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    Congratulations to the following for earning your Emperor's Roughneck Awards! 25 Troops macnolo, TD-18814, 06/10/2018 German, TD-23676, 06/10/2018 Darth Mout, TD-9841, 06/11/2018 hitoman, TD-11366, 06/11/2018 DarthStevius, TD-18969, 06/11/2018 LoveMonkey, TD-18542, 06/11/2018 bigwam, TD-30571, 06/12/2018 Prozent, TD-26001, 06/14/2018 vf2112, TD-21112, 06/19/2018 BadBatch, TD-17105, 06/19/2018 50 Troops macnolo, TD-18814, 06/10/2018 Darth Mout, TD-9841, 06/11/2018 hitoman, TD-11366, 06/11/2018 LoveMonkey, TD-18542, 06/11/2018 BadBatch, TD-17105 100 Troops hitoman, TD-11366, 06/11/2018
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    Congratulations to the following troopers: - @Darth Mout for earning levels 25 and 50 - @hitoman for earning levels 25, 50, and 100. We'll probably need to add more levels on just for you! - @DarthStevius for earning level 25 - @LoveMonkey for earning levels 25 and 50 Keep up the good work troopers. You're pictures have been a blast to look through
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    Okay, nobody wanted to carry it for me so had to do it myself ...and after a while it became quite heavy But it was fun ...all those questions of the children asking what has happened to R2... most of it didn´t like it ...but we are the badass bunch of dirty dudes... so making some kids cry is part of the job Just joking, I told them that R2 was still alive and could easily be fixed (I had an aker inside with an mp3 player with some soundfiles that my friend Markus/tiny had put together for me)... little did they know that he would be ending up above the table in our living room at home... my wife is happy as she always wanted a light above that table ...and I couldn´t be happier.
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    Received my pouches from Blaster 8266 and did a full suit-up, the helmet isn`t ready but I still put it on
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    Hello all. Since macrobinoculars are not cannon for us TD’s, I’ll just call these a pair of binoculars that where confiscated somewhere around mos eisley.. lol The main body, and some it’s add ones are from a Euming electric R 8mm. On the view finder is a foot from a shuttle craft model kit, the other piece is from the wing of a broken Kenner snowspeeder. Can still see through the original cameras view finder, and the lens rotate to give a close up and wide view. I was happy to keep some of the original functions. Room to work and add a light/power for a film frame later. What’s everyone else making for non-cannon props?.. Would be great to see. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    HI all...today my TM TD armor arrived and i like to share a quick '' suit on '' picture with you all ...really a fantastic armor ! Of cause i still need to attach my pouches etc but i wanted to let you all know that i am so happy for coming back after almost 9yrs !!
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    Did a video to see how it looks when walking
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    Correct, as long as you have the plastic molded lip present where needed you're good to go for level 1/ basic approval.
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    ARREST IN 2015 1- 4º DAU Festival (BARCELONA) 13/12/2015 2- Restaurante "La Cañota" 17/12/2015 ARREST IN 2016 3- Hospital Sant Joan de Deu (Barcelona) 6/03/2016 4- Marcha Mundial Endometriosis (Barcelona) 12/03/2016 5- EGARA 2016 (Sabadell) 9/04/2016 6- Promoción Disney Blu-Ray (Barcelona) 23/04/2016 7- Disney Store L´Illa Diagonal (Barcelona) 30/04/2016 8- May the Force. Hospital Vall d´Hebrón (Barcelona) 4/05/2016 9- 34º Salón del Comic (Barcelona) 6, 7, 8/05/2016 10- 11 de Junio Blood World Drive Vall d´Hebrón (Barcelona) 11/06/2016 11- Torneo Regional X-Wing (Barcelona) 2/07/2016 12- Fan Con Palasolità i Plegamants. 1, 2 y 3/09/2016 13- Día Mundial del Alzheimer (Barcelona) 17/09/2016 14- Gala Endometriosis (Barcelona) 8/10/2016 15- Tanda contra el cáncer. Montmelò (Barcelona) 8/10/2016 16- Salón del Manga de Barcelona 29, 30, 31 /10/2016 17- Hospital Vall d Hebrón (Barcelona) 27/11/2016 18- Navidad Solidaria Mollet del Vallés (Barcelona) 17/12/2016 19- Cines Balañá (Barcelona) 15, 16 y 17 /12/2016 ARREST IN 2017 20- Pase privado para niños AECC. Cines Balaña (Barcelona) 21/01/2017 21- 2º Salón del Cine y la Series. La Farga de l´Hospitalet. 27, 28 y 29 /01/2017 22- Ayuda SPAM (Mataró) 12/02/2017 23- 2ª Edición Argentona Solidaria (Barcelona) 11/03/2017 24- Sonrisa de Aleix. Mataró 02/04/2017 25- Día Mundial del Autismo. Terrassa 02/04/2017 26- Boda Albert y Ludi. Comarruga 30/04/2017 27- May the 4th. Sant Joan de Deu. 07/05/2017 28- Fundación ACELL (Barcelona) 14/05/2017 29- 3º Fira del Cómic de Folgueroles. 04/06/2017 30- Boda Laura y Alex. (Barcelona) 10/06/2017 31- World Blood Drive 2017. Hospital Can Ruti. Badalona 10/06/2017 32- XXIII Fira alternativa Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona) 12/08/2017 33- II Open de Nadal de Tennis Belulla. Barceloan 30/12/2017 ARREST IN 2018 34-May the 4th hospital Sant Pau (Barcelona) 11/05/2018
