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    Recently I bought a Hyperfirm RT-97C. The details on the blaster I think great, only the paint has not quite promised me. I also wanted to modify some other little things. For the paint job, I took my real MG-15 as a role model. Before: After: I attached a strap to the drum After painting, I thought the single point scope had to be reworked as well. But what to use for the neon stick ...? My daughter had the idea. Now, it looks so much better than before ....
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    I’m pretty sure the original vintage canteens “Gio Style” are definitely what they used on the original packs. i really can’t imagine the prop department taking off the texture as it would take far too much time and they were really in a hurry just before travelling to Tunisia!
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    Update!!! The armor will be here Friday and CrookKnight will post updates on the backpack. I hope to start on it Saturday.
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    Hello Johan, welcome for the first review of a R1 Jedha Sandtrooper! It is my honor to be able to rate this first! Application Review: Part 1 Name: Johan Warden Legion ID: TD-42131 Forum Name: yoshix Garrison: Florida Garrison Helmet a. Green lenses: check b. Traps / tears: check c. Correct number of teeth: check d. Mic tips: check e. Vocoder color: check f. Tube stripes: check g. Rank bar on ears: check h. Brow: check i. Side screws implied : check j. Weathering: check k. mesh: check *additional comments* RESULT ON HELMET Checked & Cleared Armor details a. R1-details: check b. neck seal: check c. black undersuit: check d. shoulder bells: check e. biceps: check f. forearms: check g. pauldron: check h. chest / back plate: check i. kidney / butt plate: check j. ab plate / side rivets / cod: check k. strapping system: check l. thighs: check m. shins / calves: check n. sniper plate: check o. boots: check p. gloves: check q. hand plates / guards: check r. ammo belt (waist): check s. ammo belt (right knee): check t. canvas belt: check u. weathering: check *additional comments* RESULT ON ARMOR Checked & Cleared Backpack a. details: see comments b. weathering: check *additional comments* - the color of the bottle and the other "blue" parts is to blue. It looks more than the RAL7031 of the ANH-Backpack: RESULT ON BACKPACK *pending* Weapon a. details: see comments b. weathering: check *additional comments* There is a M19-Scope on your Blaster, you need a M38 Scope! RESULT ON WEAPON *pending* Johan, i like your built! So many details, so much work. These two small changes and you are the first R1-Sandtrooper with PO-status! Stay tuned! Best Reagrds, bigwam
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    In cooperation with yoshix, the following CRL's for the PO status of the R1 Jedha Troopers were worked out: Helmet: · Ear bars have four bumps only. · Head opening has black trim running all along the edge. · Brow trim should be positioned 1/4" above the eyes. · Ear screws must not have a visible slot mark and be flush to the ear. · Any gap between the ears and helmet will only appear to be a seam, not any bigger. · Chin section has a well defined seam from the angles of the mouth. · Only 12 tube stripes per side are allowed. · The Tube stripes are completely hollowed out with a blue section underneath. · Rank bar area on ear must be of the correct RO style and pattern, no ANH style ear bumps allowed. · Frown wire screen mesh is dark grey in color, and there is nothing behind it that closes · If you use a Hasbro Black Series helmet – all gaps must be closed, also the battery compartment Pauldron: · The Pauldron must match the model in terms of color and appearance · no stickers and patches are allowed Shoulderbell: · no stickers and patches are allowed Hand Plates: · Hand guards shall be made of plastic. · and guards should follow the correct RO shape, ANH hand guards are not acceptable. Gloves: · Gloves shall be made of a nylon material. · Palms of gloves shall be shiny black fabric or leather or leather-like material. · On the index finger shall be a stitched piece of fabric made from the same material as the hand's underside that is stitched around the finger. · Has one cutout towards the end of the finger that reveals the netted material underneath. · Gloves shall have the correct leather pattern along the fingers/palm. · No rubber gloves are allowed Chest Armor: · There are raised trapezoids at the top of the shoulder section beneath which the straps insert. · The chest and back shall be connected by black extensions pieces · Top pectoral out lines swoop correctly outward. · Bottom of ribcage flares correctly outward. Back Armor: · Top of box wall shall have a trapzoidal indentation at the top · There is a roughly 8mm circular indent near the right top corner of the back plate · Bottom of back plate is curved and extends past the kidney plate · The O cog shall have 16 spines · The 11 bards have raised lines on one end. Abdomen: · Any gap between the abdomen and kidney armor is no more than 1/2" (12.5mm) wide. · Any shims used to achieve this effect are of a