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  2. I use I think they are partners with (or owned by) Yahoo. So if you have a yahoo account, you can easily get a Flickr account. They also have an app.
  3. Just sell a couple packs and you can buy RS Props armor lol.
  4. I added in two male snaps into the backpack strap and 2 female on the pouch. I use 2 in case one fails, which has had a few times... I also sewn in portion of nylon webbing on both straps and ran them into a parachute clip. The chest strap helps take off pressure on your shoulders.
  5. Grant, PhotoBucket is not allowing linking. Just create an account at and upload your photos there.
  6. That would be tough for me to do. Either I would have to find some armor cheap to quickly build a sandtrooper or convert my existing heavy weapons trooper armor into sandtrooper. Problem is I would have to retire my Centurion level heavy weapons trooper armor. Anyone know where I can get a used or inexpensive armor set? Haha. How quickly would you need pictures? Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  7. Exactly, we need good reference pictures for the CRL.
  8. Patrol 12 - Tillsonburg Fair Comic Con - Jul. 23 (with TK80421 as back up) (59/100)
  9. Patrol 11 - Tillsonburg Fair Comic Con - Jul. 22 (with TK80421as back up) (58/100)
  10. You have to treat them just like any ABS parts. If it is 100+ degrees and you are in direct sunlight you need to be careful. The material can warp. However, this has not happened to me. Everything I have created from 3D printing has held up great on the packs. Most pieces I print a minimum of 5 layers thick, so it helps with this. I would not worry about it too much around here. A good rule of thumb is if it is too hot to troop in your armor then it might be too hot for the 3D printed pieces.
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  12. Nice pics, and nice to see some extra small troopers being lined up for recruitment. personally I use some velcro strategically attached to the pouch and back pack straps that seems to work well. I'm thinking I might make it more of a permanent attachment to the strap at some point (the sand storms can make the velcro useless over time )
  13. Got a a question for you that I have always wondered about 3D parts, especially as you are not that far away from me in Savannah: How well do 3D printed parts in general hold up to the heat and humidity we get in the SE? I've often thought about getting parts that are 3D printed but that was always something in the back of my mind. You've done a lot so obviously they hold up well and these do look good but wanted to hear you experience on them...
  14. I was curious who from the MEPD might be at this convention. Hope to meet and say hi to some of you. Asher
  15. @SCRIBBLER I have checked my PB account and all seems in order at this end. There was no direction by the site to take up a full PB account and there were no issues with capacity. If you could kindly re-check the following link and let me know how you get on please: Thanks, SS.
  16. Imperial arrest records 7/22/2017 Bradenton Marauders Star Wars night . Got lucky was overcast so not quite as hot but the humidity was about 90% Only one issues, After raising and lowering the arm a few times my shoulder pouch manage to creep down. How do most attach this? Also I was thinking about a cross strap that could connect the two back pack straps to keep them more in place anyone every do that? I am also Tae Kwon Do instructor and our School was there last night doing demonstrations Lord Vader Stopped by to force choke some Imperial Scum My wife.. "I didn't notice the pouch was falling down" WHAT!! Clearly we need to work on her "OSTD" (Obssive SandTrooper DIsorder) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Congrats, dude ......better late than never
  18. Congrats, bro ....better late than never Now move along to the next level
  19. Last week
  20. Can you post a link to your 501st profile so we can verify? Thanks.
  21. TD 84001 Desert Scorpion Garrison Requesting 501st access
  22. Close to the finish line. Needs some detail painting and weathering. Next on to my pack before the armor arrives. Will post final pic when my t rails arrive and weathering done.
  23. That would be awesome, you could be our CRL model!
  24. Truly Nailed it[emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  25. Nice work! Well done, keeping my fingers crossed for you
  26. For me personally, I am now looking for armor to make a TD. I would like to be able to wear the 4 different packs.
  27. Gotcha. Ok. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  28. Looking good bro!
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