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  2. I almost forgot to include some pics of some lab-pipe-details I have added, solely based on what I personally believe to see in my reference pictures: After doing all the weathering, it was also time to get some other stuff done, e.g.protecting my armor as well as the pack from being damaged or scratched. The approach I took was EVA foam mats (actually meant for yoga classes) and attach them to the back of my seedtrays, by doing this, I could also hide the rather large openings. The foam mats are hidden behind the red canvas back support straps.
  3. Respectfully request 501st access TK 20188 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=32492
  4. Request 501st access dak 75392 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=26223&costumeID=61
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  6. Thats great news! Thank you for your help and guidance, it's much appreciated. I'll get updated pics taken this week and send them on. Thanks again! D
  7. I think, build by your own is more funny. In UK, there are two very good manufacturers. Troopermaster and RS-Propmastery. Both made great Armors and Armorkits.
  8. Speyer 22, what a great weekend meeting so many friends. I´ll take the liberty of including some Dengar pics too... he is basically a Sandtrooper and I was carrying the Bapty DLT too. Found Skeletor Found some droid (pink: must be wrong) Some random photo, everybody noticed that a picture was taken, except for myself. Dengar, chilling with Tusken Raiders The infamous "soundguy" and Willrow
  9. Seems like you are in doubt if that is really the right droid... looks a wee bit pink. As always, it was a lot of fun to be trooping with you my friend.
  10. Nathan Quick 56757 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=24317&costumeID=3 Requesting 501st access please. Thank you.
  11. Hi Doug, Thanks for your patience and for providing those pics of your updated gear so quickly , here we go again: Application Review: Part 2 Name: Doug Phillips Legion ID: TD-69170 Forum Name: HugeBadWolf Garrison: UK Garrison Helmet a. Green lenses: check b. Paint color of traps / tears: check c. Correct number of teeth: check d. Mic tips: check e. Vocoder color: check f. Tube stripes: check g. Rank bar on ears: check h. Brow: check i. Side screws (ears): check j. Weathering: check k. no mesh behind teeth: check RESULT ON HELMET Checked & Cleared Armor details a. elastic straps shoulders: check b. neck seal: check c. black undersuit: check d. shoulder bells: check e. biceps: check f. forearms: check g. pauldron: check h. chest / back plate: check i. kidney / butt plate: check j. ab plate / side rivets / cod: check k. strapping system: check l. thighs: check m. shins / calves: check n. sniper plate: check o. boots: check p. gloves: check q. hand plates / guards: check r. ammo belt (waist): check s. ammo belt (right knee): check t. canvas belt: check u. pouches: check v. weathering: check *additional comments* Your armor suits you well and now it also boasts all the right details. However, I still highly recommend fixing it while also trimming down the return edges in order to enjoy it as long as possible. RESULT ON ARMOR Checked & Cleared Backpack a. details: check b. weathering: check RESULT ON BACKPACK Checked & Cleared Weapon: RTC a. details: check but please have a look at my comments too. b. weathering: check *additional comments* Don´t forget to adjust the “Tabby” as recommended. RESULT ON WEAPON Checked & Cleared Doug, this was your final review! You have done a terrific job in fixing details and improving your gear, it looks the part and you are a worthy addition to the ranks of the MEPD´s finest. Be proud of yourself! You have successfully followed the guidelines in regards to the MEPD CRL and have met all requirements. Please send a pic of yourself in your updated armor and with your repaired pack to Luis (Sandman Tigui) and we'll get you squared away. I will have your updated information uploaded into the MEPD system asap. Congratulations on becoming a Deployed Officer of the MEPD! Cheers mate! Hausi - MEPD Deployment Officer
  12. Hello! So I’m a new recuit for the New England garrison. They recommend I come here for information about a Sandtrooper Captain. It’s one of my long time goals and was wondering how I should go about getting one. What’s the best place to get armor from? Should I buy it or make it? Should I order a build kit instead? What’s the best way to go about getting started? Might be a dumb question buts there’s so many forum branches here and I’m still getting used to it. Thank you! -Quinn
  13. Excellent, thank you Patience I can do, have a great troop Thanks, Doug
  14. No need to mess with the closures or flaps, it's okay. Your next move will be to be patient, I'm trooping this weekend and am going to write your final review next week.
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  16. Is it the the closures are too low/flaps too long? I can try and move be them up a bit if needed. What's my next move? I think I've ticked off all the changes that I needed to make? Cheers, Doug
  17. Well, to be honest, it doesn't really resemble the Stolla Wien pouch as the proportions are slightly wrong but it's okay, so you can also tick that off.
  18. Hi, apologies for the delay, was waiting on the cobbler to finish my pouch. He finished it, it wasn't right, so have had a go myself... How does the below look, is it along the right lines?
  19. In addition to what Hausi said you might need to add an additional male snap on Posterior Armor for lvl 2. I got myself a commissioned armor by RS and I had to add a second one. Not sure if it happened by mistake or it’s the standard RS version. But as far as I can remember this was the only „real“ modification to the armor I had to do. Cheers Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
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