similar material and color as the abdomen and kidney armor. Shims fit flush and seams are allowed. · There are two vertical notches on either side of the front vertical bar that connect to the ab plate details, approximately 1" long. · The cod armor is seperate from the ab plate. · Button details are recessed and bordered with a thin edge · The right front raised area is rectangular with correct raised detail, unlike ANH Cod Armor: · The cod shall be a seperate piece from the ab plate. Kidney Armor: · The kidney armor is closed in the back by a rectangular plate Belt: · There shall be no smaller square buttons present like on ANH belts. · It is entirely made of plastic in two pieces, with the halves joining directly in the middle of the wearer's side waist. The rear half overlaps the front half's ends. · Belt has indents and tabs along the outside belt boxes to sit flush against the ab plate. · Drop boxes shall be connected to the belt via black Velcro, not white. · The ammo boxes across the front are all made separately from the main belt and are secured to it. · The ammo boxes on the very left and right of the belt are more square instead of rectangular like the center ammo boxes, and the 2nd to last ammo box is a more fat rectangular shape versus the regular rectangular shape of the center boxes. Thighs & shins: · Ammo belt and sniper plate is secured using glue, no visible rivets shall be present Boots: · There is no seam present on the front of the boot. · Completely black soles that are all 1 piece, with no separation at the heel. It is a completely straight sole. · The wearer's inner side of the boots have zippers, no Chukka boot elastic (like on the ANH Jodhpur boots for example) Undersuit: · black stitched material, either one-piece or two-piece construction with no visible zippers or logos/designs · stiching to give a ribbed effect around the knees, elbows and shoulders. Backpack: · the backpack must closely resemble the ones on screen: · Comprised of two main boxes, that are the approximate width of the Back Armor. · Correct bend on frame. · No personal liberties such as LED lights, etc. · Correct backpack parts · Hard antenna, no soft rubber antenna allowed. - Strapless, no connecting strapping visible. Weapon: Blaster shall be based on a real or replica Sterling. Folding Stock does not need to function. D-Ring shall be present on the rear end cap. Scope shall be a real or replica M38 Telescope. 1943 model is preferred Counter shall be a real or replica Hengstler 400 Series Counter. Eagle logo is preferred R1 Power cylinders are preferred over ANH style Flashlight shall be a real or replica Element M300A Mini Scout Light 6 rows of T-Tracks cover the Sterling receiver holes expect for the left row with the bayonet lug.
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    The armor is prone to cracking in certain areas, e.g. the chest or butt plate, where there is a lot of movements and stress. There are many different ways of repairing such cracks, some people use a t-shirt superglued to the back of the armor and then fill the crack, head on over to whitearmor.net to find out more, that is the stormtrooper detachment. I personally use leftover scrap ABS from trimming, cut into little pieces and then put into a jar with acetone: the little pieces will melt in the acetone and you will finally have a paste of ABS. I then use this to back up the crack from the inside by gluing a larger solid piece of ABS on with that ABS paste and I finally fill in the crack from the outside, then you just sand it smooth again. Now if you buy a complete commission, you won´t have any leftovers from trimming which means you would have to ask RS to send you the leftovers too.
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    71.- Unboxing Toy Convention (AUG-04-2019) - Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City Hard work, but someone has to do it
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    Thanks a lot @Hausi @DarthStevius That's what it's about, have fun having fun with others, isn't it? HAPPYSAND
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    TM RotJ Kit has been shipped and should be here next week. I have 3D printed the RotJ blaster and that is ready for assembly. My TK friend and I will be working on it and it should be done by the end of this month as long as we do not have any issues. I am still waiting on the backpack from Crooknight and he is posting updates on this thread as he can.
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    Last sundays troop at a superhero themed funday Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    69.- Vamos al cine (JUL-21-2019) - Villacoapa Cinema, Mexico City
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    50. Open Day at the German Center for Air- and Spacecraft, 6/21/2019
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    Date: 20 JULY 2019 What: Mukwonago Library SW Day Location: Mukwonago Community Library, Mukwonago, WI New Library event for the WIG this year Troop #73
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    Yes I wear it underneath the armor across the chest and it helps so much. I hope this helps you.
