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  2. Welcome......[emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Thanks Jason. Yeah been around quite awhile and decided to take the costume up a notch. Here are some of the upgrades I made following as per Level 2 CRL requirements. Any comments/advise is much appreciated. Will post more soon. Image1 - Specific ammo pouches. Reproduction or original MP-40 ammo pouches are generally considered canon, made in either canvas or leather. Other acceptable names/designs include Stolla Wien, and the once common “Norwegian” green MP-40 pouches Image2 - Three or four “teeth” cut out on either side of helmet “frown” may be cut out. This detail is often referred to as a “Stunt” helmet variation, in addition to the flat green lenses.Frown must be painted gray and must not leave the teeth area. Image3 - Correct Hovi-Mix mic tips. Image4 - Ammo box cover, and conical disk affixed to left side of thumb grip area. Image5 - Rivets on the left side of the Abdomen / Kidney Armor: A total of (6) rivets with three on the abdomen and three on the kidney. The rivets have to be painted white. Rivets are equally spaced out along the depth of the armor and about 10mm from the edge. Image6 - One snap on the top right hand side of the Abdomen Armor: Back of male side of snap shows on outside of Abdomen Armor. Image7 - Visible fasteners under lower Codpiece center area include one split rivet or brad in the front. Fasteners need not be functional. Visible fasteners under lower Codpiece center area includes two (or 3) male snaps in the back. Fasteners need not be functional. Image8 - Flat green helmet lenses, made from lighting gel material, green welder’s mask face shield, acetate, or similar product.
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  5. That could be a possibility, but i'd rather keep it as it is at the moment and create completely new merchandise with all the new costumes incorporated in it.
  6. You need to try to find screen shots of a character you want to replicate and go from there. A lot of the sandtroopers have the "droopy eye" going on. As far as the bottom of the face plate, you should see a mold line, stick close to that line. It doesn't need to be something fancy since it's going to be covered in the S-trim.
  7. Maybe we can add the new troopers on this graphic?
  8. Since you have a 4-digit TK ID, you've been in the legion for a bit! One of the best things you can do is read the CRL, look through our recent PO approval threads, and share pictures so we can review where you're at.
  9. Sandtrooper & 501st access granted, Daniel!
  10. Yeah, I'm in the Albany area. I was brought up here from NC by my wife after I left the military. I am a Georgia boy so I HATE the Winters up here. 30 more years until retirement and I'll move back south lol!
  11. Hello fellow troopers! I am currently in the process of upgrading my current basic TD for Level 2 certification. Looking around for mentors for guidance and to check if I am currently on the right path. Any help is truly appreciated
  12. Daniel Wong TD 6316 Requesting access.
  13. Yeah!!. Thank you!!
  14. Last week
  15. Any reference pics for trimming the bottom of the face plate? Worried about cutting too much. also how much should I leave on top over the eyes? thanks Asher
  16. Good luck with the review, I'm sure you'll get through with ease on this one!
  17. Dooooo itt
  18. Work in progress here
  19. Great work trooper! Welcome to the sandpit
  20. Maaaaan, now I need to build my pack. I've got one of gordonators siphons and thats about it!
  21. Got my dlt the other day, looks amazing on my trooper some reason photos cant be uploaded via my phone
  22. I've already asked my printer what the possibilities are to do them in a lower quality. But re-doing these will probably result in producing over 2000 pcs of them As soon as I've heard back about the options I'll let you all know.
  23. Just checking in and am glad this is nearer completion. I think allowing ANH for L1 is the right way to go. It allows people to get in to this costume and then start upping their game. Will certainly raise my MEPD mug full of suds when this baby goes live.
  24. Thanks! I actually have both the paints and the fuller's on hand, still researching the techniques, both seem proven to have a great outcome with that dirty / 3d look. Saw you're from "upstate" I lived in Rochester, and Carmel NY back in the day, then move east in to CT. Then got sick of the cold lol, and came down here.
  25. Here is the Excel page I have made. I'm not sure yet about getting the photos in just yet, working on it ! If any one has info on how I could put this online for all of MEPD to use please let me know. my hope is that one day we can get this to a point that we have pics put in but the SWAT members for specific detail to their emulated trooper. Asher Swat MEPD.xlsx
  26. thank you for letting us know. he is in our thoughts and prayers. Blessed be Asher
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