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    Let´s do it SandBrothers!I'd like to formally request the 25 and 50 and 100 level awards. Counting the official troops on my Tour of Duty that have pictures, i have 126 arrests.
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    Let´s do it SandBrothers! I'd like to formally request the 25 and 50 level awards. Counting the official troops on my Tour of Duty that have pictures, i have 68 arrest. You can find my Tour of Duty here, Thanks! ....
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    I sure wouldn't mind if this one was a run that was re-done in the near future. Those flashes are awesome.
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    So my wife and I did a troop recently at a day campbfor the hearing impaired children in our area (Norfolk) and a rebel legion x wing pilot also came and the cop there was really cool and let me get this pic snapped. I figured who else but my fellow dirty troopers would appreciate an MEPD rebel scum arrest.
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    ....and officialy requested to appoint the Mimban to the MEPD.
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    Hi! I thought i'd chime in and help with the CRL if i can. Here are pics of my R1 kit in Mimban configuration. Parts and full bandolier should be hung on the opposite shoulder. Noticed too late
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    Troop log: 1. Solo movie opening at the Movie Tavern in Collegeville, Pa. 2. Arrest#1. May 26, 2018. Solo movie opening at the Movie Tavern in Collegeville, PA. I'm second from the left.
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    Since this is based on the same armour as Rogue One I think a lot of this crl can just be copied over from the “Jedha Trooper” with certain additions: - The sniper or blast plate on the bucket. - The Plash Palatka poncho - Weathering details - Option of an E10 or Rogue One E11 blasters - Optional 4 pocket bandolier - Optional pack and Pauldron
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    Hi Chris, welcome in the PO-Programm, lets start your review. Name: Chris Wallis Legion ID: 14831 Forum Name: Bootlegger137 Garrison: Garrison Carida Helmet a. Green lenses: check b. Paint color of traps / tears: check c. Correct number of teeth: check d. Mic tips: check e. Vocoder color: check f. Tube stripes: check g. Rank bar on ears: check h. Brow: check i. Side screws (ears). Check j. Weathering: check Result on helmet: Checked and Cleared! Armor details a. Elastic straps shoulders: check b. Neck seal: check c. Black undersuit: check d. Shoulder bells: check e. Biceps: check f. Forearms: check g. Pauldron: check h. Chest / back plate: check i. Kidney / butt plate: check j. Ab plate / side rivets / cod: check k. Strapping system: check l. Thighs: check m. shins / calves: check n. sniper plate: check o. boots: check p. gloves: check q. hand plates / guards: check r. ammo belt (waist): check s. ammo belt (right knee): check t. canvas belt: check u. pouches: check v. weathering: check RESULT ON ARMOR Checked and Cleared! Backpack a. details: check (the beesting is a little bit to short, change that in the next time) b. weathering: check RESULT ON BACKPACK Checked and cleared! Weapon a. details: Check b. weathering: check RESULT ON WEAPONS Checked and Cleared! Chris, great work! You have done your homework! You have successfully followed the guidelines in regards to the MEPD CRL and have met the requirements, be proud of yourself. Now, you are a member of the Police Officers, the Elite Troopers of Tatooine! It is hard work, but it is worth! Please send the pic you want to use to Luis (Sandman Tigui) and we'll get you squared away. We will have your updated information uploaded into the MEPD system very soon. Congratulations on becoming a Deployed Officer of the MEPD! Now please report to the Mos Eisley Mess hall where you'll serve the troopers until the next newbie gets cleared. Bigwam - MEPD Deployment Officer
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    Congrats! Now go check your inbox!
