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    As many of you have probably seen, HappyTrooper posted a video with templates and a parts list for a do-it-yourself RT-97c build. Needing a new project and loving the look of this blaster, I decided to tackle it. This is in no way a build thread, but more just a few pictures showing the process that I went through. If you want the full build thread, go check out his video. If you are interested in making your own, you can find his video here: Also, if you are interested in doing a DLT-19, he also has a video, templates, and parts list as well. You can find that video here: One small note: I did use ABS pipe as much as I could due to the lighter weight. I used it for the 2” pipe, both 3” couplers, and the 2” to 1.5” reducer. I also used other corner braces and other small parts that I already had around the house. Overall, this gun is super lightweight and I can’t wait to troop in it. I plan on unveiling this at the Intermountain Healing Hearts event that is coming up on 09/09/2017. Pictures to come of this baby in action. Huge thanks to HappyTrooper for providing the templates, parts list, and amazing video. Your work is truly inspiring. --------------- Initial fabrication Testing Bondo work Final Dry Fitting Prime and Paint Final Assembly Final Product with Weathering
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    Hi troops. Heres some pics of my replica move a long suit. I have trim and assembled and painted and adding the weathering details like the screen used. Hope you like it. Move a long... move a long
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    A BIG!!! thanks to Strider for our long talks about this crazy suit from top to toe. Also a thanks to Travis, Clive, Ross, Ruggero, Woody, Gino.
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    Another upgrade to the backpack. This time it's for the Sonix radio: Happy...
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    Do what makes you happy but they didn't paint the insides of the screen used helmets. Unless you have a long neck, no one is going to see under your helmet 99% of the time. As far as mesh goes, you can wear a baklava to hide your face but personally, that's too hot and I don't care for it.
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    I have a long strip from Trooperbay and it fit on the bolts. I couldn't do the tab method as that'd always show up in my peripheral vision and annoy me lol. The screw method is commonly used
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    I've gotten a desert camo BDU jacket with velcro parts on it. So mine are all attached to my jacket's sleeves..
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    Congratulations with becoming an MEPD Armorer Tim! I know you will do a great job, godspeed!
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    TD-3677 . North of Spain 8.8.2017 Relax after the Patrol
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    "Excuse me, but you wouldn't have happened to have seen any droids recently? I've looked everywhere!" Sent from my R4 unit using Tapatalk
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    That is one nice pack with great attention to detail Didn't like the red canvas at first but thinking about adding that to my pack now
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    Beautiful work! I will be adding this to my list of reference as I finally finish my new pack.
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    I'm tired of hearing you! (TD 19311 & BH 3641)
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    II Galaxy Welcome Day - 6-5-17 - Torrejón de Ardoz - Madrid - Spain
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    Members of Britannia patrol at Various events in the UK. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That could be a possibility, but i'd rather keep it as it is at the moment and create completely new merchandise with all the new costumes incorporated in it.
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    You know where to send them and how they need to look
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    Great new Eliot, congratulations Brother! And welcome to the PO team
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    @ Eliot - Stand proud and represent, Troop! APPLICATION REVIEW (FINAL) Name: Eliot Ferguson Legion ID #: TD-42074 Forum Name: eltrooper Garrison: Empire City Garrison ** FINAL COMMENTS FROM THE DEPLOYMENT OFFICER** Excellent work, Szen! You are now an officially DEPLOYED OFFICER in the Mos Eisley Police Department! You have done an outstanding job on your armor. You have successfully followed the guidelines in regards to the MEPD CRL and have met the requirements. Now, you can march with the rest of the 'Dirty Bunch' down the halls of the Precinct.. Your locker has been assigned and you are now ready to be placed on the roster among most elite troopers in the Outer Rim Territories. Your Profile link will be updated shortly. All I ask of you now is to confirm the Call Sign that you want use. Also, please send the pic you want to use to either Luis (Sandman Tigui) or John (Henselmonster) and we'll get you squared away. Good? Here is your MEPD Profile Link: eltrooper Congratulations on achieving this respected status in the 501st Legion! -- "SCRIBBLER" -- TD-6985 / MEPD SPECIALIST / AMBASSADOR
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    LOL!!! This is hilarious!!!
