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    Finished the parts today, need to get it dirty. I'm quite happy how the endresult turned out, although there is always room for improvment. I'm exited for the first troop with it, it is so heavy. Many thanks to Roger, Urs and all other troopers helping me.
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    After a long break, I have acquired all the parts for my pack, so will try and get it built and this project finished...
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    Following in the footsteps of Jcalus (Jon) and Bigwam (Thomas), I wanted to have my own Bapty DLT built using original parts. I was lucky to source an original MG 34 cooling jacket, bipod and flashhider. I´ve build my own wooden back part on my first Bapty DLT, but unfortunately was too busy last month to do that again (as it is quite a lot of work and very messy) ...fortunately I have a good friend who has already quite a lot of experience building these part and he has again done a terrific job on mine, couldn´t be happier, thanks a lot, Martin (Heroma)! I have some replica grips from Latvia too, but dropped one of them and a part broke off... but as it only adds to the used look of the Bapty, I didn´t bother too much and used it anyway. As this build actually uses the same approach as those by Jon and Thomas, I will not include any pics of the building process but only of the finished Blaster. So this is what it is supposed to look like: And here it is: Also added the little wire around the triggerguard: original: mine:
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    I’m more of a fan of the thicker green lenses for the purpose of people not being able to see through them.
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    The greeblie you are holding in the last pic belongs on top of the barrel, the other one not seen in your pics belongs at the bottom. Furthermore you should reposition the gas plug as it is found further to the front of the real Lewis gun. This will also give you more room to attach the lower greeblie. I'm sure it won't be very difficult for you to adjust the back part where the receiver housing meets the buttstock. Keep up the good work Paul
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    And finally I attached the ears, mictips and the s-trim again and tried to get all the details right again And here is the (still very clean) almost final product And a few comparison pics And until the helmet is dirty: "Move along"
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    Before spraypainting it white again, I assembled it, especially the ears are important to get the right look. After cleaning up some small mistakes on the tubestripes I went completely crazy with the white and tried to emulate the paint overspray on the areas where the ears preserved most of the HDPE colour: Also tried to stick as close as possible to the original paintscheme with all its characteristic flaws.
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    Finally some progress! Finished the stock and painted it. The barrel still needs a bit of work.
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    Got some protection for the field pack, both from weather and to be less obvious on the way to a Troop It`s not a perfect fit but I have a few changes to make and that may fix that too Changes you say? Yes after initial hype was over and I started examination and the reference of screen packs I felt some changes were in order. First the frame, it should be closer to the seed trays, I had Shawn move the trays closer together (as per reference) thus making that gap on the top instead, guess he didn`t think to shorten the frame (and to be fair I also missed that and the other fixes on the "signing-off photos he sent before shipping) but that´s no biggie, I actually first opted to assemble it myself but later changed my mind to have more time to work on the FOTK...so all is good, now I get to say I DID work on the pack First up dismantle some parts Almost made a bohoo when marking were to cut and making it to short but disaster was averted and I made my cut at the top mark and then used the cut-of to mark other end. Put it back together and yepp that works Lab pipe was still a go even though the frame got shorter, they vary in lenght between packs and I like the longer version better and the ref pic saying "look Sir droids is another type of pack Davin Felth had but not the one I´m emulating, it`s just to show the lab pipe Shorter version The mortar tube however was to long to begin with as as seen below in comparison, the top should be about level to the mushroom cap and the radar dish should have some black backing (didn`t have anything for the backing so have to revisit that) and also sit a little lower. When making this post I also noticed that the "shells" configuration is a bit off, they are afixed to a plate and that should sit lower on the tray and the individual positions of them are also off . I`ll have a think and see if I will correct that. I started by removing the control panel and luckely it was glued with E6000 (or similar glue, I can`t be sure) so I pryed it off and the leftover was easily rubbed off Then it was a matter of removing this little guy and after a few failed attempts I opted to cut it close to the end and just hack away That did the trickSo I glued that and the control panel back on with CA glue, not having learned anything about the advantage with E6000. Then drilled some holes for the "tubes" put them on and it was time for weathering I´ll might do some tweeking but overall I´m happy with it so I sent pics to GML for approval And here it is all tucked in safe and sound Edited Sunday at 04:04 AM by TheSwede
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    37: birthday of an autistic boy, Krumbach 29.7.18
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    I think it looks good and natural, well done. But keep in mind that the small Spanish pouches should be hanging from the belt (below the belt) , not directly be attached to it.
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    Submitting tonight. Hopefully can join the Desert Foxes soon
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    Thanks guys this is pretty fun but didn't release how much method to the madness there was with weathering haha Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Yeah, looks good! Keep up the great work.
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    Here is both arms and chest with alittle more weathering I used a Mix of unbleached titanium (lighttancolor) and yellow ocre and got this look still not sure if I like it what do you guys think??? Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Ok Matt, let´s start your secand Review! I'll cross my fingers for you ! Name: Matt Fortunato Legion ID: 16317 Forum Name: Bootlegger137 Garrison: Dune Sea Garrison Helmet a. Green lenses: check b. Paint color of traps / tears: check c. Correct number of teeth: check d. Mic tips: check e. Vocoder color: check f. Tube stripes: check g. Rank bar on ears: check h. Brow: check i. Side screws (ears). Check j. Weathering: check k. rubber lip: check Result on helmet: Check and cleared! Armor details a. Elastic straps shoulders: check *but read comments b. Neck seal: check c. Black undersuit: check d. Shoulder bells: check e. Biceps: check f. Forearms: check g. Pauldron: check h. Chest / back plate: check i. Kidney / butt plate: check j. Ab plate / side rivets / cod: check k. Strapping system: check l. Thighs: check m. shins / calves: check n. sniper plate: check o. boots: check p. gloves: check q. hand plates / guards: check r. ammo belt (waist): check s. ammo belt (right knee): check t. canvas belt: check u. pouches: check v. weathering: check RESULT ON ARMOR check and cleared * Comments: please imitate the sewing of the snap fastener Backpack a. details: check b. weathering: check RESULT ON BACKPACK check and cleared Weapon a. details: check b. weathering: check RESULT ON WEAPONS check and cleared Matt, this was your second and last review, well done! Congratulations! You have successfully followed the guidelines in regards to the MEPD CRL and have met the requirements, be proud of yourself. Please send the pic you want to use to Luis (Sandman Tigui) and we'll get you squared away. We will have your updated information uploaded into the MEPD system very soon. Congratulations on becoming a Deployed Officer of the MEPD! Now please report to the Mos Eisley Mess hall where you'll serve the troopers until the next newbie gets cleared. Cheers mate! bigwam - MEPD Deployment Officer
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    Hooray, another shiny sees sense welcome to the sandy side bro and good luck with the build/re-build
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    Hi and welcome to the dirtpit I already like it! If some of the areas in between the dirt are still too white and shiny, give it a wash with a watered down mixture of the earth colour.
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    I'll talk to the command staff. We need to all get on the same page before Celebration. Might make it easier to spot a fellow sandie in the crowds this way!
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    Beautiful photos. I like how the TD and TK are like, "yeah, we'll just stand". haha
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    Thinking about flying down to Georgia to see my mom and sister in the fall. Maybe I'll borrow one of their cars and come see you and help you sort out these audio issues lol.
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    36: Fotocontest in Munich, "Fotomarathon". Place "Deutsches Museum", 21.07.2018