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    Hi everyone, Long time lurker, first time poster. My name is Christian, I'm 30 years old and living in Denmark. This year, my sandtrooper costume was approved and I was so psyched! I was already a part of the Danish Garrison with my TK costume, but the sandie is just a bit cooler - also you get to carry a big-a** gun! But naturally I could not feel content - nay, complete - without a backpack, so when a garrison mate told me he had some backpack parts to sell, I couldn't refuse. I went with pack #3. I have read and re-read the great build threads by Machine, Strider, Henselmonster and Duden15 and many others but am still a bit daunted by the project So far, this is what I have: Karrimor frame (looks vintage; very worn at least ) Mortar tube and end caps (came with my costume from RS propmasters) Exhaust port (3D print, bought from my garrison mate) Seed trays, brexton box, mushroom caps, mortar tube control panel and vac-formed Shires siphon from Ross Vintage tupperware lid (I think it may be a tad too large - it's 13,5cm in diameter) Sonix radio kit form Sonix world 1x 1500ml shampoo bottle (9,5cm in diameter, need to find 1 more) 5x shotgun shells (AKA lip balm stick covers) "Style" canteen 3cm wide aluminum strips for crossbars RAL 7031 spray cans are in the mail, and should arrive next week This is what it looks like, all spread out: Not pictured are the siphon and the remainder of the Sonix radio, as they are currently set out to dry after being primed and glued, respectively. Now, I was thinking that the next step would be cutting the karrimor frame to size and mounting the crossbars. How does the curve on the frame look? Does it need to bend more? Also, as far as I have gathered, you need to cut the frame an inch (2,5cm or so?) above the crossbar: So should I just go ahead and cut it at the mark I've made? Any input is greatly appreciated! -Christian
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    Congratulations (Herzliche Glückwünsche) on your second Swat Trooper !! Happy belated Birthday Tschüss Asher
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    @DEVOLVER, access updated, welcome to the sandbox!
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    This is great Johan, just two minor adjustments and you're good to go
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    Hi Johan, this is a great application, really tidy and well presented, I think your kit looks great too. Best of luck!
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    Johan, i will start your review asap
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    I had to fix the shoulder once and the neck has hairline cracks. I used CA glue along with plastic to hold and ABS paste on the top side. Hausi is correct on how to fix it and it happens with the armor. My buddy has a TK so we used his left over ABS. Remember that the armor used in the film was never meant for practical purpose in our world. You will see once you start trooping in it, but it is so much fun!
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    70.- Unboxing Toy Convention (AUG-03-2019) - Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City The Jundland Wastes Wolves FUR PAULDRON & A TAIL
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    Have fun building David! I have to admit that I'm not such a big fan of the SE Sandtroopers but that is probably because I am too old my first experience was the unaltered version of ANH. However, I think the enthusiasm you show for this trooper is amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!
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    3. A Universe of Stories - North Babylon Public Library, 8/3/19
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    Hi Urs, so let´s go to the third review: MEPD SWAT OFFICER: application review Part 3 Name: Urs Tischhauser Legion ID#0: TD-21027 Forum Name: hausi Garrison: German Garrison ANH Sandtrooper emulated: Move along Helmet: Green lenses: check Paint color on traps / tears: check Paint color and number of teeth: check Mic Tips: check Vocoder color: check Rank bar: check Brow: check Side Screws (ears): check Weathering: check **Result on helmet** check and cleared! Armor / Suit Details: Canvas straps shoulder: check Neck Seal: check Black Undersuit: check Shoulder Bells: check Biceps: check Forearms: check Pauldron: check Chest / Back Plate: check Kidney / Butt plate: check Ab plate / Side Rivets / Cod: check Strapping: check Tighs: check Shins / Calves: check Sniper Plate: check Boots: check Gloves: check Hand plates / Guards: check Ammo Belt (waist) w/ correct angled edge: check Ammo Belt (right knee): check Canvas Belt: check Pouches: check Weathering: check Comments to the weathering: With the weathering it is very difficult. The reference pictures in the movie were made under different conditions. That's why it looks brighter and then darker. The same problem had Heroma, SWAT # 50, by his thigh. From the front it looks bright, laterally extremely dark. A question of contrast. In the first pictures from you, it still looks too dark, in others it fits again. It's difficult to get the right lighting conditions like there. That's why you get a "go" from me. Very good work Urs! **Result on Armor** check and cleared BACKPACK **Result on backpack** check and cleared! WEAPON: E-11 Tunisian Blaster (Bapty) Details: Check Weathering: Check **Result on Weapon** check and cleared! Stand by for the final Review Please stand by for the final Senior Command Review...... Regards, bigwam
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    I have this exact costume built by RS. I thought like you that time/experience would be an issue but once you look at the kit you see how it goes together i felt like i could have had a go. That aside, i reached PO with just a few adjustments if you want to look at my WIP/PO clearance pics. RS use the original hook and strapping method they used in episode 4. This does cause some extra stress on the armour so i'd recommend replacing it with straps and poppers sooner rather than later. Ive had several cracks due to this. Their DLT-19 wont pass clearance either. No rear sight and the charging handle is in the wrong place. Its fixable but an added headache for an expensive comission. I re threaded all the sewing also as it wasnt done properly. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Troop #35. 080119. Battle of the Badges Blood Drive. Took a while, but the nurse finally found a vein. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
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    #19 7/31/19 End of Summer Reading Party at The Lakewood Library Sent from my LGLS740 using Tapatalk
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    Always good to see more muddy boys. Any questions I'd be happy to help where I can.
