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  2. Request deleted

    I know this is a hobby for all of us, also a voluntary work for you who do the review. I know that our Hobbie often needs a lot of waiting time. That's OK so long as I don't feel a bit ignored. I don't know if anything is wrong with my armour or my art of presentation, doing the Request here or anything else. I don't know if I could walk on eachs others feet on a other platform like Facebook or a forum. At Monday my request is 4 Weeks(1 week within the holidays) old without any commentary from a person who will do the review like, sorry I am overworked, sick, or have a bad time or else... I know that's not of my buissnes, because that's private but it would let me know that I not be ignored But I think it's best to close this here and I will do a new request at a better time. So now I will delete the pictures and you can write me a PN when it's OK for you, when you have enough time and Energie for looking at the pictures and say me what I have to change and could make better. Sorry for my bad english but I guess you know what I mean. So I would be happy to read from you in a few days, weeks or whenever. Now I eat a Burger and go trooping That's why I doo that hobby
  3. Forum skin/ banner

    All, Our site has been updated but sadly there are/ were some minor problems that needed to be adressed. Sadly the old banner didn't work anymore after this update but we are currently looking into getting it back or design a complete new one.
  4. Last week
  5. Henselmonster Backpack Build

    Oops, double post....
  6. Yosh's Build

    So the blue I have is just a little too bright, so I just barely hit it with some dark grey primer. In the photo it looks more grey than it actually is. Because the shake weight needs to sit up higher, I carved out a track in this piece of wood and screwed it to it. Then painted it black so you don't see it. Used the same white glossy paint for the canisters as I did for the armor. It is a great feeling to finally get this stuff attached. It looks really good! I hit the ends of the canisters with some brown because that's how the sixth scale fig looks, also some black weathering for the top blue cone. I am so happy with it!
  7. Yosh's Build

    I drilled holes in the clips and counter sunk them just a little to try to hide the screws that will hold them on. They came with holes underneath to hold the grenades in but I couldn't get it to line up right. So my solution was to cover the holes with a piece of plastic. Then when I screwed them on they stay straight. After painting.
  8. It's very possible pack 3 got messed up in transit and the trays got switched around/pieces got added on, or simply replaced with black and not painted.
  9. Battlefront II Heavy Trooper

    @Felice has ROTJ Endor armor
  10. When you emulate an on screen trooper, everything must be as can be seen in the movie. So an unmodified sterling would be the way to go. The pack looks like the alley check but all black seed trays, but due to the lighting of filters some colours may look different. In high res/ HD screen caps the seedtrays seems to be changed, the blue/ grey one on top and the black one on the bottom.
  11. Request deleted

    Let's get you reviewed asap trooper!!
  12. This is really almost like you stepped out of the game!
  13. Kyber Field pack discussion topic

    If both of the backpacks from Rogue One will be going to MEPD I feel the official names of these CRL character titles need to be discussed because "Kyber Trooper" and "Jedha Trooper" just don't seem right at all! I'm sure Sandtroopers are deployed on more planets in the galaxy than just Jedha or Tatooine for that matter, The Sandtrooper packs, armor & accessories weren't designed for one specific location, but rather certain type of environment conditions. We don't currently call TDs "Tatooine Troopers" so I don't know where the term "Jedha Trooper" came from, it just seems wrong to me on more than one level. Although there was one action figure with "Jedha Patrol" written on the packaging but the term 'Jedha Patrol' makes sense in this case as it was a multiple figure set based on the troopers in that scene. Just like your classic costume "TD - Sandtrooper - ANH", this one should simply be called "TD - Sandtrooper - R1". In my humble opinion. It's fits in nicely and coincides with the other costume titles. And instead of "Kyber Trooper" I think we should also stick to the classic name in official reference material with the addition of the word 'trooper' instead of "duty". I suggest "TD - Crystal Patrol Trooper - R1", again this will coincide with the other costume titles as well as official reference material. Here are comparison images of the two different packs I've put together. Crystal Patrol Duty Pack on the left, Sandtrooper Type 4 Field Pack on the right.
  14. Yosh's Build

    This is the size I'm looking forward. Those two aren't any good but I ran out of styrene so I'll have to wait to get some more in.
  15. Yosh's Build

    Unfortunately the small 3d printed boxes that go inside the large boxes and a bit too small so I'll have to remake them. To keep them light weight I'm going to try vacuum forming them. I made this from plywood then realized isn't too detailed to get a good imprint out of it, so I cut it in half.
  16. Site Maintenance to be performed: January 17th, 2018 @ 8PM ET

    Maintenance complete, however, we are experiencing an issue with Tapatalk. Will let you know once it is resolved.
  17. Yosh's Build

    I got the canisters sanded up and I didn't need to apply a second coat of resin, so that' a plus. Cut the ends off of the original canisters and glued them on the new ones After priming them they start to look like soup thermoses. Also started priming a few of the other parts. Sandy and priming a few time to try to get rid of the lines from the printing I don't remember if I took pictures of my frame before or not but here it is
  18. Yosh's Build

    Dang!!! That’s some sharp looking armor. Great work!
  19. Henselmonster Backpack Build

    Added an acrylic disc to the radio dial on my radio. It really helps sell it as the real deal. The discs are 60mm and fit perfectly. I didn’t even need to glue it in place (though I might just for security) I also picked up some accurate switches at my electronic surplus store. They were from a radio also built in Hong Kong in the 70s!
  20. Yosh's Build

    So very close, I had hoped to be done by Sunday, but I've having to remake more of the backpack parts than I had hoped. So hopefully if the next two weeks Had a great test fit. Sorry for the blurry photo, the sun was going down and that was all the time I had yesterday. I learned a lot. I need to change some things
  21. One more. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  22. Here is one of me Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  23. Now that's what I'm talking about!! Looking great there bro!
  24. Request deleted

    @SCRIBBLER or @Felice whenever either of you have a chance could we get this trooper sorted? Thanks guys!
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