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  2. Thanks for the message, was beginning to think I was in the wrong place. RS apparently are the only company using original moulds. However if there are other quality options please let me know.
  3. Hi there, Trooper. Sorry to see you’ve had no responses. Compared with FISD (for Stormtroopers), MEPD is sometimes a little quieter. Anyway, welcome to the wonderful world of Stormtroopers and sandtroopers. RS make a nice kit. Are you doing a complete self build or getting a commission build? Are you 100% decided on RS? For inspiration, check out previous work in progress (WIP) threads for tips and tricks. Screen used reference material is your best friend as you can’t get more accurate than screen used. Best of luck with your journey, Dan / CableGuy
  4. Hey Urs, yea i need to reduce the returnedges for the biceps and arms ! The Shirt i worn, is Large, but will be replaced by some quaility stuff.. Thinking of buying a shirt and pants from Under amour, that is completly black..
  5. Hey Luke, great progress, mate! That's what I call enthusiastic! From what I can see everything looks good. You have done a good job making the armor fit and it suits you very well. I think I can see that there's still a lot of returnedge on the lower side of the biceps, you can trim it some more for comfort, just leave a very thin edge. Your undersuit seems to be to large as there are large wrinkles visible between the forearms and biceps. Keep up the great work, soon you'll be one of the dirty dudes.
  6. Update 11/13/2019 First, I have printed the greeble parts and they came out great so here is the link to download them for free if you want them. https://www.thingiverse.com/11b30b4/designs The weekend was very busy, and I did not get as far as I wanted but I did make some progress. First, the 29 hours 3D print turned out great. Once these parts were sanded and cleaned, I used CA glue to adhere them to the abdomen. I also realized that the extension under the abdomen detail (where the belt would go) was angled and did not provide a good base for the belt to lay on so I cut most of it off the armor and used one of the 3” tall pieces of ABS to make a new mounting surface. I shaped this piece with a heat gun and a large metal (60qt) pot to get the basic shape. Then I used CA glue and applied the 3” strip to the overhang and clamped it in place. In this picture you can see the side by side comparison with my Jimmiroquai abdomen. Next, I bit the bullet and purchased a .125 4’ x 8’ piece of HIPS (Black) and used this to make the belt. I was not sure the teeth on top of the belt would hold up if I made it out of Sentra. The front belt started out 3.5” tall and 27” wide. Once I had all the greebles in place I could figure out where the teeth needed to go. To be completely accurate, there should be two additional teeth between the two side greebles and the front center ribs but there is not enough room, so I omitted these teeth. Next, I cut out the teeth and this removed most of the top ½” of the belt. Using the heat gun and large metal pot, I shaped the belt and clamped it on the armor to figure out where all the boxes would go. As I said previously, the 850Aw kit comes with box inserts but I have decided to mount the boxes differently. Using ½” thick Sentra, I made tight fitting inserts for each box. I then drilled them and mounted T-nuts in them. I used #8-32 T-nuts along with #8-32 x ½” round head screws. The T-nut is counter sunk after using a spade bit. Next, I mounted all the inserts on the belt and test fit the boxes. Next, because the round head screws would protrude on the back side of the belt, I needed to cut away some of the abdomen to allow the belt to lay flat. Also, I knew I wanted the belt to snap on the armor, so I mounted some 4-part snaps in the belt and abdomen. For the armor I used more abs glued from the inside for the snaps. Next, I test fit everything together. You can also see that I used the center rib from the cast center greeble to finish out the piece. Once I was sure how everything would fit, I used CA glue and baking soda to glue in the T-nuts so they would not back out then glued the boxes over the inserts. These boxes can now be removed from the belt and then re applied after painting. Next, I decided to modify two of the boxes. In this picture you can see the boxes that are on my Jimmiroquai kit. The boxes from 850AW are close but not as close as I wanted. So, using a ½” acrylic rod, I cut and glued the rod in place then added some PC-7 to give it the correct profile. While the PC-7 was curing, I started work on the Thermal Detonator. The 850Aw parts are two end caps, two halves of the tube, one cover detail part and one cast part. I cut out all the parts and assembled the tube. I suppose I could have I used a piece of PVC pipe for this but I wanted to keep the weight of the Thermal Detonator down, so I stuck with the included armor parts. After I got the correct circumference, I glued the tube together and filled the seams with Bondo. Most likely, I will do some modification to the round protruding part on the detail plate for the Thermal Detonator, Possibly a 3D printed part. If I do the 3D part, I will add it to for download on my thingiverse page. That is where I am so far. Thanks for the interest.
  7. I am having trouble aligning my Ab, Kidney, and Butt plates to eliminate gap between the three. For the rigging to hold all my armor in place, I am using a back brace with shoulder straps. Using elastic, nylon, snaps, and some sewing I have created snap plates and hangers to attach the armor to the back brace. Working from the front, with the ab and cod piece choked up all the way to fit under the chest plate, the kidney plate sits too low. Unfortunately, the butt plate sits about as high as I would like it, and I do not think I can move it up much more. I do not know how to adjust the back and kidney plates to create alignment across the top of the ab and kidney while closing the gaps between the back, kidney, and butt plates. I can rework the rigging to move the kidney up and align it with the back and ab plates, but that would create too large a gap between the kidney and butt plates. Moving the ab down would pull it out from under the chest and leave a gap between the kidney and back plates. I tried dropping the chest and back to over lap the ab and close the gap between the back and kidney but doing this leaves a lot of under suit around my neck and shoulders exposed. What is the right way to move the pieces around to get good fitment all over? I am about 6' tall, so I expect that the armor should fit with enough finesse.
