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    Hey everybody... I had to make a new trooperbay facebook page as I have somehow deleted myself as admin from my first trooperbay page...lol. Apparently this is not easy to undo... Anyway.. if you would like and follow my new page I would be grateful!! My new page is https://www.facebook.com/Trooperbayshop/ Thanks !!!
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    Name: Daniel Wong Legion ID #: TD-6316 Forum Name: tk6316 Garrison: Malaysia Garrison Trooper Emulated: Docking Bay 94 (Sergeant) Police Officer : On-screen trooper (right) vs Applicant (left) Photo 1 Photo 2 Helmet Armor Blaster That is all for my application and would appreciate any feedback or changes needed for my kit to be approved. Thanks!
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    Hey guys! I just stumbled across this thread and thought it would be a cool idea to share my own Karrimor frame. So, I figure this is definitely not the correct size. It's too long, compared to the frames that were used on screen. Width-wise it seems to fit well enough, but to make this look accurate I would have to move the upper bar (the second one from the top) down a few centimeters and cut off everything above it. However, I believe these longer frames can be converted to achieve an accurate look. Mine got two of the red "braces", and the thing looks used already... Less weathering needed. Even though it doesn't look like it in the picture, the tape-measure is aligned with the bottom of the frame.
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    Hi folks ! I'm Kevin, 21 year old law student from Brussels, Belgium. After knowing the 501st since 2015 but couldn't join back then (because I was 15), I'm finally gathering up the money for my RS Prop Masters Sandtrooper ! I hope this is the start of a great adventure ! I want to join the 501st for the love of Star Wars but also to help others, putting a smile on someone's face is priceless and that's why I love the 501st. Another thing I like is the trading inside of the 501st (patches, coins, shirts, etc.) That's all ! Thanks for adding me on the forum
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    Thanks for the answer mate ! Police officer is the level I'd wish to achieve when having my armor, SWAT looks a little bit complicated
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    Hi Kevin, well, RS Propmaster's armor is one of the best out there and they always keep updating their stuff which I really appreciate. Seems like they also quite regularly check our MEPD forums here. If it suits you well, it should be good for level 2/ Police Officer here. However,that's never guaranteed, each applicant will have to apply for this level of screen accuracy after getting basic 501st approval with his local garrison.
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    All the kids look happy, great job! And cool pics as well, thanks for sharing!
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    Hi Kevin, welcome to the sandpit! Good to have you here with us and also congrats on choosing the most awesome costume out there, sandies rule. I hope you have lots of fun here on the forums and even more fun when your gear from RS finally arrives and you will be putting smiles on people's faces and giving high-fives to the kids. Cheers mate
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    19th Arrest- Festus Elementary Autism Visit 6/13/22
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    hello guys have been meaning to post this, got this sweet sandtrooper artwork when we went to RCCC here back in september.
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    Great eye Dustytrooper! I think you are definitely right on the money with this. When you look at some of the clearer pictures, you can also make out similar rivet mount points and the side wiring. I think mystery solved
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    You can actually see the rolled edge lips and center caps with wires coming out. Also the fact that the vintage Fender guitar amps have exactly 5 of the correct size in the correct orientation with what appears to be those small resistors and wires on a base pad is what does it for me. And most importantly it makes sense in terms of the year as these Paper style capacitors are from the correct time frame. Not to mention Chewbacca’s Bowcaster had the exact same Knobs that came on all these vintage Fender guitar amplifiers so there’s a good chance the prop makers had one they used for greeblies. That little knob is actually another clue that led me to look into Fender tube amp Capacitors which I had immediately recognized because I used to play fender amps and I’ve been playing guitar for over 30 years.These came on most of the vintage Fender amps back in the 60’s and 70’s. Such as the Deluxe, Vibrolux, and Twin Reverb series, or even the Fender Bassman. The issue is all of these vintage amps usually go for big bucks and are sought after by many musicians and studios. It really would be a shame to destroy a perfectly good vintage Fender amp! Though the capacitors do eventually leak and need replacement from time to time, so perhaps old spent capacitors from a repair shop could be appropriate for pack parts. As you can see they are the right size. About the same depth as the seed tray.
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    For example, the helmet of the "look sir droids" is the same of the dewback rider and one of the troopers in the docking bay shootout, but the armor has different set up. I believe there were only 6 full suits for the tattoine scenes Sent from my GM1900 using Tapatalk
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    The reason that happened is because between shots, the actors playing the sandtroopers will take off parts of the armor and pile them on a corner until is time to shoot again during the undressing and dressing process some actors will switch pieces without noticing the mistake or worrying about it. There are many of those cases during the few minutes we see the sandies on screen Sent from my GM1900 using Tapatalk
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    Personally I'd say welcome to our Dirty Brothers and Sisters!
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    Try here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14dFKqYsYqLxVZJN_HkotqTAb30kHg38D/view?usp=sharing
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    Hi Logan, sorry for the late reply, your armor looks good already but if I may give you some advice: I would suggest pulling up the whole torso by cutting out the neck opening in your chest further and maybe also shortening the shoulder pieces. This will also give you more overall freedom of movement. As far as your weathering is concerned, I would suggest toning it down, too many dark spots all over,also on the helmet. It would look a lot better if you just had some dark sport remaining but overall a light sand-weathering which I always achieve by giving my armor several washes with a watered-down mixture of acrylic paint (Vallejo game color earth) and dabbing most of it off again using paper towels. That way you would look much more in line with what we see on-screen. I know that weathering is also about personal preference so if you get your basic approval with this weathering, everything's fine. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
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    https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink/topic?url=http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/topic/14034-vintage-karrimor-totem-frame-measurements/&share_tid=14034&share_fid=33779&share_type=t&link_source=app Vintage Karrimor Tot'em frame measurements... Found it. Hope this helps. Sent from my SM-A505W using Tapatalk
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    I made mine from pvc electrical conduit. I found some measurements for the karrimor totem here and made a couple jigs to get the angles right. Then heated up sand to form the pipes shape. Worked really well and quite a lot cheaper than finding and shipping a vintage totem to Canada. It was a few yrs back, so you may have to scroll a ways, or Google karrimore totem dimensions. That's how I found them. [emoji106] Best of luck. Sent from my SM-A505W using Tapatalk
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    Hey Folks, finished my backpack during the last few weeks. Thanks to the help of the fantastic videos of mikelbrierly Also a big shoutout to the pack that Crashman delivered. Very pleased with it. These are the results:
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