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  3. Christine Lee requesting Sandtrooper section access, TD-10401. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=23755 Let's find some droids!!! Thank you!
  4. The MP40 with toolpouch is ok for the shoulder. For the hip, no one of them for level 2 & 3. For basic ask your gmo, i don't like them for the hip. They are not screen accurate. The Pauldron looks good.
  5. Allright folks, here´s an update: probably because of the extensive paintjob I have given this rubber blaster, the T-tracks - which are part of the mold so it´s all one piece - became tacky and seem to "melt", so for all of you getting one of these bad boys, consider thoroughly if you want to paint it. I decided to cut them off and replace them with some black plastic tracks, so I cut them off using my trusty exacto blade... aaaand cut myself. put a band aid on it and continued: As you can see, I have decided to go for the "Move along"-layout of tracks (above the rubber bapty you can see my SWAT-level DD Bapty with the same tracks-layout) and drilled holes accordingly. I then used some black plastic T-tracks from Super6 Props, cut them to shape and used my heatgun to bend them. Here´s what the original screen-used prop looks like: And here is what my finished blaster looks like (the Sheartech blaster is the one at the bottom, DD at the top) And finally a pic showing it with some other project I´m working on atm. Oh yeah, and I can definitely say that I prefer working on Sandtrooper lids...
  6. No, I got the two pouches with my commission but I only use the one with the tool pouch for the shoulder. I‘ve got two small ones for the hipps. But the MP40 pouches are ok I would say. I added snaps to attach it to the inside of the armor. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  7. Oh! Thanks for answering! The pauldron looks good. and the pouches, if i understand correctly, you bough the pair, and then bought another, the one without the tool pouch, right?. How do you feel with them, are you happy with your purchase?. Sent from my GM1900 using Tapatalk
  8. I got the white pauldron and a MP40 pouch by RS. As you can see it has two seam linies. This is the MP40 pouch by RS. I got one without the small tool pouch in spare. But this version is not allowed to be worn on the shoulder of I‘m correct. Cheers Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  9. The paint dried over night and I think the color is much better now. RS color on the left and the one I sprayed in the right. Maybe I‘ll put a thin coat of a matt varnish in top. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  10. Hi guys I'm in the process of building a sandtrooper, for now I'm missing some items, the pouches, the pauldron and the blaster. I'm been looking into the rs mp40 and pauldron, wrote to them asking if they have a picture of the white pauldron, which we all know is slightly different than the orange and black one, with the two seam lines running from the neck side to the outer edge. Andrea, a very nice girl answered mi email saying that she will ask to the guys and get back to my with an answer, if her answer is: "yes we produce the white pauldron with the two screen accurate seamlines", I'm thinking to buy it, but, i would love to have your opinion guys, does anyone here have an RS pauldron?, What do you think about them?. One last thing, as i told you, I'm missing the mp40 pauldrons too, and rs have a pair for 50€, again, does anyone has any feedback on those, is it good? Sent from my GM1900 using Tapatalk
  11. That's one proud new Sandtrooperlooks great!
  12. still gotta get my pouches attached to the shoulder and hip, but got a chance to get outside this weekend and snag a few pics wearing the more recent weathered version...
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  14. Quinquer TK-15711 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=32719 Requesting 501st section access Thanks in advance
  15. Quite interesting to see how those RS parts look from up close. Frame looks great, very accurate to the original. If you are already improving a lot of it, consider adding some feet to the radio as well, just as the original Sonix has them. On the original Karrimor frames, those red support straps are mounted the other way around, meaning that the actual strap is facing the carrier's back. You're doing a great job, the pack will look amazing when you have finished working on it.
  16. It‘s made of PVC pipes. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  17. Is the frame metal or plastic? If metal gets its scratches over time ---
  18. I disassambled the pack. So if you're interested of which part the RS pack consits, here you are... The main issue I have with the pack is that the lower bottle doesn't really stays in place. The bottomcap of the syphon is glued in so I'll try to heat the glue with a heat gun and get the cap out and fix the threaded rod into position. While disassambled I'll give the sypon a little buff with sandpaper. I've already sprayed to upper bottle, the canteen and the new bottom bottle with RAL 7031. The tray is next. I'm thinking about spraying the frame with aluminum paint and than mask some parts with masking fluid to give it more of a used look. But it is just a plan at the moment. Because of my job I don't have that much time for the next two weeks so more progress will be made in october. Cheers
  19. Hello Cesar, please listen to me briefly before you continue to add pictures. You must please accept advice given to you. I showed you the correct link to introduce your armor - you are setting it wrong again. Your pictures are always on the side, my head is slowly hurting from turning. Your pictures are mostly too small, I asked you to use free providers like "diretupload" or something similar to post larger pictures. I have now moved your thread, rotated the images and set them correctly, please pay attention to this. Thanks you! The elastic to connect the chest and back is too narrow. It has to be wider. And the push button to connect the shoulder bell, should, if you want level 2, be sewn on. And that should still be removed, doesn't belong to a Sandie: Look here:
  20. Hey Hausie here is the area that I marked on the ears. The area that u see marked with black pencil is the area that I am going to cut. Both ears front and one side on the back. The other side is cut already. Here are the photos before I cut them.
  21. Here is the photo of I have it connected the chest, back and shoulder
  22. Hey this is Cesar here are the pictures of the helmet
  23. Hello Cesar, looks pretty good, unfortunately the pictures are a bit small. Try it with directupload. And please, start a new thread in the right sub-forum, then we can concentrate on your armor there alone. This is the introduction thread for new members. http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/forum/3-sandtrooper-armor/
  24. Oh ok here is the option to load photos. Here is my MA CAP helmet. Check it out see what u think. Please and thank u.
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