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  2. I think a very similar thing has been found, but the person won't give any details on what car it came from! Sent from my YAL-L21 using Tapatalk
  3. No, I was directly uploading them but they are fairly small. I may try the server approach. Thanks Sent from my YAL-L21 using Tapatalk
  4. Are you using a server to host the images and from there link to the forum? That could be the solution, since it allows you to reduce the size and therefore increase the images to be published
  5. Last week
  6. So I'm preparing to build as accurate a backpack as possible to replace my old SWAT approved one which is somewhat dated now. Using the references, I think I have scaled most sizes within a certain tolerance. I used the known sizes of the radio and the syphon as comparisons. If anyone sees any major discrepancies from what I think, please let me know your views. FRAME: Top to bend: 260mm Bottom to bend: 220mm BREXTON BOX: Height: 240mm TOP BOTTLE: 126mm showing below mushroom cap MORTAR TUBE: 687mm Long with hole 45mm below top EXHAUST PORT (main body): 120mm at longest point, slopes to 111mm 60mm wide I think the rest is fairly self explanatory but if anyone wants to chip in with other dimensions, feel free
  7. Hi, I wish to post some very interesting pictures of a potential found part, but the forum is informing me that I have reached my size limit. I have only posted a few pics before so can't see how this is the case. A list comes up of unposted pictures which were ready for upload, but I can't seem to delete anything from there. Any advise? Thanks
  8. Nice work, Helder, congratulations!!! It looked great before, but those updated photos of the added weathering look incredible..!! Top notch!!
  9. hey everyone, I have an approved TK that I'm currently converting to a Sandtrooper. The kit is a MTK kit, purchased in December 2016 and approved as a TK (ANH - Stunt) in December 2017. Pics below are some more recent pics of the kit. Unfortunately the ABS started to yellow quite badly, and rather than paint the TK I decided to convert. I hadn't kept the kit shiny white, and there are plenty of scuff marks to match the yellowing effect. Considered converting to a heavy weapons trooper, but ultimately decided TD. The conversion means removing pieces. When I built the kit I used a lot of zap-a-gap, not much E600. removing the pieces has been slow and messy work, and I've been trying to not mess it up too badly. Hopefully the weathering will be able to disguise some of the CA glue residue, where i haven't been able to sand it down. Approved TK pics Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Progress Pics - lucky that I had the MTK kit and that I though to keep the original TD parts of the kit. Ab with plates removed and TD buttons in place Untitled Chest plate with shoulder straps removed - NB: holes are from some hidden snaps I used in the TK build, which will need to be filled with ABS paste. Untitled TK knee plate removed and TD knee plate - the TD plate has really yellowed, and you can see it here Untitled Photo showing the original elastic shoulder strapping that I used. Untitled Ammo pouches have been sourced from a local garrison member in Southern Cross Garrison. Pauldron has been ordered and is hopefully on its way.
  10. Hello there, just joining up. I'm a 501st member with an approved TK ANH Stunt, which I'm currently converting to sandy. With the Southern Cross Garrison in NSW/ACT of Australia.
  11. Hi folkz Friend of mine has a helmet from sandprop and it fits way better than rs, tm, rwa.. So he was checking to get another one for his TD.. But Sandprop sold his molds over to the USA.. Does anyone know to whom and if one can get a helmet there? Cheers & thx in advance
  12. Lets´s go. This morning, we made the pics. It was very cold .... the leather of hte pauldron was hard. It wasn't exactly round, it kept bending straight through the cold. Please excuse this. You can't really see the fold and kink either, I'll attach an extra picture. The weathering of the Armor is two layers of black wash and three layers of earth wash. The spots are made with black.
  13. Pauldron & RTC-97 (not easy to show the weathering on the black pauldron)
  14. First the usual, necessary detailed images: Armor, Pouches, Snaps & Screws:
  15. Name: Thomas Herodek Legion ID #: TD-30571 Forum Name: bigwam Garrison: German Garrison Trooper Emulated: Roadblock Private with RTC-97 Deployed Police Officer: yes Deployed SWAT: yes: Ok what is there to say. I built a new Sandtrooper and if possible based on a film model. I chose the "Roadblock Private", which is next to the "Move Along" Trooper. What is special about the trooper? On the one hand he wears the "Davin Felth" helmet, wears (mostly) cheesegraters, has the as yet undefined "Roadblock Pouch" ... Those were things that didn't cause any problems. What were the difficulties? You take a troope from a scene to recreate it as true to the film as possible. There are a few problems with the Roadblock private: on the one hand, he changes gloves (once he has cheesegraters, then normal handplates in the front view) and the breastplate is different in the front view, here too the armor was changed once. What to do? Well, with the gloves I decided on the cheesegraters from the side view and with the breastplate for the front view, but with a slight transition from weathering to side view, that it just goes together. View from the back: the pouch is over the shoulder. View from the front: the pouch is under the shoulder ... Difficulties for me are the different versions of the films. Blue-Ray & 4K. Without a doubt, 4k has a sharper image and you can see more details, but a lot has also been "beautified" and other things disappear or are overdrawn. I initially decided on the Blu-ray but took over things from the 4k for certain details. Here are links to the armor and backpack build reports:
  16. Do the rest of work: Weathering and some modifications ...
  17. Do the Rest of work (weathering & chips):
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