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  2. Henselmonster RS Helmet Build

    Got a new PVC RS bucket in the box and I feel the same way!
  3. Henselmonster RS Helmet Build

    I wish RS gave spare ears. Building my first RS helmet this week, real nervous about the ears.
  4. Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Robert Heck -10596 requesting 501st access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=22544
  5. Out of helmet head cover/hat

    i was looking at a Garrison cap and something close to the officers cap in a tan ( Desert Storm ) type color that looked real good . I found som uniforms that mention stormtroopers. Officer and stormtrooper corp ( enlisted ? ) storm trooper officer cap Stormptrooper officer uniform Middle black is the stormtrooper corp uniform with cap would theese be more like a dress uniform for troopers?
  6. Yesterday
  7. Henselmonster RS Helmet Build

    Already screwed up my first set. Second set in the mail lol. I think at this point it’s tradition for me to screw up my first set of ears
  8. Henselmonster RS Helmet Build

    Looks great so far. I wish you luck with the ears.
  9. Out of helmet head cover/hat

    Any thoughts on the color of this Garrison hat. I think the cover sounds like a great idea. After looking around I have seen several designs on Garrison caps and similar types have you guys picked one ? Asher
  10. Looking good bro!
  11. Henselmonster RS Helmet Build

    Thanks! Lol keeps the brow from sliding down while I paint it
  12. Henselmonster RS Helmet Build

    Looks good, interesting technique with the wooden dowel.
  13. Shires Siphon 100 on ebay

    Anthony, haven't seen you for ages... where have you been? Great to have you back! Starting a TD, mate? Welcome to the sandpit!
  14. New guy with a few questions

    So, a few more questions... I want to build my armor as close as possible to this guy - the docking by 94 captain who talks with Garindan. There is great reference material out there, especially for the helmet, so that is all good. From what I've read, this is the same armor as the Cantina captain. I've also seen this alleyway captain referred to as well. Is this because it is the same armor or is this reference for the pack? I know for PO and SWAT that I need a pack. Since the character I am going for does not actually have a pack - do I need to build a character specific pack if I apply for PO/SWAT at some point? Would I have to build a #3 pack? I admit, I've been looking at some of the reference pics (and "researching" ANH ) and I'm finding it hard to discern details from the on-screen packs as outlined in some of the newer SWAT applications. Also, and I hate to go back to this, but for the CRL - the below is indicated for basic approval regarding pouches. Option: If choosing to replicate a screen used configuration of equipment, the number of pouches may be altered. See the MEPD SWAT page for more details. Note: Screen used configurations also include specific color Pauldrons and individual backpacks styles. If the shoulder pouch is absolutely required (as had been mentioned in previous posts), the wording in the CRL should be reworked. For a new trooper, this is confusing (well, at least for me it was). Thanks in advance!
  15. Henselmonster RS Helmet Build

    Khaki HDPE color painted on. Time to start adding the bumps cracks and paint runs!
  16. PMs not showing up

    Hey Damon,It does tell me my in box is full to delete messages.I deleted some messages (I think),Maybe I'm not deleting messages the right way?Could some one tell me the right way? Thanks,Dave
  17. PMs not showing up

    I do see that DirtyDave is out of storage space:
  18. Shires Siphon 100 on ebay

    Yes me. Never though I would one day pay so much for a toilet syphon, but after getting scammed paying 30 euros for one and never receiving it....... Got tired of looking everywhere on the internet, all the Uk supplier seems to be out.
  19. Shires Siphon 100 on ebay

    It has to be someone from MEPD lol... i am 90% sure of it! Only sandies are that crazy to pay a lot for a toilet part
  20. PMs not showing up

    Hey Vincent I tried to message you again but it still says in box is full.I did figure out how to reply without quoting. Dave
  21. Last week
  22. Pic of the rear as requested...
  23. *DONE* TD 93905 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats bro. Well done!
  24. Okay, so hopefully these are my final submission pictures on my SWAT journey. I’ve completed all of the modifications as requested and I hope my kit is good enough for SWAT
  25. Shires Siphon 100 on ebay

    Me not, i'll stick with mine for now! ...at least untill i will be able to score a correct real vintage UP90 with fins! The one in this auction as well as mine and the ones shown on the pictures above aren't exactly what was used at least on the "Move-along" backpack! It's the closest match but i assume a updated model from a few years later in history line.
  26. PMs not showing up

    Yupe he cant seem to get any PMs from any one.
  27. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Thank you Sir
  28. *DONE* TD-61275 Requesting Deployment

    Aak! Sorry, Brother! I’ll get that taken care of!
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