is my favorite blaster. You’ve done an excellent job. The metal parts look incredible.
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    Hello my name is Willi, after 5 years being TK, it's now time for me to transform my slowly yellowing TK into a beautiful TD. First i removed all the parts that make up a TK. shoulderstraps, kneeplate etc. When I finished that, I also started removing the characteristics of a TK from the helmet and started the oily sandy weathering at the same time. I use burnt umber, yellow ochre and black acrylics. Torso front and arms. OII Thigh left and right Lower legs and boots I know what you're thinking: where is the sniperplate? Since the photo's are a bit older, this is already mounted and will of course be submitted later. That's all for today folks. Criticism and suggestions for improvement are very welcome
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    The Spanish sandtroopers, recently we have been able to enjoy the company of Anthony Forrest, and although the limitations of movement between localities, the confinements and the measures of social distance have not made it easy, we have met him on a couple of occasions. Anthony is a kind, grateful guy who does not want to be recognized nor does he want to have a professional life that does not allow him to enjoy his privacy and anonymity, but who signs up when he knows that the environment is healthy, enjoying with the fans of the Saga and their SandBrothers. He is a guy worth knowing who represents the strengths of the Dewback Patrol very well. During a meeting with Anthony Forrest we showed him the video we made celebrating his visit and thanking him for his attention and love. We leave you the video and his reaction. Intro text in English .... " Tatooine, Mos Eisley An old man and a boy mock Imperial authority, using an old mind trick from a group of warlocks known as the Jedi. During this time, our partner Anthony Forrest, has been forced to suffer in solitude and silence the taunts of the rebellious scum, until today. The Dewback Patrol of the Spanish Garrison wants to support our SandBrother, it could have happened to any of us ... #AllAreAnthony " See you soon Anthony, the Dewback Patrol eagerly awaits our future plans to come true and we will meet again in the meantime…. Move along, Move along
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    This looks really nice. great effort
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    great news and welcome to the sandpit Joe
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    This gun looks great! Nice job! I have thought about doing one.
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    Hardest part so far have been the thighs. I think i am on the right track, though... I have large thighs, i guess. needed to make room, used shims/cover strips to my advantage in the front. I will use a shim/polyflex at the bottom to bridge the gap of the left thigh. The right is a little more tricky. This one needs to be butt joined, but again, i needed to make space. I used shims to make the gap, and added a small extra shim at the top to give me a surface to apply polyflex, and eventually shape the top to match the CRL. Was chatting on the 850 FB group about this modification, but haven't received any feedback. Photo before the cover strip. I also added some shims at the bottom, will apply polyflex here to bridge the gap/fill as well.
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    The RTC is my favorite blaster. I like your built very much! Great!!
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    Thanks Urs! Yeh....the inner barrel was already done tbh but I don’t mind it [emoji51] Glad u approve Sir [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looks good, great!
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    27. CPNassau COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Event, Roosevelt, 3/31/2021
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    26. Corvin’s Birthday Message, Lake Grove, 10/24/2020
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    List with number of SWAT officers and garrison: 70th Explorers Garrison 2 Badlands Garrison 1 Canadian Garrison 1 Chinese Garrison 1 Cloud City Garrison 1 Connecticut Garrison 1 Danish Garrison 1 Dune Sea Garrison 1 Excelsior Garrison 1 Florida Makaze 1 Garrison Carida 1 Garrison Tyranus 1 German Garrison 17 Garuda Garrison 1 Golden Gate Garrison 2 Hong Kong Garrison 1 Japanese Garrison 1 Mexican Garrison 1 Neon City 1 Nordic Garrison 1 Polish Garrison 1 Southern California 2 Southern Cross Garrison 1 Spanish Garrison 1 Star Garrison 1 UKG 13
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    Hello my Dirty Trooper Brothers and Sisters, This is a momentous and exciting day for all of us. Overwhelmingly, I expect that at this point in time, you truly have no idea as to why it is such an exciting day. Allow me to explain. It is inevitable that we will face change in nearly all areas of our lives eventually. Our costuming hobby is no different. Whether it is new movies, TV shows, or video games which present us with new opportunities, or a bold new idea for an exciting piece of merchandise that excites us, change brings with it a variety of emotions and energy. It is in this spirit of change, excitement, and energy, that this day breaks with new direction for us all. Inspired by the examples presented in the world today, by Disney, LFL, and the 501st Legion as global entities committed to effecting positive change in our world, and in the spirit of unity, camaraderie, and togetherness that we announce a major change in operations for us as members of the Mos Eisley Police Detachment. As we all know – or maybe we don’t, but I will explain – the first scenes ever shot for anything Star Wars were some of those on the desert planet of Tatooine. It was there that the first world of Star Wars came to life for us. As a way to honor the history of the saga that shaped so many of our lives, it has been decided that, effective immediately, the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment, its CRLs, staff functions, websites, Facebook groups, members, etc are absorbed into the Mos Eisley Police Department. We look forward to serving proudly alongside our shiny comrades in armor and having the opportunity to order new (to us) racing shirts, coins, and patches! With unquestioned loyalty, dirt don’t hurt!
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    Skeptical by looking at today's date;)
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    Hello hausi, thank you for the comments and the second review. I think you are right and i will put some wash with earth on the spots, that are shown. Today, it is cold outside, so there is no work around the house and i have time to do this now. Pics are comming ... Thanks bigwam
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    Hi, look, these are the CRL's that you have to meet in order to become a PO. Here you can see what is required for the PO.# Best Regards, bigwam
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    Patrol #50 21JAN21 Wedding at the Pena-Pec House in St Augustine, FL. First troop with my new Squad! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Patrol #49 15Feb20 Imperial Valley Comic Con Got to meet Vic Mignogna and Dickey Beer, the stunt actor for Boba Fett in ROTJ, this was also our last troop before Covid [emoji17] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Patrol #48 08Feb20 Mysterious Galaxy Grand Opening Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Patrol #47 Santa comes to El CENTRO Border Patrol... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Patrol #46 San Diego Gulls Star Wars Night Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Patrol #45 16NOV19 Autism speaks walk. Myself and Mike from TrooperBay... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wow! Sorry took so long to upload...(like over a year!) 10NOV19 Patrol #44 Pottery Barn for Kids, St. Jude’s fundraiser. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    29. February 29th, 2020 Mysticon
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    25. Martinsville Mustangs Star Wars Night, June 25th 2019
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    SWAT's goal is to emulate a particular sandtrooper from a particular scene. All of the photos of the sandtrooper backpacks show the seed trays have a flat edge, and that is why they are sliding apart and barely held together with gaffer's tape: So, if you're going for SWAT, do not leave the lip around one of the trays. Trim the trays so they are flat. Charlie
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