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  2. Hi! I am new to MEPD. I was formeely building a TK and decided to go with a TD instead. How do I go about starting my build thread? Thank you!
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  4. Troop #17 7/20/19 Apollopalooza 50th Anniversary at The Aerospace Museum of California , Sacramento CA
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  6. 47. Visiting Sant Cugat’s main hospital, 19/07/2019
  7. 50. Open Day at the German Center for Air- and Spacecraft, 6/21/2019
  8. Date: 20 JULY 2019 What: Mukwonago Library SW Day Location: Mukwonago Community Library, Mukwonago, WI New Library event for the WIG this year Troop #73
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  10. Arrest #11. July 20, 2019 A Universe of Stories, Phoenixville, PA. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qrgfl2b63amb6is/20190720_144604.jpg?dl=0
  11. Troop #14 Date: 2019/07/20 Event: Summer Fun Event - Don Harrington Discovery Center Location: Amarillo, TX
  12. its the fist time doing the tigth and i was wondering if some could give me some guideline to not mess
  13. I just said the same over at the RPF board, I always thrilled to see what 3D modelling can do nowadays! Buuuut... since I’m from the older days... get it printed, I need to see a real life piece!
  14. Juan, i Love to see the good old bunch back here again! Man, time flies, huh? Welcome back, bro!
  15. Alex! Good to have you back here, mate! Keep us posted on your progress!
  16. A few years ago, I bought a Sterling SMG Mark IV L2A3 parts kit. My plan was to create molds to reproduce accurate parts to build a few blasters. My efforts were only partially successful. Frustrated, I abandoned the project and set the kit aside. Fast forward, and last year a friend of mine bought a 3D printer. By trade, I am a mechanical designer with access to a very nice piece of modeling software, SolidWorks. I decided the way to move forward on my quest to acquire an extremely accurate E11 blaster would be to develop 3D models by measuring parts from my kit and having my friend print them. I researched information on the accessories that transformed a Sterling into an E11. Lots of good stuff out there. I bought a replica 1943 M38 tank scope and modeled that. Same for t-tracks and power cylinders. The only thing I couldn’t find a satisfactory level of detail on, was the Hengstler counter. In full disclosure, I borrowed one from Thingiverse. After making a 3D model of an ANH E11, I decided to try my luck at recreating a Bapty. Most of the modeling had already been done. I just needed to make the right modifications. Again, after much research, I made a model that I think is pretty close. I am not yet what I would call an expert on the Bapty. I am appealing to your collective expertise as seasoned veterans of the MEPD. I am attaching some pictures of the complete model. I would appreciate any feedback you could offer. TK-14082 Carolina Garrison Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Hello Sebastian, Pandatrooper's breakdown library is still available. If you go to our home page: http://www.mepd.net/ please click on Costume Reference Library (CRL) and then scroll all the way down to the bottom in the SWAT section, you will see the various links for all of the various pauldron sandtroopers. Here is the direct link to that page: http://www.mepd.net/?page_id=867 Because this is such invaluable information, I will put this in the drop down menu shortly, so that it can be found a little easier.
  18. I am so excited for the pack! I hope to receive the armor next week so I can began work on it.
  19. Below is where I am at on the pack. The top left piece is ready to be molded. The bottom left piece has already been molded and what you see is the vacuum formed piece. The top piece is going to be slightly redone. The top right tube is a found part (thermos). We are currently working on molding the base. Next piece we are working on is the bottle piece between the thermos and the upper left box. Going for 100% accuracy on this pack.
  20. Yesterdays troop with a fellow welsh sandie at a local school fete Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  21. Thanks bigwam have found a site to cut them back, have done the helmet and weapon parts, am working on pack and Armour now, thanks mate
  22. Weapon *additional comments* - is there a wire on the T-Tracks? I can not see them - is the DLT weathered? RESULT ON WEAPONS pending Wire on the t-tracks & weathering
  23. Hi james, i use directupload.net for my images.
  24. Brenda Smoke TD41149 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30653 Requesting access
  25. Hi All, Question, how does everyone get images to fit in these posts? i am trying to put updated images and changes in but constantly getting size issues and problems. I dont want to make images so small you cant see them but fit? Any suggestions or advice on how everyone else has managed this would be great.
  26. 2. A Universe of Stories - Babylon Public Library, 7/16/19
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