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    I texted Anthony and he replied already Below his reply, and yes I get kisses from him As far as I remember the other sandies were local Tunisians. I guess unless they have their name on the filming call sheet from the shoot or an image from behind the scenes it is always going to be a question mark? I am pretty sure if someone wanted to claim it, they can contact Lucasfilm for written confirmation about their involvement. Cheers xxx
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    Yeah, he's drilled out the one ring of smaller holes towards the center. I blast TD chatter from my radio as well. I use a pyle 50 watt hooked to a mini mp3 player board and cheap rechargeable battery.
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    This trooper here is currently deployed with this exact pack. Sean, your work is top notch. I'm trying to get better pics taken, like action shots with my brother who is a photographer. What drew me to this pack is how it reminded me of the old radio packs the troops used in WW2; the grunt look which in my opinion what the trooper is all about. As well as my love for Rogue One. Hit Sean up if you need a pack guys
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    I did it for mobility, getting a pinch at the back of the knee hurts.. Didn't effect my SWAT approvals at all..
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    Shin armor has been repainted. Pictures are below.: I will also update this in Spec Ops.
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    This the problem with ROTJ based armour like WTF, AP, ATA, TE, RWA, DA, MTK etc.. they all have moulded in joining strips that are designed to be overlapped when assembled - governing the size you can make them. Using the measurements suggested by Jason are fine if you are slim and have proper ANH armour, but not so good in your situation as I believe a narrow joining strip on extra wide moulded strips like on your armour look bad. You can use wider strips and I do this a lot for people who to big for armour. The key is to make it look right but more importantly - fit right. If the arm strips need to be 25mm wide, use 25mm wide. I don't like it when someone suggests using thin strips when they are struggling to get the armour to fit right. There is no law saying you have to use thin strips. The ANH arm strips varied from 13-20mm wide and the legs 18-25mm so they do vary. The original armour only fits stick insects so if you can get away with using thin strips, good for you. If not, use whatever size necessary
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    TD-41972 7/31/17 Dune Sea Garrison- first troop
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    Dang it...the finished pack looks amazing Sean!!! Now we only need a R1 armor to throw it on
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    Great Job @Madman welcome to the ranks
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    Congrats with getting deployed, well deserved!! Cheers
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    Your canvas shoulder pouch is correct and is the one screen accurate and accepted. The belt pouches must be leather / leather like.
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    I would also trim those ear bolts down. They will catch and pull on a balaclava .
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    I had lenses from fenix props that had holes drilled in . I glued in Chicago type screws from ace and the used a heat gun to shape the lenses for fit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sorry to hear but it shouldn't be too difficult rebuilding the front sight with some black abs sheet, heat forming it to the right shape and attaching it to the blaster. Hope you get what I mean Next time let your son play with the rubber DLT
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    Congratulations with becoming an MEPD Armorer Jason! Well deserved and I know you'll do a great job.
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    That's pack #3. Pack 1 is the one with the round filter. You'd have to go look through SWAT submission, I can't think on top of my head if one has been SWAT approved. Doesn't hurt to start a build and share your process.
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    My bad. But still looking for the picture of what MEPD would require for SWAT. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    @ Eliot - Thanks for your interest in joining our ranks! Your review will begin shortly. Stand by...
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    TD-23676 & TD-24419 City: Barcelona / Spain. Premier Rouge One: Refresh TD-23676 & TK-23587 City: Barcelona / Spain. "Hello" TD-23676 City: Barcelona / spain "Dirty Zone" TD-23676 City: Barcelona / Spain "Camuflage"
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    I've put mine on my old punk rock jeans vest, but was also thinking about making such a shirt, looks nice!
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    Sweet! They just built one close to my house so I'll have to swing by and get one soon! Must be a cool feeling to be able to finally build something for yourself this time!
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    TD 18814 - Dewback Patrol Spanish Garrison MEPD, style and elegance
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    TD 18814 - Dewback Patrol Spanish Garrison So, you tell me these droids belong to your cousin, right? #badboys