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    @Zombiegeek831, access granted, welcome!
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    I agree with DarthStevius, great pics, good ol' backpack-coffeemachine-joke, never gets old
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    Date: 27 JULY 2019 What: Weird Al Strings Attached Concert Location: Miller High Life Theater, Milwaukee, WI Waiting backstage for our cue Troop #74
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    Love the pics David, you're really out there representing the MEPD and having fun, great!
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    Troop #16 Date: 2019/07/27 Event: CASA of the South Plains Location: Lubbock, TX
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    @Marv: Not sure what type it is; I looked for a label but could not find one that said what type of bag the frame came from @Hausi: Thanks for the welcome and the advice! I did a little test fit today, after cutting the aluminum crossbars to size. This is the result: I think it looks pretty good? Or do the seed trays need to be closer together? It's a little hard to judge from the reference photos I've looked at. Also, my Sonix is nearing completion (after hours of hand stitching the pleather surround ): Now to add or not to add the dial and the decals; that is the question! I would be inclined to add at least the dial, just because I think it looks cool I've seen builds both with and without dial and decals; the CRL doesn't mention this, so I suppose it's a matter of personal preference? (apologies if this has been discussed at length before) Finally, a shot of my siphon after priming: Just needs some black paint now! (and to attach the mushroom cap and shampoo bottle of course) Please let me know if you spot anything that can be improved! -Christian
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    Troop #15 Date: 2019/07/25 Event: Catfish Fry benefiting the South Plains Food Bank Location: Lubbock, TX
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    Troop #17 7/20/19 Apollopalooza 50th Anniversary at The Aerospace Museum of California , Sacramento CA
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    Below is where I am at on the pack. The top left piece is ready to be molded. The bottom left piece has already been molded and what you see is the vacuum formed piece. The top piece is going to be slightly redone. The top right tube is a found part (thermos). We are currently working on molding the base. Next piece we are working on is the bottle piece between the thermos and the upper left box. Going for 100% accuracy on this pack.
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    Today's troop over in Bristol. A small community fayre to raise money for a charity that helps underprivileged children. Added a pic of our Bith Musician in the back of a police van for crimes against music by endlessly playing that same song[emoji1787] Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Troop #34. 070319. Noah's Ark Preschool. We were swarmed by young Imperial fans. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
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    So I have not forgotten this thread and have had 9 troops with backpack shoulder pads and a strap across the chest and I no longer have any more pain or discomfort while wearing the pack. Has anyone else tried anything different?
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    Arrest #6. November 11, 2018. The Science of Star Wars at the Lancaster Science Factory. https://www.dropbox.com/s/95hum1cdw6mfqto/6.jpg?dl=0
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    One thing I see that needs corrected on the CRL. The bandolier should be optional, since most Mimban troopers did not have one...especially the two with the most screen time that were guarding Chewie’s cage. EDIT: I see I was not the first to comment about this. I also second the observation about the shoulder straps. So far, if those are the only two noticeable issues, I’d say great job to those who worked to develop this CRL. Thanks for all of the hard work and research! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yea I have spoken with a fellow Sand brother and he recommended these: https://www.amazon.com/YYST-Webbing-Sternum-Backpack-Harness/dp/B019QAPPFO I will see how they work.
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