  8. Last week
  9. Hey folks, made some good progress so far... Armor is nearly completly assembled now, and so far im happy.. The Shins are connected via velcros, could that be better ? Wanted to do the accurate style with the hooks or whatever, but i didnt looked like i wanted it, maybe i´ll give it a second try, cause not happy with the current result... Need to get him dirty, but waiting for replaced thigh that i messed up, which is going to be send in the near future by the awesome creater DA Props! Already got a lot of Backpack stuff here .. Just need a Karrimor frame and a Sonix Radio, and thats it i guess Also im planning of buying a new pear of Gloves and a Rubber Babpty from Imperial Warfighters! Enough talkin.... Here some pictures brothers ! Anything that could have been done better ? thanks a lot for your time !
  10. I became a Sandy finally! After so much fiasco I'm official!! Requesting access to all the fun times. I want to get some details squared on my pack and then I can apply for police officer status! I'm so excited. Raj Rajadhyaksha TD-92688 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=27076
  11. Hello Troops Just made the decision to enter the costuming world with a view to getting some RS Props Sand Trooper armour. I've been across and had a look at the 501st for tips which led me here. I'm old so navigating forums is new and tbh I'm just looking for advice on where to start with a view to graduating SWAT eventually. Is there any obvious advice for a budding Sand Trooper?
  12. Date: 09 NOV 2019 What: Flight to the North Pole Volunteer fundraiser Location: Elks Club Lodge, Waukesha, Wisconsin Last minute glad-handing and photo op with the volunteers who will be putting on this years "Flight to the North Pole". Troop #79
  13. Patrol 24. Mississauga Collectors Expo 2019 Nov 10,2019
  14. Will try and get a picture up later to show what I meant
  15. 53. Manga Comic Con, Barcelona, 02/11/2019
  16. 52. Retromaniacs Barcelona, 02/11/2019
  17. 51. Training Day, Salamanca, 05/10/2019 Spanish Garrison’s big day!
  18. I’M BACK! Well I took a baby step in starting this build. AM Armor 4.5 Helmet ordered, it is being shipped to Eric D. to be built. I will be adding the black plasti-dip inside and fans. I am thinking I am going with either the top right or bottom left build style. Someone help me out, what are the different characters represented here? Baby step #1 engaged!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Awesome work at 82 troops! Thanks for patrolling the streets and representing the MEPD.
  20. Thank you sir and I am excited too! The SE sandies are based off of the ROTJ TK so the costume is different than the ANH version. I am excited for the weathering too!
  21. Great work so far, but I do have to admit that I find the SE Sandie more than a little unsettling. So similar to the originals, but also SOOOO very different. LOL Looking forward to seeing you filthy-up those shiny white plates.
  22. Update 11/7/19 I have started to work on the armor. When I started work on my Jimmiroquai ROTK, it was suggested I start with the abdomen and work away from the center since most of the armor is tethered to the abdomen. For the 850 Armor Works kit I have decided to do the same thing. Additionally, I did considerable cutting and modifying of the Jimmiroquai kit to be more screen accurate and although the 850 AW kit will be a Sandtrooper, I will need to modify some parts. I will endeavor to cover in detail the strapping and any modifications since these seem to be the type of questions, I still get about my Jimmiroquai kit. Lastly, I have never built a set of vacuum formed Stormtrooper armor like the OT stuff. My only Stormtrooper experience is with my Jimmiroquai kit so as unfair as it may be, I can only compare the 850 AW kit with the Jimmiroquai kit. I will make a few comments about comparison as the build progresses. First, I trimmed the three parts that become the abdominal armor. The Front (C), the side extender (B) which must be cut in half, and the back (A) which also must be cut in half. There is also a back-cover plate that is not in this picture. Next, I measured and glued the parts together. I used super (CA) glue along with a CA glue accelerator. I will strap and continue to work on the abdomen as I move along with the build. For now, it is on hold because I have decided to 3D print the detail parts. The 850 AW kit comes with several cast parts that are fairly rough. Here is an example of the two horizontal blocks that go to the back plate. It appears to me that 850 AW 3D printed these parts then cast them. The print lines are still visible in the casting. I really did not want to sand all the parts as much as would be required so I built my own 3D models of these parts and I am printing them on ultra detail with my Prusa I3Mk3 so the cleanup will be considerably less. One of the other issues I have with the supplied parts is that the cast parts have bubble holes in them and those would need to be filled so printing my own parts removes this issue as well. I do not think less of the kit or 850 AW for these parts. This kit cost 400.00 and all the cast parts are still very usable for someone who does not have the ability to recreate them. I will most likely shar my 3D files for free on my Thingiverse page once I have finished printing them and verified, they are good to go. Next, I began to work on the belt. The first thing I noticed about the 850 AW kit belt parts is that they were smaller than the Jimmiroquai parts. All the boxes are smaller and the two supplied strips of ABS to use for the belt is smaller as well. The tallest box that mounts on the belt is 2 ¾” and the belt is 3 1/8” tall. This presents an issue since the RO belt has teeth that protrude across the top and lock into the abdominal armor. There is very little room above the boxes to cut the teeth out. Therefore, I will be making the belt from something other than the supplied strips. I do not have any HIPS or ABS laying around so I will make my belt out of Sentra; however, I do not know how well this will hold up so I may need to remake the belt at a later date. Another thing different from the Jimmiroquai kit is that the boxes for the 850 AW kit are 2-part boxes, a front and a back for each box. This is a good thing because of how I plan on attaching the boxes on the belt. Anyway, here are the parts before cutting. And here are all the boxes cut. I still need to trim the edges. Ok so that is as far as I got last night. More to come. Thanks for the interest.
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  24. 82.- EGS LIVE - FRIKIPLAZA (OCT-26-2019) - WTC Mexico City
  25. 81.- YepaFest! (OCT-26-2019) - Colegio México, Mexico City
  26. PM sent, Chris! I hope it helps...
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