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    Congrats brother!!! Welcome to the other sandpit...
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    Yeeeehaaaa!!! Thank you brothers. Super excited Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    THAT is super cool! Adding a film frame would be a nice touch. I have a SubAssault game that will eventually get made over, but also found another "macrobinocular" type toy at the thrift store that's a working night vision. It'll get made over too, but both will be kept in working order. Nice to have lights and sounds already built in sometimes. Plus the kiddo loves to play the sub-assault. Going to have to keep my eye open for junk 8mm. Such great potential.
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    You look very comfortable in it and it looks tip top! I find the armor quite awkward in the first five minutes that it's on.... Then you adjust and it's manageable.... So strange. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I really need to say that you did an excellent job with the weathering. I know it can be a pain in the b*tt but the results you have showed here are really good. As Urs already mentioned, should be approvable for #2 as well and I couldn't agree more. So, great job and you can be proud of what you have achieved!
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    BIG thank on this Hausi. I had a couple days I thought the wife was going to bury me in the backyard. I played around with the "wash and dab" and finally was getting some results I liked AND could replicate. I basically took almost everything off and re-worked it back up. Still not 100% happy with all the areas, but MUCH closer to what I wanted it to look like. It's weird, I thought things like the ammo belt that were really detailed would be most difficult, but for me its the bigger smooth areas. Time to take a huge breath and do the helmet... Here's where it's at now:
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    This is Germán, reporting for duty. I'd like to formally request the 25 level award. According to my TOD I have 34 arrests. Here's the proof link of my duties!
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    It’s styled after a US Army beret flash. Not sure when the run was done (well before I joined), but I was fortunate that Gordon had a used one to sell.
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    The original strapping system was a hook system and hooks were used to fix/ attach the armor. e.g. for the calves on one side a hook with elastic band was placed and on the other side a small hole was drilled to "hook" it in place. The hooks itself look like this.
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    I have bought velcro and hooks and they hold perfect but if you build it little more comfortable then velcro is all you need
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    #1 - Exton, PA - Solo Premiere - 05/25/2018
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    I also used the liquatex acrylics and followed Pandatrooopers technique and was really happy with the result But I ran into trouble when this was knocked back for being to dark and not enough orange tones. So I cleaned it off and tried another technique the second time around. I made 2 washs from the liquatex acrylics, a red brown and a darker black brown. I dabbed the Red Brown on with different size brushes and then dabbed off again with a clean rag, then built this up over a number of passes. Once dry I did the same with the Black Brown and then finally added some pigments on my chest/ab piece
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    Once you get official Deployment status have it sent to me according to the specs described in the thread at: tigui@icloud.com If it exceeds in megas you could also send me a dropbox or we transfer link. Hope this helps
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    Most excellent! Congratulations Bro!
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    1. May the 4th Stargazing at Perth Observatory - 4/5/18 Annual event held on May the 4th where visitors get dressed up in their best Star wars costumes (and we judge the winner) & get a tour of the observatory.
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    Access granted to you both, welcome!
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    awesome, grab the dewback and head to the drive in!!
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    Congratulations, well deserved!
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    Sorry for the delay, you should be good to go.
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    Hey man, A real hengstler counter & real M38 just got sold 350€. And this was last week. Are you part of the "Star Wars Blaster Build Group" fb group? Sometimes people post vintage items for sale there. Check it out.
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